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Research Rubric

Unit 3, Week 3

Scale Content Presentation

Presentation is well organized, matching Speaker explains his or her topic clearly,
relevant facts to the main ideas and is able to answer questions about
represented by the research questions. the topic.
Multimedia elements complement the Student clearly explains which sources
spoken presentation. were used and why they were credible.
Student uses reliable sources and Multimedia elements are woven in at
understands why those sources were appropriate points.
nit 4, considered reliable.
Week Student mixes personal observation (as
appropriate) with solid research.

Presentation is organized, but may lack Speaker explains his or her topic and
some logical structure. reads clearly, but may struggle to
Multimedia elements are interested answer questions that are not part of the
but might not complement the spoken presentation.
presentation. Student may have used an unreliable
3 Student uses reliable sources but may source or been unable to explain why a
not be clear on why some sources are source was considered credible.
more reliable. Multimedia elements are included but
Students personal observations are not seamlessly integrated.
at times unfocused or not relevant to
students research.

Presentation, including any multimedia Speaker struggles to explain the topic or

elements, is not clearly focused on the is unable to answer feedback.
topic or does not provide sufficient Student does not appear to have done
meaningful information about the topic. sufficient research.
Student makes no attempt to The multimedia portion of the
discriminate between reliable and presentation is not effective.
unreliable resources.
Students personal observations are
very unfocused or not at all relevant to
students research.

Presentation lacks focus, is confusing, or Speaker struggles to explain his or her

does not come close to time allotted. topic and to explain which sources were
Personal observations are confused or used for information.
off-topic. Student is unable to respond to any
No multimedia elements are included.

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