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Jeannett Ancona

376 Hillcrest Ave

GPF, MI 48236

June 2017
Bart Bronk
1045 Cook Road
GPW, MI 48236

Dear Mr. Bronk,

I am writing on behalf of Mary Lenhardt regarding the Lower School Preschool

Coordinator position at University of Liggett school. It is an honor to recommend her for
this position. She is the perfect candidate for the position and is extremely dedicated to
her career. Her work ethic and commitment to the students is commendable. I have
known Mary for ten years. She has taught three of my children during these ten years
and this past year I have had the pleasure of working with her as her colleague at Our
Lady Star of the Sea school. Therefore, I can attest to her shining characteristics as a
teacher both in and out of the classroom.

Marys teaching abilities are superb. My oldest daughter had her as her Kindergarten
teacher. She was the reason we chose Star of the Sea for our children. I was beyond
thrilled with my daughters spiritual, social, and academic growth that year and have
been with each of my children who have been taught by her after my oldest. One of my
other daughters was in her Young 5s class and another daughter had her for Four Year
Old Preschool. In each situation, she guided my children to be the best they could be in
every sense. I was always impressed with how she reached each individual child and
how knowledgeable she was with child development. My children were well prepared
for the next level in each situation and excelled due to the foundations she instilled while
fostering their growth and development in her classes. I could not have asked for a
better teacher. They had an excellent start to their education because of her.

In addition, she has the desire to do her job well and continuously goes above and
beyond the basic requirements. Marys work ethic and strong organizational skills keep
her well prepared for the rigorous curriculum at different grade levels and her flexibility
allows her to adjust her teaching when necessary. She has demonstrated this
effectively through her ability to teach at different levels. In addition, she consistently
meets the needs of all her students through differentiation and making accommodations
as necessary. Mary does a great job facilitating learning in appropriate and engaging
ways, meeting the needs of her learners. Overall, Marys ability to identify individual
needs and meet these needs helps students develop and grow in every way.

Furthermore, Mary has high expectations for her students. She expects them to be
active participants in their education, but adjusts her expectations appropriately. Also,
she has strong communication skills with parents. She goes above and beyond through
conferencing, weebly pages, newsletters, email, and phone calls. Mary works
exceptionally well with parents and has a gift for speaking with them effectively and
handling any type of situation. Finally, I believe she is also a wonderful role model for
students. She is patient, kind, and truly cares about those around her. She sets a good
example for her students each and every day. My own children have thrived in her
classroom due to her strong teaching abilities, expectations for herself and her students,
and her overall good nature. As both a parent and colleague, I can attest to her
expectations, ability to speak and work effectively with parents, and be an impressive
role model.

Also, Mary has been an excellent colleague this year. Although not officially my mentor,
she constantly guided me and helped me while I was adjusting to a new school
environment. I have looked to her many times to guide me through new curriculum,
how to best handle certain situations, and to help me learn procedures in a new school.
She has been very patient and willing to help me, even though she is busy with her own
teaching load and taught a completely different grade level than me. Through her
guidance and support, I was not as overwhelmed and felt like I had a handle on my new
environment. I could not have done that without her. In my 16 years teaching and in all
the different grades I have taught, I have not had the pleasure of working with someone
like her. She truly has many strong qualities that make her the person, teacher, and
colleague she is today.

Lastly, Mary works effectively with all of her coworkers. She sets a good example for
the entire staff not only through her teaching abilities, but with her enthusiasm and work
ethic outside of the classroom. Mary is approachable, dependable, and an overall
positive individual. She is very knowledgeable in many areas and offers continuous
support and time in and out of school.

Mary has many qualifications that make her the perfect candidate for your available
position. As a parent and now as her colleague, I highly recommend her for the Lower
School Preschool Coordinator position. She exemplifies a well rounded teacher and
individual who is prepared for new challenges and will be successful at what is put in
front of her. I have no doubt she will make an excellent addition to your school staff. If
you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Jeannett Ancona
586 337-1786