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A Risk Assessment is a careful examination of what could cause harm to yourself, members of the public and people involved in the production, so that you can weigh
up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm.

Take into consideration disabilities, medical conditions and those with allergies.


Production Title: Studio RA Production Date(s):

Team names:

Date of Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment conducted by: Elijah Stratford

Location of filming Potential Hazard Person(s) who may Property which may Risk Assessment LOW, Further action Person(s) Responsible.
& date. be harmed be damaged MODERATE, HIGH, required to control
Studio Tripping over lights - CREW - whoever trips The equipment - the High Be aware of the Whoever, places the
other equipments over the equipment lights. equipment around equipment, but also
when filming. Be those who dont think
aware of wires, tripod about moving the
legs etc. equipment out of the
Studio Breaking glass - Whoever may Camera / other Moderate Wear gloves when Who breaks the glass
breaking the picture attempt to move the equipment could breaking the glass, or in the first place - they
frame glass or whoever become scratched. ensure to break the have responsibility of
breaks it in the first glass prior. Could what happens, and the
place. even use fake glass, if repercussions of not
easier. cleaning up afterwards.
Studio Being locked out of This hazard, will not Although damage is Moderate Make sure there is The person held
the studio direct into a physical unlikely, some either someone in the responsible, is down
injury. equipment may suffer studio at all times, or too whoever lets the
from being left on, if ensure that the door door close, knowing
the crew locked out of holder is in place, if that no one is in the
the studio. Cameras exiting the room. Also room, as they have
may die, and studio ensure that allowed their crew to
lights may run out. equipment that isnt be locked out of the
being used, is room - equipment or
switched off. no equipment.
Essential Contact Numbers

Emergency Services

Fire Brigade 999

Ambulance 999
Police 999
Coastguard 999

Persons / property Contact name & Relationship Business Hours Mobile Out of hours
(if applicable)
Franklin College Media department 9am-4:20pm. 01472 875000


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