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Location: Public woods // walkway - Tonnant Way

Props and costumes: Not many props will be used for this location, but ones that will be used
include fake police tape, to recreate a crime scene. Possible gravestones. Actors will wear
colloquial clothing.


Plenty of open space Public space

Variety of different locations Possible disruptions
Lots of natural lighting Sound disruptions
Space for equipment

Travel details:
Walking from this location to from the main location the equipment will be stored (92 Pershore
Avenue), doesnt take very long, roughly about 5 or 6 minutes. This provides an accessible
location for the
equipment to be carried
to and from each
Proposed filming times:

Backup locations: Bradley Woods.

I have chosen this as my backup location, as it is very spacious, provides a lot of nature
light, and there is plenty of
room to work with, which
means not being in the way
of the public. Unfortunately,
the distance for this location
is quite the way away,
meaning that it is not that
accessible to equipment, and
may need a car to reach the
location with the equipment

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