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World Hepatitis Day


World Hepatitis Day is coming up on July 28th! This years theme is Eliminate Hepatitis. To kick off World Hepatitis
Day, IPSF Public Health Committee is launching a Hepatitis Poster Competition! The purpose of this competition is to
share YOUR creativity and knowledge about hepatitis in order to spread awareness about this public health issue.
The three most outstanding and creative posters will be shared on the IPSF Facebook page! In addition, the
first-place poster submission will receive an honorary certificate! The remaining submissions will be posted in the
IPSF Public Health and Humanitarian Community Facebook group.
For each submission, the following criteria must be met:
1. The participation could be individual or as a group of a maximum of 3 people per submission.
Names of each contributor must be listed when sending the content via email.
2. Posters must be submitted as a JPEG or PDF file, with the title of the document as follows:
Organization, Country - Hepatitis Poster Competition.
a. (e.g., APhA-ASP, USA - Hepatitis Poster Competition)
b. If you are affiliated with a local association, but would like to complete an individual
submission, use the following title format: Member in Association (Name(s)), Organization,
Country - Hepatitis Poster Competition
i. (e.g., Member in Association (Sonia Habimana), RPSA, Rwanda - Hepatitis Poster
c. If you are an IPSF Member that is not affiliated with a local association, use the following
title format: Individual Member (Name(s)), Country - Hepatitis Poster Competition
.(e.g., Individual Member (Dave Smith, Kevin Doe, Stuart Bell), United Kingdom
- Hepatitis Poster Competition)
3. Posters must be submitted to both healthactivities@ipsf.org and publichealth@ipsf.org
4. Posters must be written in English. In addition to the English translation, you may also provide the
poster written in your native language.
5. Poster content should be related to hepatitis (e.g., what is hepatitis, different types of hepatitis,
hepatitis vaccinations, hepatitis medications, etc.).
Submissions are suggested to include:
1. Art! High-quality art (e.g., pictures, drawings, etc.) are preferred, but not required.
2. Color! Make these posters eye-catching!
3. Simple text! Posters with simple and easy-to-read text are more likely to catch the attention of the
target audience.
4. The theme! It would be a great idea to include this years theme, Eliminate Hepatitis, as well as the
hashtags: #NOhep #ShowYourFace #IPSFaware #WorldHepDay @ipsforg
The following will be evaluated for each submission:
1. Originality & Creativity
2. Content

***NOTE: Only one submission is allowed per association and one submission per individual member or member in
association. The deadline for submission of these posters to healthactivities@ipsf.org and to
publichealth@ipsf.org is Monday July 3rd, 2017.***

We cant wait to see what amazing posters YOU create for World Hepatitis Day. With your help, we can
continue to inspire communities, organizations, pharmacy students, and healthcare professionals to spread
awareness about hepatitis. Together we can #EliminateHepatitis!
As part of IPSF's social media campaign this year, the IPSF Public Health Committee invites you to share YOUR story
about living life with hepatitis. These stories will likely be shared on various platforms (e.g., IPSF's Facebook page,
Twitter, etc.).

If you would like to share your personal story, please fill out this Google Form. This form is completely
ANONYMOUS. Feel free to include any information you feel comfortable with sharing. If you choose to share any
photos to be posted with your story, please send them to healthactivities@ipsf.org and publichealth@ipsf.org.
***All Google Form submissions are due by Sunday, July 2nd, 2017.***

We look forward to hearing your stories, and we thank you for helping us spread awareness about this important
public health issue. Together we can help #EliminateHepatitis!

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