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Data Sheet

Universal Development Board


Mobile Machine
Application Testing

The Universal Development Board has been

designed to provide a quick and easy way of
bench testing PLUS+1 GUIDE applications
with actual inputs and outputs.

All pins on the PLUS+1 Device are brought out

to spring cable clamps allowing for flexible
simulation of machine inputs and outputs.

The UDB-12/24 features a CAN diagnostic

connector and 120 terminating resistors
facilitating easy communication with the
PLUS+1 hardware.

Features yy Small footprint and rugged packaging yy Four output incandescent bulbs for ramp and
yy 9 to 36 Vdc power supply range analog outputs
yy Suitable for use with: yy Four LEDs suitable for use over the entire
PLUS+1 12 and 24 pin devices operating range
DP2XX and DP6XX displays yy Four two-position switches and two three-
yy Duplicated microcontroller ports allowing: position switches
Microcontroller connections to either side yy Four 10 k potentiometers for verifying
of the UDB-12/24 analog inputs
Cascading of units to provide extra yy Two independent dual-range pulse generators
connections or hardware 0 to 20 Hz and 50 to 1 kHz
Power and CAN bridges to other UDBs yy 4 mm sockets for simple power supply
yy Integrated D-type connector for Danfoss connection
CG150 USB/CAN Gateway yy Common battery power, GND and sensor
yy User replaceable pin identification inserts: power circuits
One set for each PLUS+1 hardware device
Space to write designated pin function
PDF available so duplicates can be easily

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Data Sheet Universal Development Board UDB-12/24

UDB-12/24 Universal Development Board Mounting Dimensions

mm [in] 261.00 [10.28]

216.00 [08.50]


Ordering Information
Danfoss ordering number

Product Parameters
Component Reference Details
Incandescent lamp LAMP1 to LAMP4 T13/4 6 mm Bi-pin 28 Vdc 100 mA
Red and green LED LED1 to LED4 20 mA 5 mm LED with 1K2 series resistor
2-way switch 2W-SW1 to 2W-SW4 100 mA 36 Vdc maximum
3-way switch 3W-SW1 and 3W-SW2 100 mA 36 Vdc maximum
Push button switch PB 100 mA 36 Vdc maximum
Potentiometer POT1 to POT4 10K linear 50 Vdc maximum
Pulse pickup simulator PPU and PPU2 Low range 1 to 20 Hz in 1 Hz steps
High range 50 to 1 KHz steps
(Error: Both ranges 2.5%)
CAN terminating resistor 120 120 1% 0.125 W

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