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com Important Questions For Nov/Dec 2013 Exams

VII Semester BE ECE
Unit I-V
1.Discuss the signal distortion in single mode fibers and also pulse broadening in graded index fibers
with necessary equations
2.Discuss the propagation modes in single -mode fiber and Discuss the structure of graded index
3.What are fiber modes? Explain mode theory for optical fibers in detail.
4.Compare Single mode fibers and Graded index fibers. Explain the requirements for fiber
5. What is meant by material dispersion? Derive an expression for material dispersion Derive the
expression for wave guide dispersion
6. List the advantages of optical fiber comminication. Draw the elements of an optical fiber
transmission link and explain
7. Discuss the mode theory of circular waveguide.
8. Discuss various kinds of losses that an optical signal might suffer while propagating through fiber,
Which is
most important one? What is the effect of these losses on light power and pulse shape?
9. What is meant by fiber splicing? Explain various types of fiber splicing techniques and fiber
10. Draw the structure of edge emitting and surface emitting LEDs and explain
11. What is meant by heterojunction ? Give example and also Derive the internal quantum
efficiency of an LED
12. Explain optical feedback and laser oscillation. Derive the threshold condition for lasing
13. With neat diagram explain the construction and working of high radiance surface emitting LED.
15. Discuss about modulation of Laser diodes. Why thermoelectric cooler are used in Laser diodes?
16. Discuss the LASER diode principle , modes and threshold conditions and also the laser diode
structures and radiation patterns
17. An InGaAs pin photodiode has the following parameters at a wavelength of
1300 nm : I D = 4 nA, ? = 0.9, RL = 1000 ohms and the surface leakage current
is negligible. The incident optical power is 300 nw (- 35 dBm), and the receiver
bandwidth is 20 MHz . Find the various noise terms of the receiver
18.Discuss the principle of operation of APD wiht neat circuit diagram. Also
discuss the requirements of photo detector.
19. What is known as quantum limit? A digital fiber optic link operating at 850 nm requires a
maximum BER of 10*9. Find the minimum incidental optical power Po to achieve this BER at a data
rate of 10 Mb/s for a simple binary level signaling scheme. (ry: 1), [1/r : B/2].
20. Discuss in detail digital receiver performance calculation and sensitivity calculation in detail.
21. Discuss the operational principles of WDM and Describe the key features of WDM
22. Explain the rise-time budget of a fiber optic point to point link
23. Write short notes on (i) Wavelength routed networks. (ii) Optical CDMA.
24. Explain the architecture of SONET and discuss nonlinear effects on Network performance.
25. What are the system consideration in point to point links? Explain in detail.