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1Introduction about the study

1.2Objectives of the study
1.3Importance and the relevance of the study
1.4Scope of the study
1.5Limitations of the study

India with a population of more the 100crores is potentially one of the largest consumermarkets
in the world. With urbanization and development of economy, brand identity, livingstyle,
suggestion and interests of the people changes according to the advance nation. Marketing is
about winning this new environment. It is about understanding what
consumers wants supplying its more efficiently and more conveniently.
The consumer market may be identified as the market for product and services that
arepurchased by individuals as household for their personal consumption. Pharma is a
typicalconsumer product purchased by the individual primarily for their good health and also
forphysical fitness and beauty. Different types of Pharma medicine are available in the market
andmore or less content of all drugs are same. The market of drugs or medicine is facing a
cutthroatcompetition and many companies are floating in the market with their products with
differentbrand names. In such a kind of situation different factors which influence to the people
choicefor Ayurvedic medicines are mainly doctors prescription, availability at chemist shop,
suggestionof chemist, efficiency, quality, images.So, marketing is both philosophy and
technology. It is technology because it suggestsways and means for effective production and
distribution of goods and services in the market togive maximum satisfaction to the
consumer.The marketing manager is responsible for both, determining and suitability of goods
andservices presented by the company to the market, and also determining about potential
marketand make better relation with the retailer.In this regard the marketing management with
have to apply to marketing technology inthe conceptual philosophy of system. It is the process
of system analysis in the marketing
management for effective research and can be defined as Systematic objective and
study of tasks relevant to any problem in the field or marketing.
1.2 OBJECTIVES OF STUDYPrimary Objective

To study on
sales and promotional system of Himalaya drugs
in Patna division.
Secondary Objectives

To determine the factors which persuade the doctors for prescription of Himalayadrugs.2.
To find out the companys position in the Ayurvedic drug market.

To find channel of distribution of Himalaya

4.To find out the promotional activities in Himalaya.


The two month project Training is very important for a student of MBA. This type of study gives some practical
knowledge to MBA students and practical knowledge is more usefulthan theoretical knowledge for any one.There
is no certain formula for any particular problem but the aim of this study is todevelop the ability of decision

making. A right decision at the right time itself helps anorganization to run smoothly.The training in any
organization gives us an idea of different marketing activities and
many emphases is given on Promotional Activities Aspect and also it is seen how business is
taken tactfully when any problem comes to an executive. The way of problem solving, rightdecision making and
knowledge of different types of marketing activities gives much importanceto this study. Though only in 2
months, it was not possible to understand it so deeply but overallideas would be developed.The market survey was
conducted on a study of che
mist stores and their Sales &Distribution System for Himalaya drugs, in Patna division, mainly
Bihar state.
This study was done in Himalaya drug company (Poonam Enterprises, C&F) Patna. Thegeographical slope of
my survey was limited to Patna, Ara and Buxar only. Study aims atrelationship between Company Executives and
doctors & chemist and why any doctors prescribefor the particular brand.The survey covers a wide range of
activities and factors, which influence the doctors toprescribe for the particular brand and influence chemist to keep
and sale the Himalaya drugs. Thesamples of 50 respondents were taken to represent total retailers of the Himalaya
drugs, and theresult was in the favour of Himalaya. The validity of the findings of this survey is limited to theperiod
during which the field survey was conducted i.e., two months during 10
of March to 5
May 2010.


The research work was conducted in different areas in Patna, Ara and Buxar (Bihar)conveniently selecting 100
chemist and 25 doctors. The study was done with the aim of understanding their perception towards the Ayurvedic
medicines of the Himalaya DrugCompany.

The result of the study will help the company to identify the satisfaction level of thecustomers and demand on
various benefits provided and promotional activities adoptedby the company.
The result of the study will help the company to identify the areas where the companyshould focus in order to
increase their customer base and generate more prescription.

The result of the study will help the company to bring out with a new plan andpromotional activity which will
create a new customer base for the company.
Although all efforts have been made to study all start of population as compared to thetopic of study, universe size and sample
size findings of the study will be considered only on theUrban Area and will be applied in Patna, Ara and Buxar only because
of the chemist and doctorsperception and expectation varies in other place due to socio-economic and educationalbackground.
At last but not the least the study will try to find out real depth of the actual positionas far as possible.A project is a work that an
executive or the personnel does by their efforts in research.There are many advantages that we can easily find and recommend
in the company but like allprojects this project also have some limitations, such as:-

Personal interview :- It consists few questions and answer session, so most of the people
avoid it and thats why we get few wrong response in the questionnaire.

Field survey :- This method is also a key factor, but generally to that place where it hasbeen done, because the result varies
when we change the area.

Questionnaire :- Because of the busy schedule and fast life of the of the respondents,most of them do not give the that is needed,
so that affects the result as well as analysis.

Secondary sources :- Such as company data makes in favour of the company, so problemoccurs.

Personal visit to the chemist stores :- This is also a good technique, but most of them
dont discloses their sale unit and turn over because of the privacy.
The survey suffers from following limitations also:-1.

Since the product under study was a health product i.e. medicine which requires alarge sample to have a correct
study, a sample size of 125 respondents was toosmall for it. But time & money did not allow researcher to have a
large sample.And also to manage a large sample would also be difficult by Researcher alone.2.

Duration of study is also limited for further intensive study.3.

Most stress was given on primary data. As it was difficult to collect Secondarydata from doctors & distributors.4.

The sample selected is not purely random sample but it is convenient so that the
result of the survey doesnt have any high degree if statistical significance.

The results of the survey are based upon crucial assumption Like:-a.
The respondents know the right answer to the question put to then.b.

They are willing to give the right answer.c.

Strictly based on the responses of the Chemist.d.

Difficult to ascertain the authenticity of their statement.It is very difficult to influence and get right answer from old
mentality chemist.Region i.e., Urban area therefore the result are applicable to Patna, Ara and Buxar region
onlythese findings may not have much relevance in other regions of different from rest of thecountry.All the
conclusions suggestions & recommendations will be made in the feedback obtained from the survey on the basis
of responses given by the respondents.