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Business Plan Template

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration Small Business Training Network

Six Important Tips Before You Start!

1. The business plan should tell a compelling story about your

department, explaining who, what, when, where, how, and why.
2. Your plan should list a documented flow chart of each service
provided and include performance measures and benchmarks.
3. Your plan should be focused and clear - its not about the number of
pages or style of the cover.
4. The plan should define specific business objectives and goals with
general parameters to guide the organization.
5. Writing a business plan should force logic and discipline into a
6. A good business plan is a living document - it should be updated

Title Page
Your Department Name
Street Address
City, State & Zip Code
Phone Number
E-Mail Address
Web Address

Business Plan
Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents..
2. Executive Summary...
3. Business Description & Vision..............................
4. Definition of the Market................................
5. Description of Products and Service Processes and Core Services..

6. Organization & Management................................
7. Marketing and Customer Service..
8. Financial Management, Performance Measures, Benchmarks and
9. Appendices
Executive Summary
This section should:
Be written last.
Provide an enthusiastic snapshot of your department, explaining who you
are, what you do, and why.
Be less than 2 pages.
List successes and pitfalls.

After reviewing this section the reader should:

Want to learn more about your department.
Have a basic understanding about your department.

Start here
Business Description & Vision

This section should include:

Mission statement (department purpose).
Department vision (statement about department market environment based
on current economic conditions).
Department goals and objectives.
Brief history of the Department.
List of key department principals.

After reviewing this section the reader should know:

Who the department is and what it stands for.
Your perception of the departments market and potential.
Specific goals and objectives of the market.
Background (historical) information about the market.

Start here..
Definition of the Market

This section should:

Describe your market industry and outlook.
Define the critical needs of your perceived or existing market.
Identify your target market (customers).
Provide a general profile of your targeted customers (both internal and
external) including demographics.
Describe what share of the market you currently have and/or anticipate, such
as department volume.

After reviewing this section the reader should know:

Basic information about the industry you operate in and the customer needs
you are fulfilling.
The scope and share of your business market, as well as who your target
customers are.
Your current and forecasted market volume.

Start here..
Description of Products and Service Processes and
Core Services

This section should:

Specifically describe all of your products and services.
At the top of each flow chart sheet type: For Department Internal Use.
Document and flow chart current service processes with time, volume, and
cost. (Visio)
Document and flow chart reviewed and updated service processes with
changes. (Visio)
Document and flow chart proposed added service processes. (Visio)
Insert GovMax report of your department core services.
Explain how your products and service processes are competitive.
If applicable, reference a picture or brochure of your products and service
processes, which should be included in the plans appendix.

After reviewing this section the reader should know:

Why you are in business.
What your products and services are.
How and why your products and services are efficient.

Start here..
Organization & Management
This section should:
Provide a description of how your department is organized, as well as an
organization chart.
Identify necessary or special licenses and/or permits your department
operates with.
Provide a brief bio description of key managers within the department.

After reviewing this section the reader should know:

Who the leaders are in your department, as well as their roles.
The general flow of operations within the department.

Start here..
Marketing and Customer Service
This section should:
Identify and describe your market: who your customers are and what the
demand is for your products and services.
Explain your department strategy, specific to providing customer service.

After reviewing this section the reader should know:

Who your market is and how you will reach it.
How your department will apply pricing, promotion, and service to your

Start here..
Financial Management, Performance Measures,
Benchmarks, and Comparatives
This section should include:

Revenues by account
Source is: GovMax report for your department with prior year actual,
current year adopted budget, and proposed budgets for future five

Expenditures by account
Source is GovMax report for your department with prior year actual,
current year adopted budget, and proposed budgets for future five

Performance Measures and Benchmarks (source: Florida Benchmark

List all department performance measures and statistics.
List all comparison performance measures, benchmarks, and statistics.

After reviewing this section the reader should:

Have a good understanding regarding the financial capacity and/or
projections for your department.
Have an understanding of your department performance measures and
Review a comparison with other similar organizations.

Start here..
Strategic Planning
This section should include:

Strategic planning goals for the next three years

Using your successes and pitfalls, process flow charts, major projects,
budgets, performance measurements, and benchmark information,
identify your strategic planning goals for the next three years.
Include/address your departments GovMax projections, goals, and
objectives for the coming fiscal year.

Diversity and Inclusion

Your departments statement of commitment to creating and
maintaining a more diverse workforce.
Specifically address inclusive recruitment and hiring practices, as well
as practices and programs for retaining diverse employees including:
o Reviewing all job descriptions, minimum qualifications, etc.,
before posting new positions
o Collaborating with EO and HR to expand outreach efforts to
diverse professional groups, organizations, and recruitment
resources when posting new positions
o Using job-related screening criteria and diverse interview panels
o Selecting employees based on skills and experience, not personal
chemistry and being mindful of unconscious bias as potential
barriers in the hiring process
o Mentoring/training employees and promoting a respectful work
environment as methods to retain a diverse workforce
Include the current breakdown of your workforce by race and gender
(to be supplied by EO and HR).

After reviewing this section the reader should:

Have a good understanding regarding the future plans for your department
looking forward to the next three years.
Understand your departments hiring policies and philosophy when it comes
to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce.

Start here..
This section should include as attachments:
Department brochures and forms.
List of business equipment/assets.
Copies of press articles and advertisements, if available.
Information supporting the forecasted economic environment of your
List of key business agreements such as leases, contracts, etc., with terms and
parties. (Optional)

Start here..