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Design is the unifying element and guiding philosophy of the

entire Elica Collection. Universally acclaimed for its radically

innovative appearance, Elica Collection transforms a kitchen into
a unique and distinctive environment. Central to the whole range
of products are the items produced in partnership with David
Lewis, who has been amazing the world with his designs for more
than 30 years.

Today, Elica Collection products are far more than simple

hoods for domestic kitchens: they have personalities that define
the environment they are installed in. Elica no longer designs
hoods: it designs the air itself.

Elica Collection

Evocative in line and form, innovative in performance: these

are the hallmarks of the products conceived by David Lewis, con-
cepts which have guaranteed his Bang & Olufsen hi-fi systems a
place in the world’s most prestigious museums of contemporary
design. These are products which even after years of use are still
as pleasurable to look at as when they were first bought. Products
which are based on the conviction that the things we have around
us should be sources of inspiration, filling our lives with a sense of

Wall-mounted hoods Bogart Concave Edge

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Wall-mounted hoods Samurai Slope Wall Carpet

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Kitchen units Washing unit

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Meteo Perimeter Aspiration AST

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Empire Futura Horizontal Sail

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Island hoods Menhir

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Cooking unit Cooling unit Storage unit

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Wall-mounted hoods Aluminium Artica Atlantis

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Wall-mounted hoods Half Frame Om Optica

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Island hoods Aluminose

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Built-in hoods

Aurora Capta Focus

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Antartica Atlantica Frame

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Technology: Meteo technology

Capta AST Meteo

The Meteo hoods: a window on the weather.

A question we often ask ourselves over breakfast is: should we take our umbrellas with us
when we go out? And often in the evening, relaxing with a cup of something hot, we wonder
what the best way would be to spend our free time the following day. Weather conditions
often mirror our moods and often involuntarily cause them, too: why not admit it? Now, the
Meteo hoods are here to help us out: a magical display that can forecast the weather,
allowing us to decide how we should dress for the day.

Antartica Meteo

Meteo’s digital display is an innovative interface which, in addition to the

electronic control of all the various operations of the hood, incorporates
instruments that can measure external weather conditions.

The liquid crystal display mounted on the product can provide several
types of information, including atmospheric pressure and a weather forecast.
It is also able, through an advanced communication system, to “talk” to a
sensor mechanism placed outside the house (optional) which indicates
atmospheric temperature.

The back-lit display includes a digital clock and a timer with an audible
signal which can be set to tell you when the correct cooking time has elapsed.
Naturally, the display also includes all the relevant data concerning the
operational status of the hood, fan speed, and the condition of the filters.

Ast Meteo display

In some models, the Meteo system can be combined with AST sensor
technology, for automatic running as well as weather information.

Technology: Perimeter aspiration


Perimeter aspiration represents an alternative aspiration technology. The product

functions in such a way that the airflow is moved from the central area to the external
perimeter of the hood, a technique that reduces energy consumption and makes the hood
even quieter

This method also creates a different visual effect, and Elica has taken advantage of this
to make the hood even more striking. The use of a steel and glass panel provides better
illumination for the cooking area and also completely covers the grease filter, thus greatly
simplifying cleaning and care.


Technology: Automatic Sensor Technology

Artica Ast

AST, a technological innovation developed in the Elica laboratory, makes use of 3 sensors: heat,
temperature and humidity. These sensors enable the hood to react to what is happening on the cooking
surface: they can switch the hood on, control the fan speed and switch the hood off. The sensors monitor the
most important elements of cooking:

Heat (red colour)

the sensor starts working when it registers an increase in temperature in the cooking area;

Temperature (yellow colour)

the sensor continually monitors the difference in temperature between the general environment and the area
immediately below the hood;

Humidity (blue colour)

the sensor measures the level of humidity produced by the cooking area.

