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From my survey, it is obvious that the main age range for this product is 18 to 24.

that focal point for the audience, is towards adolescent and young adulthood.
From the response of this question, it shows that the main focus of my audience is
predominantly male, compared to that of the female audience.

This question has shown me the main psychographic groups of my audience. Out of the
seven people who answered my survey, three of them were explorers, meaning they seek
discovery. The four other people were in separate psychographics groups - including one
succeeder, one resigned, one struggler and one reformer.
Only a section of my audience has seen my product, BuzzFeed: Unsolved. Whereas 70% of
my audience has not seen the product, meaning that further questions may not have
unaccountable answers.
From this response, it shows that the chosen platform is effective for the target audience. As
my audience of 18-25yrs, watches a lot of YouTube videos.

From this question, my audience has shown recognition of what the products intended
audience is, as they are apart of it. They understand that this product is aimed towards more
young adult / adolescent, whether it due to the media platform or the content.
Despite having two people skip this, and having three unhelpful answers, I have abled to get
some understanding of why my audience thinks about the intended audience. The most
helpful answer, was the response talking about the media platform and how it relates to the
audience, showing that they have an informed understanding.
The responses of why my audience likes my product, are varied. 3 answers were very
unhelpful. However, two answers gave some insight into why the audience members do
actually enjoy the product. One liked the mystery element to the product, whereas the other
liked the subjects and context of the videos.

I found that a lot of people skipped this question, or just didnt put anything of any use. My
one helpful response into why a spectator doesnt specifically like Buzzfeed: Unsolved, is
because they found it can get repetitive.
From this response, many people have not seen other similar YouTube videos, with many
people not answering the question, or just stating no. However, I had one response stating
an actual YouTuber who makes similar videos, and recognizes the similarities.