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This document outlines the core business values and aspects of

Titan Solutions along with the roles that the company plays
towards the socio-economic responsibilities it has with the
companies and individuals that attribute to the success of Titan
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Preface / Introduction
Titan Solutions, a closed corporation duly incorporated in terms of the
company laws of South Africa, under the registration number
2001/057518/23, is a black empowerment company founded in 2001 as a
specialist property maintenance, project management and property
development company. A strong emphasis is placed on our customers
needs and our wide variety of services offered to our clients.

We are proud to announce that we are at a level 1 (135%) BEE


Our client base includes Government, Corporate and Private Sector

Clients. We are currently vendors for various banking groups and Property
Management Companies.

After reading through this company profile we hope it meets with your
approval and presents the opportunity for the utilisation of our services in
the near future.

In these times where there is such a skill shortage for artisans and skilled labour throughout South Africa it is
difficult to know who to trust and what to expect from the end result of a project. Titan Solutions takes away
the worry and risk of contracting out work due to the fact that the Titan Solutions team consists of a dynamic
enthusiastic group of specialists who are responsible for the execution of work in a reliable, efficient and
professional manner.

Titan Solutions since its establishment back in 2001 has had a wide range of experience with notable

From January 2008 February 2011

Partitioning + 89 000 m
Painting (New applications) + 67 000m
Painting (existing Structures) + 98 000m
Carpeting + 49 000m
Tarring + 21 000m

The replacement and installation of over 7000 m of Poly Carbonate sheeting

Over 4000 m of IBR Cladding and the laying of concrete hardstand slabs at a particular site.
The construction of various Mezzanine levels including structural certifications.

In terms of building upgrades the supply and fitment of steel swing gates, , industrial box gutters, precast
walls, palisade fencing, dry walling & partitioning, paving and bird proofing, electrical installations are but a
few of the key services where we have had regular, high volumes of work to complete as projects.


Non-Technical Technical
Business Support
Infrastructure Infrastructure
Services Services

Tenant Installation and Building Maintenance and Project Management

Management Repair Office Cleaning
Space Planning and Interior Building Signage OHSAct Management &
Design Estate Maintenance Consultancy
Plastering and Painting Ceilings & Partitioning
Tiling, Carpeting and Compactors
Installation of Wood Construction
Laminate Flooring Electrical and Lighting
Interior Plants Internal Signage
Security/Risk Management Mechanical Services
Parking Plumbing
Waste Management Developments

Titan Solutions believes that there is no job too big or too small, ultimately when providing a service the exact
same principles apply to larger projects as they do for the smaller ones. On request we also issue Completion
Certificates once jobs are completed which can then be kept on record.

Our specialist services have been well established and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and service

Why Utilise Titan Solutions?

The Utilisation of Titan Solutions will provide the following benefits:

1. An undertaking by Titan Solutions to provide a service that no other company in South Africa can
2. A service that will be regarded as value for money
3. Free Up internal Resources
4. Improve Focus
5. Reduce or Control Operating Costs
6. The provision of an all round specialist maintenance services without the time consuming effort
of outsourcing contractors and evaluating quotes.
7. Reliability and Minimum Downtime
8. Staff Satisfaction and Increased Productivity
9. Single Point of Delivery and Accountability
10. Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance

Our Black Employment Policy
At a Level 1 (135%) BBEE level Titan Solutions is a Black Economic Empowered Company. We identify with
the policies adopted by our country in creating opportunity for all races, genders and religions. At Titan
Solutions we provide both employees and our members an equal opportunity to ensure growth and to sustain
long- term profitability.

We intend on furthering this principle by employing black empowerment companies who have to go through a
stringent evaluation to ensure that our clients receive service excellence and that our reputation is not
jeopardised in any way.

Our aim is to provide exceptional service and workmanship which is cost effective for companies. In addition
to this we strive to render our services in a Reliable, Efficient, and Professional manner.

Titan Solutions started in 2001 as an electrical cable supplier under the company name of Titan Cables initially
which supplied large volumes and types of copper cabling. This venture ultimately evolved into Titan Solutions
when one of the major clients dealt with property and the need for both electrical as well as a property
maintenance services was required. At first private clients were the main sources of income for the business
however after marketing the company more extensively Titan Solutions was awarded several orders with
Investec Property Group and its subsidiaries. During this time Titan Solutions also serviced Metboard
Properties, Treslo Trading and Growthpoint Properties who now use Titan Solutions as one of their preferred
service providers.

At Titan Solutions our vision is to obtain the leading edge in the property market. We intend to do so by
ensuring that our clients receive service excellence in conjunction with our primary aim.