Apart from having the obvious convenience of no longer
needing to manually control the hood, a further advantage
of the AST system is improved efficiency of ventilation in
the kitchen and hence a superior quality of air combined
with an optimised level of noise. In addition, there is a
considerable saving in energy usage.

All the products that use the AST technology can also
be used manually.

Capta Ast

Visual display Ast

With these three sensors, AST functions with all types

of cooktop: gas, electric, induction etc.

Elica Collection
by David Lewis
The Bogart cooker hood looks
like something out of a futuristic
painting. With its ultramodern
shape and extremely low noise
level – thanks to the use of the
Optimised Aspiration System –
this is another design feature
guaranteed to bring a touch of real
originality to your kitchen. As with
all Elica Collection hoods, Bogart
is available both in ducted and
recycling versions.

David Lewis Design Bogart

900 mm IX + VT

In the recycling version, the air drawn in is then sent

back into the room. The special Long-Life filter provides
highly efficient reduction of odours for up to 3 years.

Remote control Concave is elegant and robust, a high-tech
sculpture to ornament your kitchen wall. The
controls are integrated into a Control Ball, an
original idea patented by Elica. Pressing the
Control Ball to the left switches on the lights;
pressing to the right controls aspiration speed.
Uniformity of steel-brushing,
care in finishing, and the use of the
best materials and components are
the essential features of this item of

David Lewis Design Concave

900 mm IX + AL
Using perimeter aspiration technology and the light source as a decorative
element, Edge, designed by David Lewis, draws in air through the slim openings
that run around the lower rim of the hood. Instead of the traditional steel filters,
Edge has a lower section with a completely smooth, luminous surface that is easy
to clean and fascinating to see. All operations can be controlled using the control
ball located on the hood or the remote control which comes with the product.

Remote control

David Lewis Design Edge

900 mm IX + VT
David Lewis Design Empire

900 mm IX

Another richly evocative shape. But this doesn’t mean that we’ve sacrifi-
ced efficiency for beauty. One of our main objectives is to provide a high
performance level with a compact filter. The Optimised Aspiration System
integrated into the Elica Collection hoods gives you the ideal synthesis of
aspiration efficiency and low noise level.

David Lewis Design Futura

1200 mm IX + VT Available
Designed to blend perfectly with the Kitchen Units,
this cooker hood represents the ideal marriage between
design and an intelligent aspiration system. The glow of
steel and delicacy of glass grace your kitchen.
Additional space is provided for your spice set or the
snaps from your last holiday.

Horizontal Sail turns common conceptions of
the cooker hood on their head with a design that
faces irrevocably towards the future. The long,
gentle lines conceal a compact filter that
guarantees an extraordinary performance. The
controls for Horizontal Sail are integrated into the
Control Ball and also into a handy remote control.

The automatic switch-on system provides lighting

even in the case of power failure.

Remote control

David Lewis Design Horizontal Sail

1800 mm IX + AL
David Lewis’s interpretation of the island
hood is conceived according to the most
advanced trends in industrial design. Menhir
marries innovative aesthetics, a careful analysis
of ergonomics and modern functionality in a
way perfectly suited to the idea of the kitchen
as the centre of daily family life.

David Lewis Design Menhir

440 mm IX Available
The compact size of the halogen lights,
brighter and longer-lasting than incandescent
bulbs, create their own special atmosphere.

Simplicity of use is guaranteed by the “light

soft” controls, a practical control interface which
provides three different aspiration speeds.

David Lewis Design Samurai

900 mm IX

The essence of design makes Samurai

the perfect choice to blend in with every
furnishing concept. As with all Elica Collection
hoods, Samurai guarantees maximum
performance and minimum noise level.

Like several other hoods in the collection,

Samurai is equipped with dichroic halogen
lighting with high quality mirror-reflectors to
bathe the cooking area in powerful, effective
illumination – you’ll feel like a star in your
own kitchen!

