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Ashish Kumar Mishra

3414 Dorr St #130

University Cirle Apartments
Phone: +1 410-450-4205
Email: ashish.mishra1@utoledo.edu
Ohio 43607

Research Interests
Polarization studies of planets outside our solar system.

Undergraduate: Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, IIST 20102014
B.Tech in Physical Sciences with Major in Astronomy, Cumulative GPA: 6.9/10

Graduate Student at the University of Toledo January 2017 present

Work Experience
Scientist SC, The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) September 2014 December 2016
Satellite Image Processing
Test Scores
GRE General: 320/340 May 22, 2015
Quantitative: 169/170 (97%), Verbal: 151/170 (50%), AWA: 3/6 (15%)
TOEFL iBT: 97/120 August 29, 2015
Reading: 27, Listening: 24, Speaking: 23, Writing: 23
GRE Physics: 920/990(87%) October 24, 2015

Research Experience
REU: Spectral study of AGN using SDSS data and IDL June 2012
Advisor: Dr. Anand Narayanan, IIST

Astronomical Polarimetry JuneJuly, 2013

Advisor: Dr. Shashikiran Ganesh, PRL India
Least square formalism for determining Stokes Parameters was introduced.
Image reduction and analysis was done using IRAF.
Photometric stability of the blazar OJ 287 was carried out.
Stellar Polarimetry JanuaryApril, 2014
Advisor: Dr. Shashikiran Ganesh, PRL India
Development of data-reduction pipelines for the polarimeter using Astropython.
Instrument calibration using glan prism.
Calibration at different positions of the CCD frame.
Polarization measurements of standard stars like 9 Gem.
Multi-wavelength polarization study of carbon stars indicating the main polarization mecha-
nism to be circumstellar dust scattering.
Polarizations variations of blazar OJ 287 from 5% to 3% in the V band on 2014 March 31,
from UT=17.5 to 19.25 hrs. The results were published in the ATel # 6054.
Other Small Projects during Undergraduate
Numerical solutions of Stellar Structure Problems using C++ & R under Dr. Jagdeep, IIST.
Bondi Accretion Problem using R under Dr. Resmi L., IIST
Paper presentation on Intermediate Mass Black Holes (IMBHs) under Dr. Resmi L., IIST
Tidal disruption of stars by Supermassive Black Holes (SMBHs) under Dr. Resmi L., IIST

IRAF, IDL, Astropython, R/Gnuplot, Python, C/C++, Linux and LATEX

Meetings and Workshops

Astronomical Society of India, ASI NCRA/IUCAA, February, 2015
Paper: EMCCD based Imaging Polarimeter for 1.2m Mt Abu telescope
Star and Planet Formation Workshop ASI, 2015
400 Telescope Making Workshop IIST, 2011

Honors & Awards

Sanskrit scholarship for securing 98/100 in CBSE class X Board Exam
Full Scholarship for education in class XI and class XII
BISSS IIC School topper in All India Senior School Certificate Examination AISSCE (Class
Full IIST Scholarship for undergraduate study

Extracurricular Activities
Guitar Playing & Singing, Sketching & Painting, Chess