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The Future and Ascension of the Earth

by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson 9th June 2017 Original Source: Sacred
School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/
The future of the Earth is already present and available for all to see and experience.
It is a dimension where many souls already exist. It is available now to all upon the
Earth. Rather than moving your physical body or even moving into your light body to
access the dimension that demonstrates the future of the Earth, it is simply a
frequency of energy that the mind absorbs, reflects and then becomes.
Your mind creates the reality you experience through a collection of your thoughts,
emotions, beliefs, past experiences, fears and your desires. The most prominent
energies within your being whether they are positive or negative support the creation
of your reality as your mind uses these to attract like energies into your reality for you
to experience. Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, past experiences, fears and desires
create frequencies of light, energy, sound and information within you creating a
dream-like state born of your own produce. You are then further influenced by the
collective consciousness of humanity and the perceptions of generations gone by.
Basic information that you have been taught as facts create a tunnel through which
you view your reality. Even information and ideas you perceive as normal and correct
about how humans should live on the Earth and what the Eart h should be like are all
born from perspectives of others. In truth, they are akin to walls blocking your ability
to see the Earth and yourself from your own inner truth, your own natural perspective
and eyes. Your natural perspective is the perception of your soul, your souls gaze
that allows you to see beyond limitations and illusions, recognising what is really
present rather than what humanity has believed is present for so many years.
When you access the future dimension of the Earth, you are allowing yourself to see
the Earth and her humanity from new perceptions within you. These new perceptions
brought forth through your soul are limitless, loving, creative, pure and truthful
created by positive and fulfilling thoughts, emotions, beliefs and goals. Over 80% of
fears will be healed and erased while limiting past experiences and perceptions
released allowing greater space for the love and truth of the Creator and Universe to
fill your being. Thus, the frequency of our being will alter. Therefore your mind will be
using the love, expansion and fulfilling frequencies to attract the same and even
more into your reality for you to experience. In truth, you will be over 80% aligned
with the Creator allowing All That Is the Creator to flow through you in abundance. It
is important to know that when you begin to allow yo urself to see through the eyes of
your soul, you are already experiencing 40% alignment with the Creator, meaning
that you are able to attract some fulfilling and loving experiences into your life and
glimpse the future of the Earth.

What is the Dimension Known as the Future of the Earth?

Dimensions are simply frequencies of energy which when experienced and
embodied feel like a whole world full of creation and encounters. Each dimension has
a different frequency and therefore a different intention of experience. The dimension
known as the Future of the Earth is truly beautiful, it demonstrates the Earth and
humanity existing in harmony, and in over 80% alignment with the Creator at a
physical level. Love, truth, happiness, fulfilment, peace, perfect health and
abundance are available for all to experience. The great blessing with this dimension
is that it has a profound and potent presence of the creative vibrations of the Creator.
This is because the Creator is present within all and also because Mother Earth
existing at her purest vibration is a source of immense creativity that is beyond
limitations and boundaries. When humanity exists in alignment with the Creator , they
will recognise the profound creative energies and abilities of Mother Earth. Humanity
and Mother Earth will then begin a deep and meaningful journey together marrying
the energy of creation and the pure intention of the Creator. This will be so powerful
that it will fill the Universe of the Creator with such beauty born from the essence of
the Creator and never before experienced by many. Beauty will fill the Universe of
the Creator and inspire a great and powerful Cosmic Shift which will positively impact

Preparing for the Future of the Earth

Any person upon the Earth can access the Future of the Earth Dimension now. There
is no need to wait for all of humanity to change. The dimension is already present;
there is no need for humanity to create it upon the Earth. Instead there is a need for
humanity to create the appropriate conditions within their being so that they can fully
access and experience the blissful dimension of the Earth. The appropriate
conditions are positive and fulfilling thoughts, emotions, beliefs and goals. Over 80%
of fears healed and erased, with limiting past experiences and perceptions released
allowing greater space for the love and truth of the Creator. As each person takes
action within their being to achieve the appropriate conditions, so it will seem as if the
Earth around them is transforming. The Earth will reflect what is occurring within their
beings as well as the transitions occurring wit hin the collective consciousness of
humanity. Many old energies and perceptions of limitations, fear and illusion, will be
brought to the surface to be recognised and released. Some illusions may be so
ingrained within the perceptions of humanity that it may feel like a tremendous loss
and even create grieving processes which will be healing allowing truth to emerge.
It is important to realise that truth isnt always information or knowledge; it is often a
feeling of liberation or an expression which brings forth expansion. Truth is an
expansion of your perceptions of yourself and your surroundings.
Changes and shifts in the way you perceive yourself and reality may be simply
internal however you may see, sense and acknowledge them as solid situations or
experiences in your local reality and the world. There is a need for the solid outer
world to shift to align with your inner world, this will take time. Exercising patience
and compassion with the world around you will not only support you in dealing with
the shifts in the world created by shifts within all of humanity, it will also allow you to
glimpse the Future of the Earth Dimension even in the darkest of times upon the
Earth. In doing so, you will perceive everything as the perfection of the Creator
whether it appears as positive or negative to you.

Important to Remind Yourself

Any situation within your reality or the world, whether alarming or inspiring is a
produce of the perceptions of humanity and yourself moving from limitations into
liberation and alignment with the Creator. It is a process of creating freedom for all
while sometimes also being a produce of old limiting perception resisting
transformation. Many situations perceived by you as negative are brought about to
create a reaction within humanity. The reaction brings forth a transformation within
which gives birth to new soul inspired perceptions and the release of old limiting

Accessing the Future of the Earth Dimension

By accessing the Future of the Earth Dimension, you are aligning yourself, the Earth
and humanity with the Creator, and the most inspirational and creative experience of
the Earth. Remember this isnt something that is created upon the Earth, it is a
perception of the Earth and yourself which will gradually dawn from within you and
will feel as if the Earth is transforming around you. In truth, it will simply be your view
of the Earth which will be changing. An example of this, if you experience chaos
within you, then chaos will be present within your local reality and the world, you will
also see it in others and their actions. If you heal and release the frequency of chaos
within you, then you will no longer see it in your reality or even the world. Gradually
as humanity releases chaos, the presence and creation of chaos in the world will
dissolve completely. Your inner transf ormation is a catalyst that supports all in
accessing the truth of the Creator.

Archangel Metatron, surround me in your angelic light to raise my vibration and

prepare me for connecting with the Future of the Earth Dimension. Let me bathe in
and absorb into all aspects of my being the sacred frequency of the Future of the
Earth Dimension. Support my body in vibrating in harmony with this dimension and
my mind aligning with its frequency. Assist me in glimpsing, sensing, acknowledging
and embodying the Future of the Earth Dimension. Let me now see, sense and
acknowledge the truth of the Earth and the Creator. Thank you.
You are an integral part of the present and future of the Earth and its ascension
Archangel Metatron

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