David Lewis Design Slope

800 mm IX + VT Available
900 mm 900 mm

Slope is characterised by tempered glass the

colour of the sea. Ergonomic control buttons make
for simple, intuitive use. Slope, like all wall-
mounted Elica Collection hoods, comes with a
three-dimensional fitting system which ensures
the most accurate possible adjustment, and safety
screws for final locking in place.

A light? A sculpture? Your friends will be surprised to
Remote control discover that they are actually looking at a cooker hood.

David Lewis Design Wall Carpet

900 mm IX

This is a real design hood in every respect: the invisible
aspiration grill, efficient and noiseless; controls integrated into
the Control Ball, with a luminous led that changes colour
according to the speed; the special remote control which allows
you to control every operational aspect from a distance; the
high-efficiency halogen lights with automatic switch-on system
in case of power failure.

Elica Collection
by Design Team Elica
Aluminium Touch control

With its extreme purity of form, the Aluminium hood can be

easily adapted to a variety of styles. Its flat top allows you to
personalise it to reflect your personality and tastes.

Design Team Elica Aluminium

600 mm AL + VT Available
900 mm AL + A
Aluminium is this hood’s defining
characteristic. Elica has married it to silver,
black and glass, and treated it with the patented
Starshining finishing system, to give it an even
brighter appearance as well as greater
resistance to scratches and dirt.

Aluminium Light Soft

Design Team Elica Artica

900 mm IX + VT Available

Artica Light Soft

Artica AST Artica Meteo

The transparency of glass and luminosity

of stainless steel magically transform the
atmosphere of your house: features that
make this hood a true design object.

Design Team Elica Atlantis

900 mm IX + VT Available
The functional elegance and stylistic
rigour of Atlantis will simply stun you. The
stainless steel front panel, beautifully lit by
two halogen lamps, frames a work of art: a
marriage of design and performance, with a
surface that seems to float gently in the air.

Design Team Elica Aurora

900 mm IX + VT

The fluorescent lights provide more light

and last longer: an evocative aesthetic
concept to give you a beautifully illuminated
cook top together with a reduction in energy

Capta AST

Design Team Elica Capta

900 mm IX
1200 mm

The shape of the Capta hood has a timeless, classic feel, with a lightly curving body that evokes
purity of style and freedom, allowing it to blend in harmoniously with any type of kitchen. Created to
meet the specifications of users requiring high-level performance, Capta comes with Automatic
Sensor Technology, the innovative, Elica-patented system that operates all the functions of the hood
automatically, providing efficient optimisation of energy usage and quiet running.

Capta Ast Meteo

Design Team Elica Focus

900 mm IX

Cooking is a pleasure in the relaxing This hood, completely made out of

radiance of Focus, a hood distinctive both from stainless steel, comes with touch control, an
an aesthetic point of view and in terms of electronic control interface which indicates
performance: beauty, efficiency and peace when it is time to wash the grease filter or
merged into one single creation. replace the odour filter.
Design Team Elica Half Frame

600 mm AL + VT
900 mm AL + A

With a modern soul and a technological heart, the

wall-mounted Half Frame hood brings a strong
personality and an original character to your kitchen.
Its aluminium body is treated with Starshining,
making it simple and practical to clean.

Half Frame Touch control

Half Frame Light Soft

As with all the Elica Collection hoods,

Half Frame can be fitted on request with the
special Long Life odour filter, guaranteeing a
high level of efficiency in the reduction of
odours. To regenerate the filter, all you have
to do is pop it into the dishwasher, then dry
it in the oven. This method gives the filter a
life-span of three years.
Design Team Elica Om

800 mm IX +VT

Om white, recirculating version

Om can be personalised on request

Om black, duct-out version

Forget everything you’ve seen in the kitchen up to now: Om really is

something different. Exploiting the Optimised Aspiration System to the full,
Elica has been able to produce an object that even the word “innovative”
doesn’t begin to describe: form and function have never seemed so far apart.

Om isn’t just a cooker hood: it’s a painting.

