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This page is designed to help incoming SFCM students prepare for the score ID
part of the Music History placement exam. To prepare for the first half of the
exam, go to the Norton website:

Beginning on the third page below are 45 score excerpts from the Norton
Anthology of Western Music (5th edition) one excerpt per page. Page 2
contains a pair of lists, one of musical genres, the other of composer names.
You should print out page 2 and keep the lists handy while you practice. Look at
each score example and try to hear the music in your minds ear. Also look for
visible clues, such as number of parts, instrumentation, language of text, etc.
Now try to pick the name of a genre and a composer from the two lists. Also try
to guess the date of composition within about 25 years. Rotate the score to see
the answers, which are printed upside down at the bottom of each page.
Genre terms Composer names Arvo Prt
ballet John Adams Krzysztof Penderecki
cantata Milton Babbitt G. B. Pergolesi
chanson J. S. Bach Cole Porter
character piece C.P.E. Bach Jean-Philippe
chorale Samuel Barber Rameau
choral antiphon Bela Bartok Maurice Ravel
choral symphony Ludwig van Steve Reich
concerto grosso Beethoven Gioacchino Rossini
tude Vincenzo Bellini Alessandro Scarlatti
fantasia Alban Berg Domenico Scarlatti
fugue Irving Berlin Arnold Schoenberg
keyboard concerto Hector Berlioz Franz Schubert
keyboard sonata Alexander Borodin Clara Schumann
keyboard suite Nadia Boulanger Robert Schumann
Lied Johannes Brahms Alexander Scriabin
mass Dietrich Buxtehude Ruth Crawford Seeger
mazurka John Cage Dmitri Shostakovich
melodrama Frederick Chopin Carl Stamitz
minuet Muzio Clementi Johann Stamitz
monodrama George Crumb Karlheinz
motet Aaron Copland Stockhausen
nocturne Arcangelo Corelli Johann Strauss
opera aria Franois Couperin Richard Strauss
opera chorus Louis Couperin Igor Stravinsky
opera interlude Claude Debussy Giuseppe Verdi
opera recitative Gabriel Faur Antonio Vivaldi
oratorio aria John Field Richard Wagner
oratorio chorus Stephen Foster Anton Webern
oratorio recitative George Gershwin Iannis Xenakis
overture C.W. Gluck
passacaglia G. F. Handel
piano concerto W. C. Handy
piano piece Joseph Haydn
piano rag Engelbert
piano sonata Humperdinck
prelude Charles Ives
rondo Scott Joplin
song Franz Liszt
string quartet J. B. Lully
suite Gustav Mahler
symphony Felix Mendelssohn
symphonic poem Olivier Messiaen
theme and variations Darius Milhaud
tone poem W.A. Mozart
violin concerto Modest Mussorgsky