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Ireland is a world-leading centre of excellence for the manufacture of the development and manufacture of human and veterinary medicinal
pharmaceutical and fine chemical products. The Irish pharmaceutical products, development of enabling technologies, drug discovery
sector, which comprises pharmaceutical, fine and specialty chemical and delivery, and contract services. The sector includes fine and
and biotechnology companies, is one of the worlds largest exporters specialty chemical development and manufacture, including starting
of pharmaceuticals. materials, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients for the
pharmaceutical sector, plant protection products and disinfectants.
There is a substantial indigenous industry of over 100 companies
engaged in pharmaceutical and chemical related activities including

Key sector characteristics: Growth areas:

Ireland is the No. 1 European location for international Enterprise Ireland has identified the following areas as representing
pharmaceutical investment. growth opportunities for the sector over the next five years.
Over 30 FDA approved pharma / biopharma plants are located in
Ireland. Niche generics/generics-plus: Manufacture of value added generic
Eight of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical pharmaceuticals.
companies have integrated manufacturing operations in Ireland. Biopharma: Early-stage drug discovery/drug delivery, enabling
Six out of ten of the worlds top selling drugs are now produced in technologies.
Ireland. Pharma contract services: Development, analysis/testing, regulatory
In 2009, exports of pharmaceutical and medicinal products affairs, niche manufacturing, IT.
exceeded @19.5 billion making Ireland one of the largest net Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders: With an internationally recognised
exporters of pharmaceuticals in the world. clinician community conducting world class research, coupled with
Using the broader pharmachem measure, exports in 2009 the presence of a cluster of highly innovative Irish companies active
exceeded @47 billion, or 56% of all Irish exports. in the sector, Ireland is increasingly becoming recognised as a
The pharmaceutical industry in Ireland directly employs over centre of expertise in gastroenterology and immunology.
24,000 people with a further 25,000 employed in the provision of Convergent medical technologies: Development of new
services to the sector. product offerings based on the convergence of multiple
technology platforms involving collaboration between innovative
pharmaceutical, medical technology, diagnostics and ICT

Ireland Enterprise Ireland

Ireland enters the second decade of the 21st century as a country Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for
transformed into a dynamic, innovative and open economy where the development of Irish enterprise and has a strong track record in
exports account for more than 80% of GNP. Therefore, Irelands assisting Irish businesses to start, grow, innovate and internationalise.
business people are experienced and skilled at meeting and exceeding
the needs of their international customers. With a network of offices covering more than 60 markets across the
globe, we have developed a vibrant network of contacts, detailed
While retaining strengths in traditional industries like agri-business and knowledge and a keen understanding of local markets and cultures.
sub-supply, Irish companies are now successfully exporting products We can help you connect with and maintain profitable partnerships
and services in sectors such as cleantech and green technology, life with businesses in Ireland.
sciences, software and telecoms, and financial and education services.
Talk to us www.enterprise-ireland.com
Ireland has an excellent skills base, a first-class education system, a
thriving R&D sector, and a track record of bringing innovative products
and services to market quickly. As a result, Irish companies are smart,
flexible and have the capability to compete internationally.

Ireland is one of the most favoured European destinations for foreign

direct investment and, at 12.5%, has the lowest corporate tax rate in
the EU. Ireland also provides a tax credit of 25% of capital and revenue
spend on qualifying R&D.
Pharmaceutical Continued

The Irish Government has committed over 8 billion in funding Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre
under the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation, one of (PMBRC): Providing research support to the pharmaceutical sector
the principal pillars of the National Development Plan 2007-13. A key in drug delivery, process technologies, separation science and
element of the strategy is to promote Ireland as a centre of excellence molecular biotechnology.
for research, to encourage an entrepreneurial science culture and Ion Channel Biotechnology Centre (ICBC): Partnering with industry
to build academic-industrial partnerships. As part of this strategy a for R&D, product development and beta testing in the field of ion
number of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical related research channel pharmacology in smooth muscles, a major constituent of
centres and clusters have been funded, including: the internal muscular organs of the body.
Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis (CAPPA):
National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT):
Developing photonic and optical based solutions in process
Conducting world-class research in key areas of bioprocessing and
analytical technology applications for the pharmaceutical &
providing high skills training for key industry personnel.
biopharmaceutical industries.
Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC): Linking Irish science with
Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster: Linking academia and industry
industry to drive excellence in research, education and outreach in
to increase yield and quality in pharmaceutical manufacture
gastrointestinal health.
through the development of a deeper understanding of solid state
Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI): Focussing on the chemistry phenomena.
development of next generation biomedical diagnostic devices.
Irish Drug Delivery Network: Advancing research to replace
Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre (Shannon ABC): Developing injection with oral and inhaled delivery of biopharmaceutical
lead molecules for drug development and medicinal products from molecules.
natural resources.