Chimney kit

Optica fibre optics

Innovative fibre optics in a constellation of tiny,

luminous points that transform the light source into a
highly atmospheric element of design.

Design Team Elica Optica

900 mm IX + VT

The painstaking attention to each tiny detail

endows every hood in the Elica Collection with an
authentic beauty. Optica has a unique asymmetrical
front which makes it especially distinctive. Subtle
and refined, the hood is also provided with a
technologically-advanced lighting system.

Optica halogen lamps

Elica Collection
by Design Team Elica

Island hoods
Aluminose Touch Control

Aluminose’s simplicity of design allows it to

blend with every style of furnishing. This elegant
island hood comes in three versions: the
luminosity of aluminium is combined with either
glass, silver or black, to harmonise perfectly with
your kitchen, whatever the style.

Design Team Elica Aluminose

900 mm AL + VT Available
AL + A

Aluminose Light Soft

For the controls of your Aluminose hood, you

can choose the backlit “light soft” system or
technological touch control. The Optimised
Aspiration System fitted to all the hoods in the
collection provides the ideal synthesis of
aspiration efficiency and noise reduction in an
incredibly efficient compact filter.

Design Team Elica Antartica

1000 mm IX + VT Available

Antartica Touch Control

With Antartica, the hood becomes a leading

character. The refined glass arc of this splendid
island hood effortlessly dominates the interior of the
Antartica AST
room, creating an atmosphere rich with personality.

Antartica Meteo

Design Team Elica Atlantica

1000 mm IX + VT Available

Atlantica’s style is rigorously linear and functional. Its stainless
steel frame hovers on a slim leaf of glass, surrounding the central
body with light and air. The backlit light soft push-button controls are a
discreet but significant presence, allowing all the operations to be run
simply and intuitively, while four halogen lamps guarantee excellent
illumination of the cooking area.

Frame Light Soft

Frame was conceived to harmonise with the

spaces of the domestic interior, and for people who
appreciate its elegant contribution to the kitchen
environment. This island hood’s extraordinary
performance endows your kitchen with the airy and
relaxing atmosphere you’ve always wanted.

Design Team Elica Frame

900 mm AL + VT
AL + A
Design Team Elica Glide

600 mm IX + VT
900 mm

Elica Collection also includes the built-in model

Glide, the only telescopic hood in the world with a
delicately curving slide-out glass visor. In tempered
glass and steel, Glide provides high aspiration

Glide Touch Control

Glide Light Soft

The exceptional absorbing power of the aspiration

grill guarantees high performance with minimum
noise level.

by David Lewis
Washing unit

Structure and interior are both steel.

1200 mm
The shape of the washbasin creates
an arc that provides a harmonic contrast
between wet and dry areas and makes drying
simpler. An easy movement of the tap controls
the force and temperature of the water.

Pure white Absolute silver Aquamarine Sage green Mandarin red Starry black
Everything essential is close at hand and slide-
out side-drawers guarantee quick and convenient
access to utensils and food. Kitchen work is made
smooth and simple.

The unit includes a practical waste-bin
for separating out rubbish for recycling, and
a space for the dishwasher
(not included) which keeps it hidden from
view. The base of the dishwasher unit
extends to ground level and its light
appearance is produced by a special
surface of reflecting steel.

Cooking unit

1200 mm With a steel structure and interior, the

cooking top and oven (not included)
are placed to give you complete freedom
of movement.

Pure white Absolute silver Aquamarine Sage green Mandarin red Starry black

The roomy central area of the Cooling
Unit has been planned to hold a built-in
fridge (not included). Extra-large models are
no problem: the powerful steel structure can
take the weight.
Cooling unit

1200 mm

Pure white Absolute silver Aquamarine Sage green Mandarin red Starry black

The unit’s door-fitted lateral storage areas
let you keep utensils, food, and other necessary
items close at hand but out of the way.
So you have all the space and freedom you
need to arrange all your food, fresh or tinned, in
the way you prefer.

