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AUGUST 14, 2017 VOL.

The latest news and updates from Mrs. Culp's 8th Grade English Class

Neosho Junior High School

Open House & Meet the
Teacher: Mrs. Haylie D. Culp
It is my pleasure to meet you and your student as we begin our first year in
the brand new Neosho Junior High School. I look forward to a wonderful
year full of hard work and determination to prepare your student for their
time at Neosho High School and beyond.

IN THIS ISSUE A little about me:

I am a Neosho Native. This year is my first year teaching in Missouri after
spending the last three years in Hawaii, on military assignment with my
Neosho Junior High School: husband. I graduated from the University of Hawaii - West Oahu with
degrees in Teaching and Political Science. I am currently attending Pittsburg
Open House & Meet the
State University pursuing a Masters in Education. We have had the
Teacher privilege of living in Mililani, Hawaii and Fountain, Colorado and can truly
say there is no other community as strong or special as Neosho, Missouri. It
is an honor to be serving the Neosho Community again. I very much look
Get & Stay in Touch with forward to our year together.
Mrs. Culp
Throughout the year you will be able to keep up with our class on three
platforms: Google Classroom, Twitter, and this newsletter. I do encourage
Unit 1 Learning Goals you to reach out at anytime!

One final way I will be communicating with students this year is through an
Stay in Touch: app called Remind. This allows students to be notified when announcements
are made, or reminded when assignments are due. This is optional, and all
information will also be made available in class, but you are also welcome to
culphaylie@neoshosd.org join the classroom with our Parent Join Code listed below.

@hayliedculp Essential Question: What

Unit 1 Learning Goals are some milestones on the
path to growing up?
- I can analyze how authors express point - I can demonstrate command of the
Text 81010 of view in a nonfiction narrative.
Parent Code: 8ParentNJH conventions of standard English grammar and
- I can use academic and concept usage, including the usage of the different
Student Code: 8GEnglish
vocabulary. moods of verbs.

- I can write a nonfiction narrative in - I can collaborate with my team to build on
which I develop experiences or events the ideas of others, develop consensus,
Book Club Choices:
using effective technique. and communicate.
Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer
- I can conduct research projects of - I can integrate audio, visuals, and text in
The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
various lengths to explore a topic and presentations.
All Quiet On the Western Front by Erich