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ao ‘Gates Bao strange fm i well erpples, very one of ws, more oles. Weve Become estranged tht times we el some ind of rralsion for gen ine "eal Iie" andtherefre we cant bea o be reminded of Why, weve reached point where we almost regard “reali” as ard work at 2b, and wee all azed in priate tat ts elly beter in Book. And ‘uy do we sometines fs, inulge in whims, and make demands? We ‘don't know ounces Id be even wore if all ur whimsical ses wete Fall. Goon, ty it Ge us, for camp ite mare independence; ‘unt te han of any one os broaden our sphere of acti, relxthe onto and can ase you, wel immediately ask hae the eon fools ested. know that yu may get ang at me for saying thi, you ‘nay shout and stamp yur fet: “Speak for younel youl sy, and or our own miseries inthe underground, but dont you daresay laf w.™ Iiyeuil allow me, gentlemen; ater all Fn not ing tf self by saying all of ws. What concerns me in arcu, that in my life Tve fol aken to an ete that which you haven't even ded to take hal ‘ey; what's more, you've mistaken your cowatice for ood sense; ad, in te decewving youre you've consoled yourself. So, in cay even be “more alive than you are. Just ke close loki Why, we dot even ow where his sealife” les nojadays, what it ellis and wats called Lene us alone witout boks and wel et conftsed and lve out tray a once—we won't Know what to join, what to hold on to, what to Tone or what to hate, what to respect or what to despise. We'e een ‘pores by being men men wth el bode nd blood af ur ey own, We're ashamed of i we conser ita dace and we sve to become some kind of impossbe “geneal-humarbeings.” Wete stilborn: for tome time now we havent been conceived by living fathers we like ‘more and more, Were developing a ate fo it Soon well conceive of ty fo be born fom ideas. But encugs {don't want wite any move “from Underround... However, the “notes” ofthis paradsalist don't end here. He could resist and bept on writing. But I abo seems ous that we might as well, stop here (CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, 18313867 ow wit ine hd ch npn cng prin a Ch Rade Niece bh the “nt mde fot and ear of eer een orien coed ie Wes, fr Beuae te me ad French pet wound he beet range Boule’ ay age at dont yh pen sada wer wow St cs sod Sen fsnton mall sega oping ple Botan ier ‘tere tough al in 155 rae opt pcan reget mor Fate Made Boay ne Bau hs tpl bok of poh CCnuss Basar 2a La lad Ma eon of hon of i ran i beth nnd ck ne ginny eee Cota nly egy tat net an ae heal ety ed orcas core pe tyne dina, hates ons ng ies th iged emt rata a ay d eal py led wy a rsa crt et il edo iatRle etary ong Rtn edn ede enn ete aay sg yee ah and ayes rc eal a ge ae ry sont lage al pet atmlip alti ene msl eae pana Smit rn enna Eee geet tg ne Perera Bl ut Pan pL. a id en wi soloed pte al Cia ae Cee ape pe itn Bete Emi mo ng Co tn fh pe nd yw ged oR Tg Iie lead asc hs mtn dad ets Pliner Newton a on che steed {etn an etapa cna way hyo ce Sone wee aera he ec Ny mes Shr vr per nmr sl fot tel on Slemrod. nent ee Ran wh i of aad ical ee Base rors ppt ce ty ey cat oon see ing she lnc has ce la! pr iit, an i nie a nd 1pm ga ‘eh ate Dal be ic of ty poe ste lpr “Ms ota tin ear ch yt tte es PE Seti tener it cop Sn a he STS pn camped okey Cee ln lat often ies pied 5 wr ‘nem sae mcs bend eos Tecan gt th sper 1857 of del mat vod