The steel body is robust, hygienic, and
perfect for the preservation of food.

To give you more space, the Storage
Unit, identical to the Cooling Unit from the
outside, is an area designed to keep food,
crockery, and utensils tidily organised and
within easy reach.
Storage unit

1200 mm

Pure white Absolute silver Aquamarine Sage green Mandarin red Starry black

Elica collection accessories

First installation Kit D 125 mod. KIT01037

First installation Kit D 150 mod. KIT01038 Remote Temperature Sensor KIT01056

Shine sponge (2 pieces) mod. 1051J Antistatic cleaning cloth mod. 1051G

Carbon filter mod. 150 F00171/1

Carbon filter mod. 20 long life F00262/2
Carbon filter mod. 21 long life F00252/1
Carbon filter mod. 27 long life F00317/1
Carbon filter mod. 31 long life F00264/1 Muffle KIT00957
Not available with:
Futura, Glide, Horizontal Sail, Om, Wall Carpet

A closer look
The aspiration power (expressed in m3/h) of Elica hoods is
measured both in free outlet and according to the specific val-
ues laid down by the IEC61591 Standard. This standard states
the exact conditions of the test to be carried out, and specifies
that the measurement of the air taken in by the hood requires
the attachment of a standard pipe to the product (1 metre recti-
linear + 90° curve + 1 metre rectilinear).
The standard also establishes the reference parameters to
obtain the correct aspiration value: 200 m3/h and 15Pa.
Sound power values (expressed in dB(A)) are measured
according to the instructions contained in the IEC60704-1 and
IEC60704-2-13 standards.

During the production process, a painstaking series of more
than 50 tests and examinations is used to ensure the safety and
functionality of Elica hoods. Materials, electrical parts and
electronic components are repeatedly tested in order to guarantee
total conformity to the strictest safety standards. All plastic materials
employed in the hoods are made of self-extinguishing material.

Elica certifications include ISO 9001 and VISION2000, as well
as the ISO 14001 certification of environmental management.
All Elica products are CE certified and so conform to
Community directives relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility
and Low Tension. With the aim of providing extra safety
guarantees, Elica uses prestigious international certification
institutes such as Nemko and Demko, amongst others.

The Elica Collection Silence Kit uses a panel of sound-proof
material. This panel is easy to take out and wash and provides
a radical reduction in noise, lowering the noise level by 3 dBA,
equal to 50% of emitted sound. In line with Elica’s ecological
policies, the panel is completely recyclable.

A wide selection of Elica Collection control systems is available,
all of them clearly visible, ergonomic and easy to reach. They
range from the back-lit Soft Light push buttons to the completely
electronic Touch Control, Touch Screen, Visual Control and
Control Ball.

Several models come with a stylish remote control that allows
you to switch the hood and the lighting on and off and also reg-
ulate the aspiration speed.

Lighting has always been a key factor for Elica, who have made
it the subject of ongoing research. Aware that lighting plays an
important functional role and at the same time possesses great
aesthetic value with its ability to create atmosphere and tone,
Elica Collection offers a wide choice of lighting solutions,
ranging from traditional incandescent lights to halogen, neon,
and highly innovative systems such as fibre optics.
Some models also come with back-up lighting, an efficient
emergency illumination system that switches on automatically in
case of a power failure in the house.

3D adjustment system

It’s extremely important that a hood should be quick and simple
to install, especially if it is one of the larger models. The 3D
installation system makes it possible to install the hood
perfectly, avoiding any problems that may arise from the linearity
of the wall and providing accurate alignment with the kitchen


Only the highest quality materials are used in Elica Collection
products: tempered glass, stainless steel and aluminium. This
high quality, attention to detail during construction and precision
finishing, all come together in a superior, longer-lasting stan-
dard of product.

