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IT Security Training

Marubeni Thai Binh Site

As of 2 DEC 2015
Before Start
Please do not forget to sign ATTENDANCE
After finishing this training, please take
Comprehension Test. (5 mins)
Confidentiality Information
keep all Confidential Information strictly
confidential and to take all necessary
precautions to assure that Confidential
Information is not inadvertently disclosed to
any third party
Any third party includes EVN, TOA JEL, and
other sub-contractors.
Why IT Security Important?
Lose our time and money more than expected
Stolen important information (incl. Reputation risk)
Lose / Fabricate your documents
Discontinuance of your work (Cost & Time)
Case Study :
Incident: MCS PC was infected MASS-mailing worm
that causes system instability
Date: End of June 2015
Result: Receive more than 100 e-mails during night
time with 11 MB attachment.
(1) MC managers cannot receive e-mails half day.
(2) TOAs mail server was downed and cannot
receive e-mail half day.
Anti-Virus Software
Anti-virus software shall be installed for all PCs
in MC Site Office.
The anti-virus software shall always be
updated automatically.
Scan engine function shall be always turned
on and scan your PC EVERYDAY during lunch
IT Manager will monitor the record of your PC
PC Password
You should set your password when you login to any system
for the first time.
Use Secure Passwords (DO NOT USE your name, date of
birth, or telephone number, etc.) and must not write down
the password or print it out.
You must change your password every THREE month.
Your PC password shall be notified to the selected person in
every three month.
You must pay attention not to be seen by others when
inputting the password.
You should not tell anyone your password.
You should never use the last passwords when you change
How to set password? (please see IT Management Manual)
E-mail and Internet Access
To avoid information leak through hacking of
email, set password to the attached file if
confidential information or information for
internal use only is sent by email to an external
DO NOT use Free mail
Prohibit the sending of messages related to this
project to Social Media Service such as Facebook,
Please always turn ON the Web-filtering
function in Anti-virus Software.
You are not allowed to download unappropriated
software to this project.
No Social Media during Work
Web-Filtering Function
Program that can screen an incoming Web
page to determine whether it should not be
displayed to the user. (i.e. adult, fishing page)
PC Check
MCS administration division will check your PC
every three month (in June, September,
December and March) by using the check
sheet, and report to IT Manager.
Log-in Password, Password-protected Screen
Saver, Windows Update, Anti-Virus Soft &
Scan Result will be checked
Check Sheet sample
No. Password- Virus Soft Virus Full Check Windows Update
Name protected Screen (Updated) Result
Mailing List
The mailing lists are used in the following
corresponding official e-mail.
ML1: EVN, FE, MC internal notice to all
ML4: TOA, NSC, PAL, JEL(Erection), etc
ML-Site: MC Site All Members
Samba System
Cloud Service for storing data used TB Project
MC Subcontractor (Heavy Data: Drawing)
But, Slow Connection in Vietnam
MCS Common HDD
ID and Pass for the access to common HDD shall
be informed only to MC Internal.
You cannot inform EVN and MC Subcontractors
such as TOA/JEL/FW Etc..
You cannot upload high confidential information
such as Financial data / Management data not
submitted to EVN/Subcontractors
If you violate MC IT security policy, you will be
treated in accordance with contract.
Documents for New Comers
MCS Basic Documents:
Project Manual
Site Organization
Contract without price information
Master Schedule
Stored in Common HDD with user name and
How to connect MCS Common HDD

Double Click Network

And enter the ID and password
(inform separately)
You can see Basic Documents for newcomers
Basic Documents will be updated time to time
Thank you
Any Question or Concern?