Pharmaceutical Solutions MAP

Drug Development / Biotech Pharma Services Pharma / VetPharma
Drug discovery CROs Finished products
Drug delivery Laboratory equipment/supplies incl. nutraceuticals and cosmetics
Enabling technologies
Allergy Standards Ltd Alimentary Health Ltd
AGI Therapeutics plc Berand Neuropharmacology Carbon Chemicals Group Ltd
Cellix Ltd Biostor Ireland Ltd Chanelle Group
Genable Technologies Ltd Clinical Trial Endpoint Ltd Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd t/a Bimeda
Luxcel Biosciences Ltd ICON Research Eirgen Pharma Ltd
Newport Pharmaceuticals Ltd IdentiGEN Ltd Europharma Concepts Ltd
Merrion Pharmaceuticals Ltd Kneat Solutions Ltd Foran Chemicals Ltd
Opsona Therapeutics Ltd Life Scientific Ltd Interchem (Ireland) Ltd
Pharmatrin Ltd Pharmaflow Ltd NutriScience Ltd
Sigmoid Pharma Ltd Protectas Health Ltd Ovelle Pharmaceuticals
Xeolas Pharmaceuticals Ltd Real Regulatory Ltd Pharmaplaz Ltd
Shandon Clinical Trials Ltd Ricesteele Manufacturing Ltd
Chemicals Thoroughbred Remedies Manufacturing Ltd
Fine chemicals (API, intermediates, IT Uniblock Ltd
catalysts, reactants, etc.) Automsoft International Ltd Univet Ltd
Plant protection products Brentech Data Systems Ltd
Lubricants Campbell Informatics Ltd Nutrition
Detergents CompuCal Software Solutions Nutritional supplements
Sterilising tablets Crest Solutions Ltd Vitamins/Minerals
Firecrest Clinical Ltd Homeopathic
Arran Chemical Company GxP Systems Ltd
Barclay Crop Protection Helix Health Ltd Beeline Healthcare
Celtic Catalysts Teo IMEC Technologies Hangover Prevention Technologies Ltd
Hygeia Chemicals Ltd Kinematik Ltd New Vistas Healthcare Ltd
Medentech Ltd Orbis Information Systems Sona Nutrition Ltd
MetPro Ltd Performance Fluid Dynamics Ltd
Micro-Bio Ireland Ltd PMI Software Ltd
PT Technologies Europe Qumas Ltd
Servem Ltd Seabrook Research Ltd
TopChem Pharmaceuticals Ltd Softtrace Ltd
Statistical Solutions Ltd
Zenith Technologies Ltd
Company Name DESCRIPTION Website
AGI Therapeutics plc Development and commercialisation of differentiated drug products for gastrointestinal (GI) www.agitherapeutics.com
diseases and disorders
Alimentary Health Ltd Discovery, development and commercialisation of proprietary probiotic and pharmabiotic www.alimentaryhealth.ie
treatments for gastrointestinal disorders and other inflammatory conditions
Allergy Standards Ltd Manufacturer of standards for testing a wide range of products to determine their suitability for www.allergystandards.com
asthmatics and individuals with associated allergies
Arran Chemical Company Producer of fine chemicals for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents and soaps manufacture www.arranchemical.ie
Automsoft International Ltd Developer of automation software for the processing, manufacturing and utility industries www.automsoft.com
Barclay Crop Protection Manufacturer of agri-chemicals including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth www.barclay.ie
regulators and trace elements
Beeline Healthcare Manufacturer of natural health products, such as vitamins and food supplements www.beelinehealthcare.com
Berand Neuropharmacology Preclinical drug research company providing in-vivo neuropharmacology and www.berand.ie
neurobiology services
Biostor Ireland Ltd Biorepository for temperature critical storage of biomaterials www.biostor.eu
Brentech Data Systems Ltd Developer of IT solutions for distribution management www.bds.ie
Campbell Informatics Ltd Developer of engineering and validation data management software www.campbellinformatics.com
Carbon Chemicals Group Ltd Food ingredients and chemical related products manufacturer www.carbon.ie
Cellix Ltd Developer of enabling technologies for drug discovery specifically in the area of micro-fluidics www.cellixltd.com
Celtic Catalysts Teo Supplier of fine chemicals, specifically P-chiral catalysts for use in chemical processes such as www.celticcatalysts.com
pharmaceutical manufacture
Chanelle Group Generic drug development and manufacture for both human and animal use www.chanelleveterinary.com
Clinical Trial Endpoint Ltd Clinical trial service provider www.ctep.eu
CompuCal Software Solutions Developer of performance tools for maintenance and calibration www.compucalsolutions.com
Crest Solutions Ltd Developer of compliance and data management systems www.crestsolutions.ie
Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd t/a Bimeda Veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products manufacturer www.bimeda.com
Eirgen Pharma Ltd High potency pharmaceuticals, contract development and manufacture www.eirgen.com
Europharma Concepts Ltd Topical cosmetics and pharmaceuticals manufacturer www.epc.ie
Firecrest Clinical Ltd Developer of innovative web-hosted solutions for clinical trial management www.firecrestclinical.com
Foran Chemicals Ltd Generic drug development and manufacture www.forans.com
Genable Technologies Ltd Early stage biotech drug discovery, specifically gene based therapeutic technology www.genable.ie