Te nef Et Pech aos ey oye et ed tte ened Lo anita posta ee crn 2d ee pr ond ten wo premeaynelin bland ner crocs pita Bye Feta wlinwtna ete He apne he ole steffi "peng lng he to doy ates Th nd 195 Sanwa re ue apne Dl dnd Comin Gn nd ns stele he Cm cope Red ‘her Ral at en ye pty epee hea {einige a Pe eh he icfedoadee he inl pre poe mma on ope Salt wahpenorenet emotion sees te scntrn scone dnbd vero res ane in TS com fe Pm ae ae Spe) sol cas iy Print tl ce to two pry les sac he ell eum Sed Sa accrued a ee nee m2 CCnaas Bioeans Sn ny ing” Fy as Behe cen hp snd hemplega:naleo pakbe war rought ack Pa hte he ed on eerste - Tis adience wos pee fr fom Bac’ mind, He wise fo dnc, stale tp make the ede tek cherbed do and acs Ine pro, ‘remo The Foye of Bl othe adr, ala xl as {ies iting ht both head the ode are eg ins amon gui Zoe Rede” dy th The pet tt ee ‘a! (fthologlUvedo oe aptly) acs hte fe begin ot rok t she pelea neti ht Lepr bes msg cer od fore placing ten oust renin of hice macs Bat le {Bo Lins nh wee ung oe mand andy Cac lg sich il ea tem i) Bhp =o aed (oo the pata the body onering splenic o lls homo, ape throughou The Flown faa Jena en Toh Raa elie aoe thatthe Dents tring neapon agit hari ‘ot they fe claly ebatas niytdih h ios cope chi nye psn Ina ema “Te Vn, pace by Baudele3t fend f the elton, dese the poste of msn an aetiesetch e gus et of eh, A Tong oes dre if so nd nde Sage ot een nin unan prog, The Voyage deve "prope a se pa Saver tt on dap a dapoe Tho snl aie Gangs af demons at boring in ut brn — ranked swarming ike aailion Wario they drown and ehoke the citer of our wan tach tine we breathe we tea our Kans wih pain, JF pion anon, ex. nares, bes * tt erin and hd i ek, iti Mens our soul re tl oo sh? Among the vermin, jackals, pers ie, tls a trata tk . nd match and erat ad defecate ad fuck Inthe dhordely ene of oor ie, ‘here's one more ugly and abortive bith eis no geste, neser beats bret, elit would murder fora moments et ” $d wing ante the earth Ws BOREDOM. Tears have glued tees together You know it well my Reade, Tas olscene best chinsmokes ymin or he ile — ur hypocre Reser double™y brother = ‘fling wean Egy den sna pie gh pi levi ck has pon yb nr pt oe aude: oe eo Pade pil ahr am yo al he npn atin ae a yh he Looe creer ; Peecgeecey te bth tac take Conse Bauoetans Gorrespondences! Naess temple whe ng clo Beate sme pacha tl ag Min wen among ni tre lad Wr hing hn ih lr ee eda econ pared He eg e ns anemone igi ‘Soe and dan lant ne Resume hte et a he ud igh py fh aac ce? ed rete cs ek comp a! dad ofan nite peinenn Ue mp orm oar at ce ‘he cols thea digi Conespondances La Nae oan temple of de vit pion tant tee ern yp tne sr erable ‘Quifobectent ave des ears ers ‘Gomme de logs cos ui dein se confodent Binet ‘es parfuns es eouleus es sn se epondent ese prt fis comme de chin enfants Dacre hts nts cme espe, Pde carompay ake congo, Ayan pasion de ches ini, mine Fab, em, eB tencens, ‘chante es ons Fe dese Her Hii © fleece, hat down the neck waves to the nape! (cut Opestime nonchalant ad re! easy! Fo thir alee! shape ‘Wiih memores than there rests sleep, Trwould shake the lke ponnon in eit Sete ig ES rae A ceus 27 angus a buig Ae, ere rt Se, Sidittommstsens ee ey, see ee aie or sent : Lae the es lotto ‘ne st a me So fhe wc Ms rer Gfarigns cme at rd fame 7 Asner pt (icine ta ta ey WSs ls ae ela mie Srerderestieetatioteae fete SE nd sinc 7 1 