Provide Partner Levels with other Vendors

Titan Solutions has several Vendor Partners who assist the company in being a competitive service provider. As
a BEE initiative Titan Solutions has taken upon a task of utilising small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs)
who ordinarily do not have the financial capability to take on large projects and enables them to develop their
enterprises into fully independent companies. Titan Solutions provides these SMMEs, as a mentor with advice
and support with our main objective to develop these entrepreneurs such that they are able to maintain
sustainable businesses.

There are several criteria for these businesses to qualify for this initiative; businesses must:-
Be Black Owned
Have been operating for at least 2 years
Provide relevant services to the property industry i.e. Electrical, Plumbing, Partitioning, General
Building etc.
Have suitable references of previous projects or contracts

Titan Solutions is also registered as a Plascon and Dulux Approved Applicator affording us to provide better
pricing on these paints as a vendor partner.

Customer Orientation
Our values are centred on Reliability, Efficiency and Professionalism. At Titan Solutions we firmly believe that
by guarantee of service excellence to our clients we will sustain growth and develop into a leader of the
property maintenance market.
We will always have an uncompromised attitude that will demonstrate our high flexibility in meeting our
clients needs at competitive rates. We have open-door policy where our clients are welcome to air any
concerns they may have with us in order to come to a common resolution; to date we are proud to state that
we have a completely clean track record which is largely due to the way we handle business and our clients.

Our Pledge
We strive for service excellence, outstanding workmanship, reliability, an efficient service and professionalism
when you choose to utilise our services.

Assuring you that we will exceed our client expectations.

Mission Statement
Titan Solutions is committed to making South Africa a better place for all and to contribute to the development
of black empowerment businesses .We intend doing so by:

Introducing our clients to expert and specialised black empowerment property specialist.
Our clients will be rendered a service that surpasses all their expectations
We will build and develop strategic relationships with our clients with the intent to promote integrated
delivery of specialised services.
We will deliver service excellence to the retail, commercial and residential sectors.
We intend to position ourselves in the market as a company that is making a difference in the property
industry and in our country, by employing black empowerment companies to render a service on our behalf.
Titan Solutions will grow by size, both by work force and financially
Our ultimate goal will be: to be recognised as a market leader in the property maintenance sector who will always
strive for service excellence.

Our Philosophy
We believe and will ensure that the service rendered to our clients should be performed in a Efficient,
Reliable and Professional manner, with the highest standard of service excellence rendered at all times.

Titan Teams

Across our divisions within Titan Solutions we have several experienced and skilled teams who we utilize to
provide our various services at any particular time. Titan Solutions believes that because of the nature of the
business and services that we provide is so vast we cannot provide specialized services without the help of our
partners, which we have selected in order to be able to provide specialized teams that we can use for specific
projects where their expertise are required. However 80% of the services we offer are currently available in-

All Titan Solutions Service providers are required to:

Be Black Economic Empowered

Maintain a liability insurance to the minimum value of R 2 000 000-00 (Two Million Rand)
Furnish Titan Solutions With an Insurance certificate
Must be registered with relevant authorities (E.C.A: IOPSA: NHBRC etc.)
Have to comply to an inspection and evaluation of staff, equipment and vehicles by Titan Solutions when Titan
Solutions deems necessary
Must be Vat registered
Accept Titan Solutions Terms and Conditions.

Once the service providers have met these requirements, Titan Solutions then undertakes to sign an
Independent Service Provider Agreement .




Titan Solutions sees itself as a total solution for maintenance and repair
issues enabling our clients to focus on their core business and ultimately
saving on their bottom line. Facility management services are currently
being utilized more and more extensively with companies to improve and
reduce operating costs and save money. Outsourcing facility maintenance
and repair responsibilities has proven to be a risk-free and highly effective
management strategy for companies in the 21 century.

Our aim is to allow companies to concentrate on their core business by

creating and managing an ideal working environment - which is our core

Portfolios Retail, Office, Industrial

Target Market

Office Complexes
Shopping Complexes
Residential Complexes
Industrial Complexes

Key Objectives

Allows Client to Focus on core competency

Risk Transfer
Drive Up Stakeholder Improve Client Service
Value Support the clients ethos & vision
Facilitate achievement of Client goals & objectives

Reduces inefficiency and waste

Drive Down Operating Removes unnecessary activities & processes
Costs Brings global purchasing power
Brings best practice and service delivery

Value engineering - getting the most from assets

Drive Up Productivity Funding of new initiatives
Brings reliability


Titan Solutions became involved in developments back in 2006 together with Grinaker LTA. in a joint venture
with Sivukela Construction working together on the renovations for Monte Casinos Palazzo Intercontinental
Hotel. This involved major brickwork which needed to be carried out to an extremely high standard. Titan
Solutions property developments have since tried to find ways to outperform existing development
companies in its approach to achieving properties that offer a good return on investment and long-term


As a socially conscious property development company, Titan Solutions seeks to not only achieve a good
return for investments, but also to help with the investment in the future of South Africa and the long-term
revitalisation of its structures. We like to be involved with projects that not only prove to be worthwhile for
investors, but also have a lasting effect on the community and the space around them.

