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Name: Betsy Alcocer Period: 6 Date: 02 May 2017


We will be using the following questions in our Socratic Seminar. The Socratic Seminar is one of your summative
assignments for this reading unit. Come up with assertions (verbal topic sentences/claims) that directly answer
the question. Write notes with evidence to support your claim. The evidence is REQUIRED because it will help
back up your assertion and it will help keep the conversation centered around the pieces we have studied. The
talking points are equally important. They allow you to elaborate on the so what of your assertion and evidence.
Without this verbal matters, your conversations will seem flat and boring. Not all of the questions will be used
but you need assertions, evidence, and talking points for each one. If needed, you may use a separate page to
answer the following questions. You will submit this for a grade!

1. Based on all the information we have read in A Matter of Life or Death, explain your reaction to Victor
Frankls quote: But what about human liberty? Is there no spiritual freedom in regard to behavior and reaction
to any given surroundings? Most important, do the prisoners reactions to the singular world of the
concentration camp prove that man cannot escape the influences of his surroundings? Does man have no choice
of action in the face of such circumstances?
Assertion (Topic Sentence) Evidence (Says-quotes) Talking Points/Matters

I believe that wWherever we In Julie Mosss Even when she was under pressure and
are, our surroundings are interview, she she was not in the greatest conditions. Julie
very important and impact us mentioned that a voice Moss still kept persevering and listened to
in such a great way, but we told her, Get up, just that little voice inside of her to get to the
can definitely still retain our keep moving forward. finish line. Then, she also promised to
spiritual freedom one way or herself that she will finish even if it hurts
another. Then she later said, I or if its messy, which is very important
dont care if it hurts, I considering her physical state. Also, in
dont care if its Viktor Frankls Inner Freedom, he states
messy...but I will finish. the fact that some men would give their
last piece of bread to others despite their
Viktor Frankl also states situation and surroundings.
in his article Inner
Freedom, saying, We
who lived, in
concentration camps,
can remember the men
who walked through the
huts, comforting others,
giving away their last
piece of bread.

2. Words have a major impact on the individual. The power of words can both hinder and motivate individuals
to react or commit to certain ideological principle. Explain your thoughts and use textual evidence.
Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters
Name: Betsy Alcocer Period: 6 Date: 02 May 2017

Words are not just things we say, In the memoir An For one part, words are very strong tools
they have a much bigger impact Ordinary Man Paul we use in our everyday lives, but it can
on an individual that can alter Resesabagina states, harm us, just like Paul Rusesabagina tried
their levels of motivation which They were told they to convey when he said the Hutus were
later affect their futures. would never be as being extremely offended. On the other
physically attractive or as hand, words can be powerful in a positive
capable of running the way, just like stated in Inner Freedom.
affairs of the country.
This quote shows how anything can serve
as motivation, just like the tree was
Also, in Frankls Inner
Freedom piece of
motivation for the dying woman, which
writing he states, She kept her company and allowed her to
answered, I am here- I always be happy.
am here- I am life, eternal

In One Wrong Step, the

man said, Lord, Im not
going to make it another
day. I need help. I need
you to bring somebody
onto this trail.

3. Selfish or not? By providing textual evidence explain your reactions to the concept of if ones personal
survival over the lives of others is considered selfish or not.

Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

I believe there are times In Is Survival Selfish, For the most part, saving yourself from a
where an individual can save by Lane Wallace, the disaster is not considered selfish because
someone, but when not given author states, So why as Lane Wallace put it saying, Why do
the opportunity, it is not do survivors berate survivors blame themselves for not saving
selfish to save oneself. themselves for not others even though its most likely
adding to the loss by impossible? This proves that we cant
attempting the always save others because we can end up
impossible? hurting ourselves even when we can avoid
it. There are also many times though when
In An Ordinary Man, the opportunity to save someone arises,
Rusesabagina says, At like when Rusesabagina said, ...the best
the end, the best you can you can say is that my hotel saved about
say is that my hotel four hours worth of people. In this case,
saved about four hours he was able to save lives due to him
worth of people. owning the hotel. Overall though, its not
selfish to save yourself if it is impossible.
Name: Betsy Alcocer Period: 6 Date: 02 May 2017

4. Elie Wiesel explains his view on oppression with: We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor,
never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When
human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become
irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that
place must - at that moment - become the center of the universe. Explain your reaction to Wiesels view and
support your reasoning with examples for this collection.
Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

I agree with the fact that we In An Ordinary Man, by As Paul Rusesabagina stated in his story,
have to stand up to what we Paul Resesabagina, the An Ordinary Man, that his only pride is
believe in and defend those author declares, My that he stayed and did his job and
who are being oppressed no only pride in the matter eventually saved lives, this shows that he
matter the suituation because is that I stayed at my took action during challenging times. In
no one will do anything post and continued to do addition, Marie Colvin revealed that she
unless someone starts to take my job as manager when enjoyed her job and did it to report to the
action, and that one person all other aspects of public what is going on and to stay updated
can be any of us. decent life vanished. without any of the informtaion being
biased. This is really important because
In the article Truth at nowadays political views are very
All Costs, the author controversial, so getting things straight
Marie Colvin says, We helps very much. There are endless
go to remote war zones examples about this matter, including Lane
to report what is Wallaces example where she said that a
happening. The public woman had taken action after realizing no
have a right to know one was.
what our government,
and our armed forces,
are doing in our name.

In Is Survival Selfish?
the author shares an
example saying, After
realizing that the people
around her were too
paralyzed to react, she
took direct action
Name: Betsy Alcocer Period: 6 Date: 02 May 2017

5. Explain how motivation plays an important role in encouraging a reaction from the individual. Based
on our study and personal experiences, what have you learned about motivation.
Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

Motivation plays a great role In Julie Mosss interview, Motivation, as we all have read by now, is a
on most peoples lives, she revealed that a voice huge influential factor in our lives,
because it creates a kept telling her, Get up, including Julie Mosss when she heard a
momentum and just keep moving voice to tell her to keep going. This also
encouragement that impacts forward. happened to the man in the psychology
the futures of many. video when his source of motivation was
In the Psychology, video his dream of having a family. This
the speaker delivers the influenced him so much to the point where
story that a man whose he was capable of cutting of his arm to be
arm was stuck under the able to survive, so again, it shows how
boulder, but his much motivation one can be influenced by.
motivation encouraged
him to cut his own arm

In the exerpt, Night, the

prisoners showed how
much motivation they
suddenly got when they
said, We want to go to
the depot, we are strong
enough to work.

6. Based on the texts, explain how difficult it would be for most people give up their life considering
everything they might have.

Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

Considering all the In Truth at All Costs, In the article, Truth at All Costs, the
knowledge I have gained, I Colvin says, Two days purpose was to conmemorate those who
believe there would be a after our meeting, Joao died by doing their jobs, which was
great probability that they stepped on a mine and reporting war zones. This shows that they
give up their lives. lost both legs a the knee. would totally give up their lives, as some
already did, because they made the
Paul Rusesabagina from decision to work always in danger to help
An Ordianry Man, said the world a little bit more. Also,
I wonder today what Rusesabagina told his story of him saving
exactly it was that many individuals. He also was risking his
allowed me to stop the life because he was not in danger of being
Name: Betsy Alcocer Period: 6 Date: 02 May 2017

killing clock for four killed, so he could have easily fled the
hours. country, but the act of him staying to help
save lives shows that he was not afraid and
partly show courageousness and