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MKT2202_Principles of Marketing

April 2016

Individual Reflective Essay (30%)

Due Date: Week 9 Class time

Based on your individual written report, you are required to do a reflective essay based on how
you could have improved on the marketing mix (4ps). (If applicable, but not necessary you
can also add to your reflection based on views and perspectives learned from seminars and
trainings attended during the semester).

Word count 600 (+/-10%) - Must be indicated on the cover page
Times New Roman and Calibri fonts only (Size 12)
1.5 line spacing and use justify alignment
Staple bind
Must submit via Turnitin and your required to attach the essay
Any form of collusion among classmates will be referred to academic misconduct
You are required to also submit a hardcopy of Reflective Essay as per the dateline.

Marking criteria
Refer to UH Marking Rubric for assessment criteria

Guidelines: The assignment requires extensive reading of relevant materials. The following
points will be considered in assessing the submitted work:

Answer reflects in-depth discussion which reflects student maturity will definitely capture
the examiners attention. All points must be supported with thorough explanation.
Students are required to look at the marking scheme provided as a guide for the assignments
Marking Scheme - UH Marking Rubric needs to be attached with the assignment
The organization of the material.
Repetitive, lengthy and generalized arguments should be avoided.
Quality of the written expression (grammar, spelling, etc.).
Plagiarism will result in Zero marks for the assignment (Refer to Module Handbook under
Academic Misconduct.
Failure to submit will result in Zero marks for students.
Harvard Referencing style must be used

Total Mark Awarded:

UG Standard Assessment & Grading Criteria for HBS Coursework (Individual Reflective Essay)
Module Code: MKT2202_Principles of Marketing Lecturer:____________________ Student: ________________________________________
ESSAY Structure Use & presentation of Harvard Content/ Terms/ Findings/ Breadth / Depth / Integration of Analysis/Critical evaluation Any other lecturer
Referencing Definitions/ Calculations Literature /Discussion /Exposition/Reflection instructions
Task details Follows essay structure & Follows Harvard style for in-text Content included - specify task Integration & application of Line of argument, development of
keeps to word limit of 600 citation & Reference List requirements as in module guide & information - from coursework discussion add instructional verbs to
words coursework guidance guidance /module guide suit the task & level
Use a minimum of 3 sources
Lecturer comments:
/marks /10 Marks /5 Marks /15 Marks / 30 Marks /40 Marks
80-100 Outstanding... Outstanding... Standard of Outstanding... Exploration of topic Outstanding... Business insight Outstanding... Level of
Articulate & fluent academic referencing within text & consistent showing excellent knowledge & & application. discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation
Outstanding writing style use of Harvard referencing system. understanding through thorough & Breadth, depth & integration of &/or reflection.
No grammatical / spelling errors. Accuracy of in-text references & appropriate research. literature/data into work. Highly developed/ focused work.
full details shown in Reference list. Impressive choice and range of
appropriate content.
70-79 Excellent ....Articulate & fluent Excellent... Standard of Excellent ... Level of knowledge & Excellent ... Business insight & Excellent... Level of
academic writing style. referencing within text & consistent understanding demonstrated. application. discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation
Excellent Only a minor error. use of Harvard referencing system. Evidence of appropriate reading. Breadth, depth & integration of &/or reflection clearly developing points
Accuracy of in-text references & Covers all relevant points & issues. literature/data into work. in the appropriate way with thorough
full details shown in Reference list. consideration of all possibilities.
60-69 Very good... Very good... Standard of Very good... Level of knowledge & Very good... Business insight & Very good... Level of
Fluent academic writing style. referencing within text & consistent understanding demonstrated. application. discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation
Very Good Very few grammatical errors & use of Harvard referencing system. Covers most relevant points & Breadth, depth & integration of &/or reflection & a few ideas/points
spelling mistakes. Accuracy of in-text references & issues. literature/data into work. could benefit from further development
full details shown in Reference list. Few errors / omissions in &/or evaluation/comparison.
50-59 Good... Writing is mainly clear Good... Standard of referencing Good... Grasp of the topic & some Good... Business insight & Good... Level of discussion/analysis/
but some spelling &/ or within text & consistent use of of its implications presented. application. critical evaluation &/or reflection but
Good grammatical errors. Harvard referencing system. Knowledge & understanding is Breadth, depth & integration of more ideas/points could be addressed
Accuracy of in-text references & demonstrated. literature/data into work. /developed further.
full details shown in Reference list. Minor errors / omissions in content/
40-49 Satisfactory... Basic essay Satisfactory... Basic referencing Satisfactory... Content / level of Satisfactory... Business insight Satisfactory... Basic evidence of
structure. within text & consistent use of knowledge of the topic. Addresses & application. Limited integration discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation
Satisfactory Not always written clearly & has Harvard referencing system. part of the task. Some errors / with literature/ data. &/or reflection but some points
grammatical & / or spelling Accuracy of in-text references & omissions in content/ calculations. Use of literature/data but limited superficially made so need further
errors. full details shown in Reference list. May benefit from further research. in breadth OR depth. development.
30-39 Weak... Essay format, limited or Weak...Use of Harvard referencing Weak... Limited content / Weak... Unsatisfactory evidence Weak... Limited evidence of
poor structure. system with errors & inconsistently knowledge/ calculations. Limited or of business application & insight discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation
Marginal Fail Muddled work with many applied. Limited referencing within muddled understanding of the Work needs to show better links &/or reflection.
spelling & / or grammatical the text. Limited accuracy of in-text topic/question. between practical application & More development & comment needed.
errors. references compared to those in Does not meet all the learning theory. May need to do more than describe.
the final Reference list. outcomes.
20 29 Inadequate... Essay format & Inadequate... Use of Harvard Inadequate... Lacking in relevant Inadequate... Lacks evidence of Inadequate... Lacking / inadequate
poor paragraphing / signposting. referencing with many errors &/or content/ knowledge/calculations. business application & insight. level of discussion/ analysis/critical
Clear Fail Inappropriate writing style inconsistencies. Content irrelevant / inaccurate. Some literature irrelevant to evaluation & /or reflection. Descriptive.
Poorly written &/or poor spelling Does not meet all the learning topic. Must see CASE
& grammar. Must see Must see CASE outcomes.
1 19 Nothing of merit... Poorly Nothing of merit... No or little Nothing of merit... Unsatisfactory Nothing of merit... No Nothing of merit... Unsatisfactory level
written work, lacking structure, attempt to use the recommended level of knowledge demonstrated. evidence of appropriate of discussion/analysis/critical evaluation
Little or paragraphing / signposting. Harvard referencing system. Content used irrelevant / not business application & insight. &/or reflection
Nothing of Many inaccuracies in spelling & appropriate/ to the topic. Does not
merit grammar. Must see CASE Must see CASE meet the learning outcomes. Must see CASE

This form is used by staff & students to provide feedback to assist students future work.