Even during the planning phase, Elica is careful to consider
aspects related to product cleaning and maintenance. All parts
are easy to reach, and can be cleaned safely and quickly. The
highly efficient grease filters are composed of aluminium and
steel layers and can be washed in the dishwasher to provide
quick, simple and efficient maintenance.

Starshining, an Elica patent, is an innovative surface treatment
for aluminium which increases surface resistance to chemical
substances in detergents, grease, abrasions, and scratching, as
well as giving the product a very special high-quality, long-
lasting look.

Elica knows that the user is always in search of a hood that
provides the best possible performance, and so many models in
the Elica Collection are now available in versions with external
motors. These are motors situated at a distance from the hood,
outside the kitchen environment, or even outside the house
itself. This new technical solution guarantees an improvement in
aspiration performance of almost 35% in comparison to a hood

External installation Attic installation Installation in adjacent room

The various installation methods for the external motor

with an internally installed motor, and in addition offers a 20%

reduction in noise.


Every product has its own features in terms of noise and
performance. The challenge Elica set itself was to increase the
fume capture capacity while keeping the sound emitted by the
product down to a constant level. Reducing the aspiration
surface creates a powerful increase in the speed with which air
is drawn in by the hood. This generates a consistent depression
above the cooking surface and so even the hottest fumes or
those furthest away are sucked in towards the aspiration area.
All Elica Collection products are planned according to these
specific features.

Perimeter aspiration represents an alternative aspiration
technology. The product functions in such a way that the airflow
is moved from the central area to the external perimeter of the

hood, a technique that not only does not overload the motor
power but in fact reduces energy consumption and noise.
This method also creates a different visual effect, and Elica has
taken advantage of this to make the hood even more beautiful.
The use of a steel and glass panel provides better illumination
for the cooking area and also completely covers the grease filter,
thus greatly simplifying cleaning and maintenance operations for
the product.

Elica-patented Automatic Sensor Technology employs an
intelligent system of sensors that can switch the hood on, control
the aspiration power and switch the hood off, as necessity requires.

Arising from the cooperation between different companies within
the Elica Group, Meteo technology makes it possible for the
hoods with which it is equipped to visualise information about
external atmospheric conditions, using an innovative liquid
crystal control panel.


The airflow power required normally depends on the size of
kitchen and type of cooking.
The correct airflow for the product to be installed can be easily

worked out. Simply multiply the volume of the kitchen by ten and
you will obtain the ideal airflow for that room. For example, for a
kitchen of 3m x 4m with a height of 2.7m: (3 x 4 x 2.7) x 10 = 324.
Any product with airflow superior to 324 m3/h will therefore
guarantee the complete and efficient ventilation of the room.
Efficient aspiration of fumes from the cook top also depends on
the correct use of the product and the system of ducting

The professional filter is an Elica patent and represents an evo-
lutionary jump in the conception of the grease filter system. Its
use means that a typical domestic hood can produce a level of
filter performance similar to that of an industrial product. The
special asymmetrical form of the small holes which make up the
all-steel filter retain more efficiently the particles of grease and
oil produced during cooking.

On request, Elica can provide a range of accessories for their


The Long Life odour filter is used in filter version hoods and
can be washed then dried in the oven to give it an efficient life
span of three years. Comparing this with the 3-4 month life of
normal carbon filters, you can see why this version guaran-
tees a considerable saving in terms of expenditure and main-

This accessory is a noise reduction system which when at-
tached to the hood provides a significant reduction in noise
level, making the product as silent as possible.


All Elica Collection hoods come with a special microfibre cloth
for the cleaning of steel. Replacements can be purchased.

The Shine sponge, which can be bought as an accessory, is
specially designed to clean your hood - but can also be used
to remove dirt from other surfaces. No detergent is required -
just water.


Available as an accessory on all models equipped with Meteo
or Meteo + AST technology, it reads the atmospheric tempe-
rature and visualises it on the LCD Display.

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