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92 Pershore Avenue // DN34 5QA

Owner of property: Lee Stratford - Home number: 1472 878108 // Mobile number:

Travel details:
From Franklin College, my desired destination takes an average of 25 minutes to walk too.
This makes the location suitable for filming, it is equally as desirable as it allows me to store
the equipment on the property, which will help ensure that filming is easier.

Props and costumes: No costumes will be needed within this filming times, as no shots with
actors or actress will be needed in this location. On the other hand, props will be needed -
including an axe, and fake blood.
Pros Cons

Easily accessible. Limited space

Can hold equipment and props. Animals on location*
Accessible to natural and artificial People on location*
Inside - no need to be wary of *Both could get in the way during filming

Proposed filming times:

Saturday 29th April // Sunday 30th April // Monday 1st May

Backup location:

39 Clarendon Road, Grimsby.

I have chosen this as my backup location, due to its accessibility. Equipment can be stored
at this location, so the equipment will be safe. Theres also a questionable amount of space,
as well as lots of windows for natural light. It also takes an quicker amount of time to reach
this location.