GxP Systems Ltd Contract service provider in the areas of Process Control, Validation, IT and MES www.gxpsystems.com
Hangover Prevention Technologies Ltd Manufacturer of natural supplement with added vitamins to prevent hangovers www.getalifeline.com
Helix Health Ltd Developer of healthcare software solutions specifically for hospitals and pharmacies www.helixhealth.com
Hygeia Chemicals Ltd Manufacturer of agri-chemicals, including plant protection products and sheep-dips www.hygeia.ie
ICON Research Clinical trial service provider www.icon.ie
IdentiGEN Ltd Veterinary testing laboratory www.identigen.com
IMEC Technologies Provider of data management systems www.imec.ie
Interchem (Ireland) Ltd Animal health and pet food products www.interchem.ie
Kinematik Ltd Developer of data management systems www.kinematik.com
Kneat Solutions Ltd Contract service provider in the area of process engineering www.kneatsolutions.com
Life Scientific Ltd Pharmaceutical development and regulatory consultancy www.lifescientific.com
Luxcel Biosciences Ltd Enabling technologies for drug discovery specifically fluorescence and phosphorescence www.luxcel.com
based screening assays
Medentech Ltd Water purification products and disinfectants manufacturer www.medentech.com
Merrion Pharmaceuticals Ltd Developer of novel oral drug delivery platforms www.merrionpharma.com
MetPro Ltd Corrosion protection additives for incorporation into packaging materials www.metprogroup.com
(paper, plastics and board)
Micro-Bio Ireland Ltd Bulk chemical manufacturer www.micro-bio.ie
New Vistas Healthcare Ltd Homeopathic and herbal medicines manufacturer www.newvistashealthcare.com
Newport Pharmaceuticals Ltd Development of pharmaceutical products for treatment of immunological disorders www.newportpharmaceuticals.com
NutriScience Ltd Equine and human food supplements manufacturer www.nutri-science.net
Opsona Therapeutics Ltd Novel drug development company specialising in the human immune system www.opsona.com
Orbis Information Systems Contract service provider in the area of data management www.orb-is.com
Ovelle Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer of branded and generic pharmaceutical products for topical use www.ovelle.ie
Performance Fluid Dynamics Ltd Provider of reaction modelling and process development software www.scale-up.com
Pharmaflow Ltd Contract packing and manufacturing services www.pharmaflow.net
Pharmaplaz Ltd Contract development and manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products www.pharmaplaz.com
Pharmatrin Ltd Early stage drug discovery specifically small molecule new chemical entities (NCEs) www.pharmatrin.com
PMI Software Ltd Developer of software solutions for engineering, facilities and health and safety applications www.pmisoftware.com
Protectas Health Ltd Stem and white cell collection and storage for the equine industry www.protectashealth.com
PT Technologies Europe Manufacturer of environmentally responsible cleaning solvents and lubricants www.pttecheurope.com
Qumas Ltd Software developer and service provider in the area of enterprise compliance www.qumas.com
Real Regulatory Ltd European and US Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance consultancy www.realregulatory.ie
Ricesteele Manufacturing Ltd Manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products www.ricesteele.com
Seabrook Research Ltd Contract services provider of IT solutions in the area of electronic quality management systems www.seabrook.ie
Servem Ltd Manufacturer of a range of rodent bait and insecticides www.servemlimited.com
Shandon Clinical Trials Ltd Clinical trials service provider www.shandonclinic.com
Sigmoid Pharma Ltd Development of drug delivery platforms www.sigmoidpharma.com
Softtrace Ltd Developer of cost effective traceability and quality management solutions www.soft-trace.com
Sona Nutrition Ltd Manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies and dietary supplements www.sona.ie
Statistical Solutions Ltd Developer and distributor of unique statistical software applications www.statsol.ie
Thoroughbred Remedies Manufacturing Ltd Manufacturer of veterinary products, such as animal feeds and food supplements www.tri-ireland.ie
TopChem Pharmaceuticals Ltd Manufacturer of niche low volume, high value active pharmaceutical ingredients. Contract www.topchempharma.com
process and product development for the pharmaceutical industry
Uniblock Ltd Manufacturer of mineral trace element blocks for livestock www.uniblock.ie
Univet Ltd Manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products www.univet.net
Xeolas Pharmaceuticals Ltd Specialty pharmaceutical development for paediatric, elderly and acute care patients www.xeolas.com
Zenith Technologies Contract service provider of advanced process measurement, automation and MES solutions www.zenithtechnologies.com

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