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Advertisement : Specsavers advert.

Shot / Visuals Duration Camera Instructions Soundtrack / Story & Mise-En Scene
3 seconds Medium shot focusing on No non-diegetic Establishing shot of the main
the painter painting on his sound, but a faint character, the painter, in his studio
canvas. diegetic sound of the painting something scenic onto a
painter humming to canvas.
himself can be
heard, as well as a The use of highkey lighting will
paintbrush on further establish the natural
canvas. colours and display the tranquil
effect that the artist is provoking
Calming piano music through his actions of painting.
will be played in the
replicating the
environment and
contradicting the
ending of the events,
creating a contrast
and adding satire to
the events.
Shot / Visuals Duration Camera Instructions Soundtrack Story & Mise-En Scene
2 seconds Panning shot of the Diegetic sounds of All the painters equipment is
equipment - paint, paint painter humming to shown, giving a sense of realism
brushes, paint palette etc. himself and paint and also allowing a natural focus
Camera stops panning on brush sounds are on the main item, which is the jar
the jar of painty water, he continued. of painty water.
close up establishes this is
the main focus. Calming piano music The colour involved will be bright
will be played in the and include green to introduce
background. subtle synergy in the advert to
reinforce the main colour of
Specsavers, which will combine
with the highkey light, provoking
the connotation of clear vision
aided through the service of the

Shot / Visuals Duration Camera Instructions Soundtrack Story & Mise-En Scene
4 seconds Camera zooms out from Narrative dialogue Wifes comes into the studio to
pan to a medium shot. This between the lovingly give her husband a cup of
allows the audience to see husband and wife. tea. This progresses the narrative.
the wife as she comes in, She puts the cup of tea next to the
adding to the narrative. Sound effect of the painty water. The audience is left
Camera follows/pans the mug being put down to deduce whether they will
wifes hand, as she puts will be emphasised predict what will happen next.
the cup of tea down, next during editing.
to the painty water. The The body language displayed by
shot lingers as she leaves Diegetic sound of the actor will be laid-back and
the room. the wife leaving, down to earth in an attempt to
whilst out of view. shown how he has no worries in
regards to liquid is his drink and
Calming piano music which is his paint water. This will
will be played in the assist in the building of tension as
background. the audience will begin to question
why he is so relaxed about the
potential situation posed to him.

Shot / Visuals Duration Camera Instructions Soundtrack Story & Mise- En Scene
4 seconds Camera reverts back to the Diegetic sound of The audience is shown the climax
close up of the painty the action of the of the painty water being next to
water, showing the cup of painter, such as any the cup of tea, some tension is
tea next to it. We see a noise the jar or mug present as they are left wondering
hand reach out for one of make when being which one will he grab.
the cups whilst continuing picked up. This may He grabs the painty water instead
to paint. The hand grabs be emphasised of the intended cup of tea, he
the painty water instead of during editing. brings it up to his lips, and the shot
the desired cup of tea. A is cut, to graphics of the company
panning shot follows the Non-diegetic voice (which will be added during
hands bring the jar to the over will occur when editing).
painters lips, before cutting graphics appear.
to graphics of the company Mis en scene will be addressed
logo and slogan. Calming piano music through the use of facial features,
will be played in the as the close up onto the actor's
background. face will express how the mistake
being made was a disaster; this will
enhance the purpose of the
product and how it can be used to
avoid such situations.

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