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Hello, friends!

Today, Id like to tell you about the Kubu tribe in

Jambi. There are lots of interesting things you can learn from them.
Im going to tell you about their area of living, their taboos and rules,
and also, their livelihood.

First of all, I want to tell you about their area of living. The
population of The Kubu People are approximately 200,000. The Kubu
was isolated until the recent exploration of oil and timber in their
area. Now, there are three categories of Tribal Children in the
settlement. First group lives in the forests and nomadic. The second
group lives in the forest and settled. The third is a group of settlers
coupled with the settlement of outsiders (the habit).

They build homes in the form of a wooden hut with a thatched

roof or the like. Construction of the building with a bunch of rattan
material systems and the like. The stage building height of 1.5
meters, underneath used as a granary (booths) that serves as a
storage place of rice. Building measure approximately 4 x 5 meters or
according to the needs of the family. Besides residential buildings, in
a large family environment there is a hut without a roof as a place to
sit and receive guests.
How they dress are now varied, namely: In the first place, those
who live in the forest and nomadic have very simple clothes, which is
enough to cover a particular section. Next, those who live in the
forest still persist, in addition to dress according to tradition, also
sometimes used as the general public garment such as clothes, gloves
or pants. The last is who live close to human settlements or villages
outside, dressed like the other villagers. But the habit of not using
the clothes are often found within the settlement.
With that kind of houses and clothes, would you like to stay

Next, I want to talk about their taboos and rules. There is a

taboo I find interesting. Tribesmen cant stay around someone who is
fatally ill. Neither will they remain in the presence of a dead body. If
a body is found in the forest, they run from it and will not return to
that spot.
The tribesmen are allowed to take as many wives as they
desire. There is no special celebration surrounding the wedding
ceremony. Instead, a village elder "announces" the couple to the rest
of the tribe, and the ceremony is finished. Simple, right?
In the past, they all used to use only things from nature. But,
now, some of them already trade some of their belongings for a
cellphone or a motorcycle. Although they bought motorcycle, the
wont use it often, because theyre afraid of ruining the forest.
Can you live with all their rules, traditions, and taboos?

The last thing I want to tell you is about their livelihood.

Initially to be able to survive, they conduct hunting, gathering,
fishing and eating fruit in the forest. But with the development of
knowledge and the equipment used to live as a result of acculturation
with the outside world, now has a familiar knowledge of agriculture
and plantations. Hunting animals such as pigs, monkey, bear, snake,
Labi-turtles, deer, and various species of birds, is one form of their
livelihoods. Hunting activities carried out jointly with the dog. The
instrument used was the spear, and Parang.
In addition to get the game, they also use a system of traps and
snares. Other types of livelihood taken is brewing inside the forest,
which is taking the fruit leaves and roots as food. The locations are
concocted largely determine the kind obtained. If concocting lush
jungle, usually get the fruit, such as Cempedak, Durian, Charcoal,
and other fruits. In the area of bush and valley riverside they gather
ferns, bamboo shoots, yam, palm, and sago palm.
Another intereting things is that in carrying out their daily
lives, they have a tiered system of leadership, such as the Chief,
Depati, Mangku, Menti and Jenang. The Chief is the highest rank.
His decisions need to be followed. For those who violate or sanctions
will be sentenced according to the degree of guilt.
Chief role is very important because it serves as: (1) Top leaders
(as Rajo), (2) law enforcement decided the case, (3) Leader rituals, (4)
People who have the ability and magic. Therefore, in determining
who will be the Chief must be aware of the background, such as
heredity and the ability to take the lead in carrying out its duties.

OK guys, maybe you want to know more about them. Feel free
to ask!