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Clnica Psiquitrica Universitaria

Relations between Minkowski and Levinas, a look beyond the

Phenomenology in the construction of the psyche.
J. Vliz 1, M Ugalde 1 , C Pastn 1
1 Clinica Psiquitrica Universitaria, Hospital Clnico J. J. Aguirre, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Introduction: Results:

Both Minkowski and Levinas introduced in You can set a break with Husserl's phenomenology,
France phenomenological thinking, inspired by the philosophy of Bergson, based on the
Psychopathology and Metaphysics, living back in the studio. Also both author breaks the
respectively. theoretical conception of time. In Levinas that rupture
arraise with the concept of pasivit, meanwhile in
Objectives: Minkowki a reconsteuction of the espoir[espera],
[plegaria] and [impetu etico] notion. At the same time,
It is in this context that interested raise the among the authors reviewed, there is an irreconcilable
similarities and differences in relation to discrepancy in the notions of activity and passivity in
the study of time these authors in their link relation to the construction of the Self (Soi-mme). The
to the the Self (Soi-mme) diference it is highlight in the levinasians notion of
traumatisme and the minkowskian notion of sympathy
Aims: (sympathie).

Both authors take up the relevance of Conclusions:

construction of temporality in the
construction of the psychic, overtaking Phenomenology applied to the psychic needs to return
Husserl's Phenomenology, the distinction to its original inspiration to go beyond a methodological
between thinking and intuition discursive rigid reading, which ends up betraying its spirit, which
and theoretical thinking and sensitivity. leads her to forget the living world in its complexity.
Methods: Comparative analysis of the
problem of time and its relation to the
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