ng on a ued plese, Tin iS er thoes See eater ce Oye tc fate ic nf es 7 Pavilion, of bueshadowed ses pun, Yau ge me hack the are om sa, ed ee ited oc ae ng wth down Task’ minged odors gow drank upon Grado a a . ‘Along ime! bays! my hand in your bit {Malte tpi ey “isso be needa my See, Myotis and gourd whence pire “Tadink dee ofthe wine of memon* » A Carcass! Remember my fove, the item you sw That het meringn ne iy a bend in the path ress reclined ‘Ona bed son with pebbles and stones, Her eg were spread ot lit lecherous whowe, Sestng xt pono ae, Who opened nck tational syle ‘er stinking ad festering wo “The sun on thi tenes focused rye “To cook the eadave il done, 7 And ronder to Nate a hundtedfld git ‘Ofal she'd united inane tar S Seat ta ae che 208 ‘Guus Bauoetane at an eon this marvelous met sect lwerin The stench wat s0 wretched that thee on the » “You nearly collapsed ina swoon, ci “The ls buzzed and doned on these bowels f ith ‘Where an aay of maga arose, Which fed ite 3nd and tickeping steam ‘On the animate rg of her lathes » ‘And its andi land ped ke awe, nag and bubbling sea (Ope could say that this ears, blown wth vague beah, "ive in inceang isle ‘And his whole eeming wold made 2 msi sound ® ike babbling books and the breeze, (Orthe gain tata nan wih a warn fn “Teme witha tythnical ese “The shapes wore away af ony dream Wine aa tn ae » ich th tit forgot nd can ey complete Onthecarms th memonyssid. gm ink in tick itl eh twit say dst, -Avating the mean fo sath fran the bones " emote she'd dropped n her hate. Ana yu, ip sou wil be ten as this Herb, dy, undone, Olin of ay nate sed te of mye, ‘My pasion yang avon! . Ye, such wl oo be, oh regent of race, “fer isha ba Under the wee under Honing as ‘As you mole wi bones othe ead ‘A hen, oh my beauty xin tothe wri « ‘piece er at am he Leper fr cops of love Ofte frm sr the enence dine Invitation to the Voyage! My chil, my ser, dream ow sed al thing would sem Were wen hat hind Tan ole together, Spee sete Shs te neal Re Re a ar Sete ean ica Sone on AuruN 1 209 ‘pd thee love low and Hong, ‘Tere lone and de smn ‘hog ct at age tmp wens sola lila a Sin thse hare PP " Ot your teacheros eyes ‘when Told ther shining through their ters ‘There there i nthing ee but gue and mess, ‘ices, quieres ad please Fumie that wear : Son wl wwe lowing chan Soto hw win ou glowing chamber, "Howe ret bloom Prong th prune Mad withthe apie ges of ante » ald clings would thre by Miro dcp a thee, Treat Ea edo ang — Nothing but should ase ‘The wa lng 7 Sealing vee and crt nate tongue, ‘Thre te mating he hte and mes, esc qu psa Se sched fo te els Heese 7 ‘a iy hn go oelent ie, they By vie oh weer he car Sih ay : Ghar fat Thence ene “Ther, there nothing ce but grace and mets, Richness, quits, and pease Song of Auturan P Soon we sal plang into the chilly os Forcwl suit igh or ute se shot Thread the nun al of ge Recebing fom the pene of he cout. 1 Toned CF Mai br ei oe on CGususs Bupeane Avnwnras ovr oF rte Wont 21 a vy ht th moon she yuan the wor bow and nest ‘ihc feat owe he » ‘Tm sl boudoir where oidéahioned clothes cated among ited and, ‘Where ony the Bsc gin pale panels (Cane the uncorked cent an ded snl ingame te di fede : Wiebe eee Infecc pea ric ea arly sng het oi no mae el mn cocoa ye ee : Ani ee sept oa eds Ses ney yn tte Nay ee eS big stian i th x? Al ower wl ates nny so: Hate ange, hor, cil, the ard fred work ‘And ike the sm in his al by the not pol, My hea wl be only aed aad frozen black {shudder heating ever log that alls [No safe coul be bit wth hollower sounds, My sprit ikea tower whose rumbling walt ‘The eles Bteringram bring the ground leseems to me, llled by monotonous shocks, ‘Aud hey were hy ang» colin today For whom? — Yesterday was summer Now aturn boc “That mysterious ond ike someone’ going a. Spleen LXXVII! Psi month of is ype pad Pox fon isu hl winter dden gloom (On orpes fading in the neat gveyad, (On foggy suburb pose te. st ee ne ee SEL Nd ‘estoy aera ttn (Reta eel eon) iid “Se taste Spa dy of les hoe tin Panis Senex! Anywhere out of the World? oe anti ater tg oy et = ty ly wp ne soe ao ec Peplatedehetrone econ enrettd Met ng tin tty Spey deoeeureere rhe eeee na ee Src eee eae ma seo eee rt Sh Caale deta Spleen LXXIX! {have more mmr than had Ted hound years Snabieraetata ‘Oi bls Tove ete, photographs cepts, Gout dpontions, eke of fain plas we foal yl. Fd folr ers han ny btn a Is lke tomb, score ied Peters Fil? ‘pyramid where the dead ie down by sore, Sentara ees ua eee cae ps2 Lao Tauseor "Paes yo woul ke Batis! bt? There, morcet, we hal fd the wt of urope wed to th bay he open” ‘ots word Can my sol be deat ve yon nk ina epost you ae happy only in your epi? te ay contest te ome fs af Death kw jut he place ro poo sul We wl pack wp cur trunks Temea We wll goal at fo the fhe crete Bale Se sil ther from ie if pons wl sete a the Pole Thee he sn oly obhqel gars thee, and eso alemtons of day tnd igh abort and ince tha other ul of nating ‘ronson. There we cat tke deep ft of darks, wile someting foro nertshment the Amos Boel sow ups sete hea lke ett fhe frewors of bell ‘Alt mys ep“ Anywhere! Jt so ti otf the word LEO TOLSTOY 1825-1910 Count Leo Ty exci the intr of Epes ae 2 pbc fue 4 ‘tuntovning lage cater deidd a ge up hit wefan oe He ssn Fusion past dein bs, et peta! ed even o plow te Fels nd make sow wth isn has Bye timed ha bone the eae af lipase Tepper o's ne algo, sn he ‘nc, ih sinplied print Cyn ht he eed te mor cman "Do ae reste) and rhe dew, the stn, epee conden of der cation ete, ct Sn aw ait, nag late see onda ‘ine. dct Christin atch pepe ave ed Yo gel Ta- ‘oy ese his command of the pe ara + vel ey fae ‘ast the conta een the ety wey nwa he a ph ‘ho pated al his eal reat eelte nxt War and Pos the ces tric he IZ von af Rosia nd Arma Kai, th sy oan dees lie spe elas in ce ape ded, “oly mas br at Vso Pla, he mthers ete st Tal (boa 130 niles seth of Neon Ag 28188 fr nat eed essa Calan one of his ance, he Scot, hal snd Petr the Cat a Simbios thers ber wars Resa gach ely it ah ares ely is ead wa bought up by ts He wet othe Unies a Kean econ 194 nd 1, ted alg snl fr ow ys a ‘in ISU became alt nthe Caen Aan alley ee sw aon ‘he was wih th unin rand sin In 185-55 daring the Crimea Warren the Frenclsod EngshToloy hd wien hand emcee fis eidoed wll e wars he Cased ding the Comean War he ‘ote war sts, which shed iste teplaon Forsome yea eed Lao Toesor Eo si gece smc ae sua cea nett aret en e a meat cette ea eco ie auienre termine SES hee oie aieueaer ante ee es cies eee eer ert ee re Sige iceat erect ee mca li eter Se ci alte eae emettcteendettcicornmas tects Ree ery cy eye ees oe eae Fe A sw ree i yi tk ital eidoa iy ‘rtm ey bean ong adele he of he st ie eed id eat emcee "Psy ot arbre we pt of te, cir ei ion. He eal recast art see