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Man was created by GOD in His own image which rules over
all living creatures in this earth. Man must discover the ideal order
of things and must investigate his responsibility for controlling the
moral and physical aspect of his life. Man must conform the laws
of God and the laws of man. If a man follows the laws and observe
properly there is happiness and harmony. Man becomes human
when he makes good things in the fulfillment of his mission in this
world. When you act like animal, you speak like an animal, you are
not fully human, you are inhuman.
Man has to struggle to become human. It will take years of
training, education and efforts to full humanness. Man is
characterized by limitations given by the environment, dependency
on external objects and events and anguish. If the environment of
man are full of emotions, profane and indecent world then its hard
to become human. Surroundings and environment where you
belongs a factor to become human.
For me there is no Perfect Man in this wide world but if you
love GOD and follows His Commandments, then it makes easy to
Make a Man Really Human.


There are different philosophical views about the

understanding of being a human. Michael Morga claims
that a human being must reached its full realization to
become a human. This will entail a man to be trained to be
educated so until it reach its state and full humanness,
otherwise, he is not a fully human. The break ideal of full
development acknowledges the physical potentialities,
mental abilities, communication Skills, Social Skills of a
human being that needs to be enhanced and developed to
reach its full development. One nurtured, developed, and
enhanced, toward an ideal, a life of excellence. Oriental
view pose an understanding of human life according to
Hinduism. Confucianism, and Daoism. In these traditions
human existence is understood to be a matter of living as
part of something great. Hebrew sense of human life
according to challenges and that a man needs to respond
with courage, generosity and fidelity.
We can, however, take account of the philosophical
views stated above of what makes a man really human, the
most distinct nature of mankind is found the Bible, creation
of man, the Bible says, man was created in the image for
likeness of God and after creation. God gave rules to man
to rule over the whole creation. This specific task among
the whole creation was given only to man. Basically, the
Bible in the beginning talks about man who has given
authority, the power to rule and lead.

The importance of obedience is the art of Love-

Love for God, for yourself, for others, to be a Human
means, if we are created in the images likeness of God, we
ourselves should show love ( just like God) first to our
God, to ourselves then others. The creation talks about God
giving man authority over the whole creation shows that
work is inhale with man) Loving God means to love him
with all your heart, soul, and mind. If you love him,
everything else follows
Loving yourself means giving importance to every unique
gifts and specific roles so that in the end it will be easy to
love others. Thats basically the summary of all the
commandments on the Bible.