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A Risk Assessment is a careful examination of what could cause harm to yourself, members of the public and people involved in the production, so that you can weigh
up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm.

Take into consideration disabilities, medical conditions and those with allergies.


Production Title: Production Date(s):
Team names:

Date of Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment conducted by: Elijah Stratford

Location of filming Potential Hazard Person(s) who may Property which may Risk Assessment LOW, Further action Person(s) Responsible.
& date. be harmed be damaged MODERATE, HIGH, required to control
Doughty Rd, Park Glass - other hazards Crew members may There is the possibility LOW Be aware of the Although no crew
on floor be harmed in this of equipment getting surroundings, and members are directly
process damaged, such as where equipment is responsible for this
equipment being placed. risk, they should be
scratched, however it aware of their
should not cause any surroundings and
serious damage. where equipment is
Doughty Rd, Park Being a public space - Because of this risk, There is also the LOW Be aware of the Those playing the ball
lots of children play there is the possibility possibility of surroundings and set games will be held
ball games near the of crew members equipment being up equipment responsible if they do
graffiti walls being hit and injured damaged, especially if appropriately. hit any
by this. it is hit by any equipment/crew
footballs etc, as this members, regardless of
could cause whether it was an
equipment such as the accident or not.
tripod to fall over
and/or break.
Freshney Place - Being in a public space Crew members may If rowdy/aggressive MODERATE Be careful if there is If anything does
outside of St known for drug be in danger if there behaviour is the case, anyone in the space happen, it will be the
Martins Church. activity. is any rowdy then there is the used at the time - crews responsibility to
behaviour. However, possibility of them keep some distance appropriately leave the
the main concern lashing out on crew or and be aware of situation.
would be the citizens on equipment, which surroundings.
actually taking drugs, could potentially
as they may be in the cause harm to both.
most harm.


Essential Contact Numbers

Emergency Services

Fire Brigade 999

Ambulance 999
Police 999
Coastguard 999

Persons / property Contact name & Relationship Business Hours Mobile Out of hours
(if applicable)
Doughy Rd, Park - public space N/A 24/7 N/A N/A
Freshney Place - outside of St N/A 24/7 N/A N/A
Martins Church - public space

Grimsby Rd, field - public space N/A 24/7 N/A N/A


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