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Photography Ideas:

1. Nature photos, for National Geographic magazine.

Photographs will consist of different elements of nature, there it is plants/trees or animals.
The intended product for these product is National Geographic magazine, as well as other
nature magazines, which could include the RSPB magazine or Wildlife magazine.
Selection of micro and macro shots.

2. Graffiti photos, for Graffiti magazine or Zipgun magazine.

Photographs will consist of different shots of graffiti art, intending to show the urban side of
graffiti art and its variety in style.
Selection of both close up of the graffiti art, and longer shots.

3. Photos of models, showing their natural bodies/body shapes and flaws.

These photos will be intended for a beauty magazine/article, which explores the natural side
of beauty. These photos could be for existing products, such as Vogue/ Marie Claire/New
Beauty magazine.
The use of shots can be varied, as it can include a mix of close ups, macro shots, and micro