Figure 2 Projects completed for Rand Water and a Virgin Active Gym

As a logical transition from the tasks of handling a facility management business it became natural that Titan
Solutions could grow its services by extending them into the development sector. Titan Solutions currently
offers a wide variety of services that are even more applicable to new developments as they are for the
building maintenance industry.

Project Management
Large scale projects merely require good planning and ongoing management of the sites in order to meet
project milestones and at the same time never sacrifice the quality of work in order to meet these deadlines.

A structured plan is an invaluable resource which allows us to track progress and supply our clients with up to
date information as to what the status is of how the project is running in each area.

Figure 3 The Premier Hotel, Pretoria. South end.


Figure 4 The Premier Hotel, Pretoria. West end

The above photographs are testament to the level of work that Titan Solutions associates itself with and will
continue to remain involved with.


The Cleaning Division of Titan Solutions not only helps sustain business in other aspects of the company it is
also a vital part in any facility management business as cleaning services are required on a daily basis and
therefore goes hand in hand with the services we provide.

Titan Solutions has been running a cleaning service for a large
Government Department across three different sites for over two
years now. The total floor area at one of these sites is in the order
of 16 000m and more offices and warehousing are currently being
built as part of a two year renovation plan.

Staff Control
Usually a site supervisor will be permanently based on the site to:
Ensure staff are allocated and present at their respective posts.
Conduct daily inspections and liaise daily with management concerning any site issues.
Co-ordinate staff movements with regards to leave, absenteeism, sick leave etc.
Plan and co ordinate any specialised or out of the ordinary cleaning functions.

Contingency Plan
Titan Solutions CC. has a through and sound-proof industrial action plan that will ensure that there is
continuity of operations and the Client will not have any disruptions on their site. Prior to any industrial action,
all conceivable actions will be undertaken with the Employees and their respective Unions to ensure that any
service rendered to the Client is not disrupted; any negotiation between the various parties will be undertaken
in the best interest of the Client.

Total Quality Management System

Each site is designed with a quality management system for the specific site. The various sites are unique in
terms of finishes i.e. walls, flooring, carpets, windows etc. The Client will be forwarded a copy of the Quality
Management System & Reporting tools prior to its implementation.

All chemicals used on site comply with SABS 1828 and 1853 requirements as per Government Gazette No
19999 of 1999, Act 29 and are therefore approved for use within the Cleaning Industry.

Employee Benefits / Wages

Titan Solutions complies with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Labour Relations Act. All staff
belong to the Contract Cleaners National Provident Fund. Titan Solutions also complies with above average
wages which are determined through a sectoral determination via Government Gazette Notice 27029 of 26
November which helps to ensure that our staff are kept motivated at all times.

Titan Solutions has a Public Liability Policy providing us with an indemnity of Two Million Rand against damage
to your property, in the unlikely event of an accident. Should this amount be insufficient, a meeting between
the client and Titan Solutions must be held before further work commences.

Our cleaning contracts make it possible for us to employ previously unemployed individuals and introduce
them into the working environment and thus helping our staff to support themselves and their families.

Current Office Cleaning Services

The following list details the duties performed at all office areas and buildings

Sweep & wash all floors

Wipe down all walls
Dusting pictures, mirrors and blinds
Dust light fittings
Dust all windows and ledges
Wipe dust and clean all office furniture
Polish all office desks
Empty and clean all office bins
Clean any artificial plants and plant containers
Vacuum all carpets and material covered areas
Clean and wash staircase rails
Cleaning of Toilets
Deep clean all toilets
Clean and disinfect toilet bowls
Clean and disinfect urinals
Wipe down toilet roll holders
Wipe and clean mirrors
Wipe down and clean walls and doors
Dust lights
Sweep tiled floors
Wash tiled floors
Scrub tiled floors with disinfectant
Wash clean and disinfect hand basins and taps
Ensure that toilet paper dispenses are full
Wipe and clean hand drying stations
Empty and clean all waste bins
Clean all metal fittings

*Please take note that all above listed duties are done on a daily basis

Deep Cleaning (Monthly/On Request)

All office chairs and material lounge suits will be deep cleaned ( steamed cleaned )
All carpeted areas to be deep cleaned
All blinds to be steamed clean

Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Better hygiene

Creates healthier working conditions

Professional Image is created

Prevents damage to all carpets, furniture and blinds

Saves money from continuous replacements of carpets, furniture and blinds


In addition to all the cleaning materials required for the cleaning duties that have been already mentioned
Titan Solution can also supply the following essential items:

All toilet paper needed

All dish washing liquid/s
Bleach agents for kitchen Cloths
Scourers for dishes
Toilet Brushes

Window cleaning of all Buildings including hi-rise

Titan Solutions has the resources in order to offer the cleaning of windows for high rise or multi-story
buildings. This service includes:

All interior and exterior windows to be cleaned on buildings including on a monthly basis.
The use of a sky- jack will be available on site to ensure safety and easy access to out of reach and higher
All materials for the cleaning of the windows will be supplied by Titan Solution
Due to the fact that we will have a sky jack available Titan Solutions can also clean the building gutters on
a monthly basis if needed.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

By Definition a Service Level Agreement is an agreement which defines the relationship between a client and
both external and/or internal service providers. The function of this ensures that the nature and extent of the
service/s remains defined in order to prevent any misunderstanding between the two parties.

Titan Solutions offers customised SLAs suited to each individual client to accommodate their specific needs
and expectations. Several advantages come about from these agreements whereby they enable us to assess
performance and service levels that we provide to our clients based on specific criteria and performance
measurement processes.

Figure 5 Aerial Photo of one of the sites where we offer our cleaning services

Letter from the Director

Titan Solutions has a business concept that will revolutionize the cleaning industry. To achieve this goal we
require the assistance of our clients.

As a fellow South African I have the utmost love and pride for my country and I would like to contribute to the
development of this beautiful country.

I believe that the cleaning industry can play a vital role in the development of this country by employing
unskilled previously disadvantaged individuals and giving them the necessary skills to enter the working

Titan Solutions has a policy of employing previously unemployed individuals and therefore contributing to the
goal of decreasing the ratio of unemployed people in our country. We have been able to create several new
jobs thanks to the contracts that we have been awarded.

With your assistance we will be able to achieve the goal of empowerment, equality and general upliftment of
South Africa!

We can achieve this by sending staff on various courses to train them a profession they choose and then set
out to help find them alternative employment either with government departments or the private sector.

We would like to see our cleaning contracts as a starting basis for previously unemployed individuals to enter
into the working environment, be provided with training and then be able to pursue a career of their choice!

We like to believe this concept will eventually grow nationally and encourage other companies to follow the
same way that Titan Solutions along with our clients have set out and lead by.

Safety & Security
Titan Solutions prides itself on perfection and professionalism
therefore health and safety is of paramount importance.

Safety starts with having contractors/craftsmen who are specifically

skilled in particular types of work. A key issue which ensures that work
gets carried out correctly and safely is that there is sufficient
supervision at all projects. Getting a job done quickly at the expense of safety is certainly not a negotiable
criterion within our company principles. A combination of good leadership and respect for people is how we
prevent accidents from occurring together with the standard safety precautions.

Tibor Szana, acting chief inspector for occupational safety at the Department of Labour once commented, We
need to appreciate peoples lives. People who are performing even the most menial tasks are people with
families; theyve got a life.

OHSA Compliance

Titan Solutions believes in making themselves one of the safest places to work, through working together and
taking personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others around us. Titan Solutions has developed a
Golden Rules of Safety handbook which is issued to all employees to reinforce the rules of safety however this
does not replace an effective Health and Safety Management System.

Our purpose is to instil a culture of personal safety awareness throughout the company and to ensure that all
staff work as a team to avoid accidents and incidents. Titan Solutions is totally committed to uphold and
enforce the policies and principles that form the backbone of our Health and Safety management System.

All Titan Solutions employees are covered under the Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases Act

Company Details

Registration Number ck 2001/057518/23

Vat Number 4580218040
Registered Name Titan Cables
Trading as Name Titan Solutions

Business Address 30a Dias Crescent


Telephone +27 (0) 11 467 7021

Facsimile +27 (0) 86 655 7042
+27 (0) 11 467 7024
Email info@titansolutions.co.za

Company References


Titan Solutions | the professional solution

PO Box 514, Douglasdale, 2165

+27 11 467 7021, www.titansolutions.co.za

Titan Solutions Board: Shane Govender

Managing Director, Miguel Rodrigues General
Manger, Bennie Pretorius Operations

Editorial content: Shane Govender,

Miguel Rodrigues.
Design, Titan Solutions
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Recycled White Smooth, 100 g/m . Text
Printing: Minute Print Bryanston,
Fonts: Tahoma, Filosofia, Interstate, Calibri,
Copyright: Titan Solutions 2008. First edition
published in 2004.

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