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Fine Tuned Assembly Line

Available up to 6 btr/min. speed

The Sovema fine tuned battery Assembly Line
is intended for the production of SLI batteries.
SOVEMA Fine Tuned Assembly Line

STATION 1) composed of: HIGH VOLTAGE TESTING UNIT 35 sec. for truck battery. The station
- n 1 Automatic High Voltage All the elements are tested automatically is equipped with one operating head,
Testing Unit on a programmed sequence; the carrying a couple of tongs, which are
- n 1 Automatic Connector Welding Unit batteries, which are found to be hydraulically closed with a straight
Welmatic 1000 defective, are sent automatically to horizontal movement. The welding is
a rejection bench. The Short Circuit carried out by means of a high current
The station is built-in in a frame with a Testing Instrument has been developed pulse, whose intensity is previously
centralized control panel, it performs the with the aim of solving the problem of set and is automatically controlled by
checking of short circuits in the battery detecting short-circuits in the case of an electronic equipment. There is the
elements and carries out the welding of moist plates and separators. The test is possibility to pre-set independently all
the connection between the element of based on the well-known principles of the main welding parameters: power,
the battery. Ohms Law; however, several tests are squeeze time, holding time, duration of
performed automatically under different the current. The compression force of
conditions on the same cell, so that the the tongs can be adjusted continuously,
combination of results distinguishes acting on the hydraulic pressure.
cells under short-circuit from other, The 90 degrees rotation of one head
merely moist cells. (for batteries with 3x2 cell layout) is
The test is performed in two stages: pneumatically
- 1st Stage under high voltage powered; being integrated in the work
- 2nd Stage under low voltage sequence, it is not necessary to stop the
cycle to turn the head.
The feeding of the welding tongs is
AUTOMATIC CONNECTOR WELDING done by a 25 kVA transformer, mounted
UNIT, WELMATIC 1000 directly on the operating head in order to
Fully automatic connector welding reduce the energy losses and the length
machine, with electronic programming of the connection. Both the secondary
and built-in test system.The station of the transformer and the tongs are
performs the welding of the connections water cooled. The welding control unit
between the elements of polypropylene includes a special electronic system
batteries through the holes previously for testing the connections; when the
made in the intercell partitions (hole system recognizes a defective welding,
diameter comprised between 8 and the battery is automatically switched to
16 mm). Working cycle between 18 to the rejection bench.
30 sec. for car battery. Working cycle
SOVEMA Fine Tuned Assembly Line

STATION 2) composed of: a) Positioning of the casings and covers AUTOMATIC AIR LEAKAGE UNIT
- n 1 Heat Sealing Unit on the machine loading surface The Air Leakage station is included for
- n 1 Automatic Post Finishing Unit b) Cover pick-up automatic checking of any leakage on the
- n 1 Automatic Air Leakage c) Sliding-out of the melting hot plates external or intercell walls of the battery.
d) Melting of the welding tracks; duration The unit tests first the cells 1-3-5,
This station is built-in in a frame with can be preset on the control panel and subsequently the cells 2-4-6, with
a centralized control panel, it performs e) Withdrawal of the melting plate and compressed air at 0.2-0.3 Atm. for a
the sealing of the battery lid to the closure of the battery; bonding time duration of 5 sec. In this way leakage
container, the finishing of the posts and can be preset on the control panel both between the cells and towards the
the test of leakage in the assembled f) Roller-drive system return outside are detected.
battery. to position and removal If any leakage is found the unit gives an
of the sealed batteries. alarm and the battery is automatically
HEAT SEALING MACHINE rejected. Kamina type batteries are
The major features of the machine are: tested providing the machine with the
reliability of the heating system, ease AUTOMATIC POST FINISHING UNIT specific tool.
and flexibility for rapid tooling changes The Post Finishing station is designed to
and rugged machine design. burn together the battery terminal pillars N.B. All data are referred to the
The hot plates are mounted on a and the lead flanges of the lid under Assembly line with output
controlled, electrically-heated surface precisely controlled welding conditions 2-3 batt./min.
used for all batteries and the sealing (temperature and duration of welding).
equipment only consists of the jigs In this way a constant finishing quality is
for different formats, which will be assured. The temperature control of the
assembled in preset position. process is provided by the circulation of
All machine movements are equipped oil or water through the collared bushes
with bearings to ensure durability and where the posts are burnt.
operating precision. The fluid is kept within the optimum
Batteries up to 378 mm in length can temperature range by thermostat in a
be handled in pairs; larger batteries are separate control unit, which actuates
processed individually. either, according to the needs, an electric
The standard processing cycle takes heater or a heat exchanger with cooling
approximately 25 seconds and includes water. No addition of weld material is
the following operations: carried out.
Fine Tuned Assembly Line

2 3 4 5

1) high voltage testing unit

2) welmatic 1000 connector welder
3) heat sealing machine and
lid placing unit
4) post finishing unit
5) air leakage unit


- capacity between 36 and 200Ah (3x1, 6x1 and 3x2 layout)

- width between 135 and 300mm
- length between 160 and 520mm


Power Consumption 3 phase x 380V 7.5 KW 3 phase x 380V 16 KW
2 phase x 380V 25 KW

Compressed Air 450 NI/min 600 NI/min

at 6 bar at 6 bar

Gas Supply - LPG, Natural Gas or

acetylene + oxygen

Additional storage unit for a second tool, complete with pre-heating system. The
system enables the operator to place manually a second tool (hot plate) and to pre-
heat the tool automatically without any down time of the machine.


The unit is installed in correspondence of the heat sealing station and feeds the lids
directly into station itself. A lid storage is provided which is easy adjustable for dif-
ferent lid dimension.

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