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deco ERALLAND PURCHASE ORDER [Apri 21, 2017 P.O. 450003 20F GT Tower Intemational, Ayal Avenue comer H.V. Dela Costa St, Makati City: Philippines Te: 898-8500 vi 1102 ‘VENDOR: 1004601, ‘rnyemt.252-819.000 WILCON DEPOT, INC. ‘908 Rodigue ve. Bey. Uyong No, CONTACT PERSON: RELA, TAGULINAD MARQUINTON RESIDENCES CORDOVA TOWERS, SUMULONG HIGHWAY MARIKINA CITY DELIVERY LEADTIME: 3-5 working days upon receipt of edpy of PO Please deliver at GF Admin Oftce Marquinton Residences -Gordova Towers, Marikina Authorized to receive delivery: Engr. Jap Insigne/ Ms. Fhem Robin T# 791-8569 TERMS OF PAYMENT: 30 days from receipt of original involce duly signed by an| tutivorized representative Warranty : 1 year warramty upon acceptance of items. OTHER CONDITIONS: 4, Submit original nies Inveice to Ms. Abegne Bolser andlor lem Gabriel at 2 ‘Fower International, Ayaka Aye. cor LV. dela Costa St, Makai Ci ‘of this PO. a must be attached to tie DR/SI upon suuulssion otherwise payyuent will not be procpssed. ack fo 1723-4786 to 2, ixindly affix your signature on the s ided below and fax ZittirarYcceipd and stcaptance of ie PO, Original copy of if FO our 20/1 FLL Office co Purchasing Department. 5, For BILLING CONCERNS/¥ OL /OW-UP, please cal Aheghel Hater of Accounting Depariment at T# 883-6888 loc 6778 Nothing Follows ay be picked op at Qunaciy, ee QUANTITY [COM PARTICULARS ‘UNIT COSI AMOUNT PROJECT: MQR CORDOVA REFERENCE: PR# 10031908 RE: SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF FLOODLIGHT FOR SWIMMING POOL & RECREATION AREA 10031908 8 PC} AKARINXLED FLOODLIGHT 30W 1,781.25, 14,250.00 DAYLIGHT ANXFL-30DL TERMS AND CONDITION: Terns of payment Pach Croup: ELBA Acct. Assignment: _K Plant: NET AMOUNT: PHP ‘Storage Location: VAT 12%: PHP Received & Accepted By: Cost Center: _CO0153 TOTAL: PHP 14,250.00 1,710.00 15,960.00 I Date ‘Signature Over Printed Name Prepgghpy’ Cos proved by. Please ses terms and conditions at the Wack.