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WASH in schools

Miguel Escobar
Miguel Bikan Community

Waspan, RIo Coco

This project is part of the larger hygiene,

Community: Miguel Bikan
water and sanitation in schools program in
94 houses
Municipality: Waspam,
Rio Coco
Miskito Indian communities in the munici-
palities of Puerto Cabezas and Waspam in
147 families
Territory: Wangky Twi
Tasba Raya
the North Autonomous Region of the
Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.
656 people
School director: 21 toilets
Conchita Dinkin Green Hygiene education and promotion activities
Classrooms: Six started with the training of teachers, princi- 57 traditional latrines
Students aged: pals and members of a student hygiene and
5-13 years old sanitation club to promote safe drinking 11 tanks
water, sanitation, a clean school environ-
ment and good personal hygiene practice.
04 Training included an exchange of experienc-
es with teachers, students and parents in the Teachers and members of the
Auhya Pihni School in the municipality of student hygiene and sanitation
Puerto Cabezas where WaterAid had worked
in previous years.
club then proceeded to promote
and monitor good practice in each
classroom resulting in notable
improvements in:

Access to Safe Water:

Disinfection and proper storage of
drinking water

Access to Sanitation:
The day the water came back on, I was very Use and maintenance of toilets.
School cleanliness.
excitied. People were singing and dancing!
Good Personal Hygiene:
Aylito Binayo, age 17, describing the moment hand washing and personal hygiene
when WaterAid helped reconnect the water supply Participation: Teachers, Students and
Community Facilitators
to her village.
WASH in schools

Repaired 4 toilets
Repaired 1 tank

Constructed 1 tank
Constructed 2 toilets

Access to clean water

Disinfection of drinking water

in classrooms

Proper storage of drinking

Access to toilets

Use and maintenance of toilets

School cleanliness

Good hygiene practices

Hand washing

Personal hygiene
Participation: Teachers, Students and Community Facilitators

The school rooms have adopted

Miguel Bikan school has seen very significant changes in behavior in
the following materials;
relation to the school lunch program. Most of the children wash their
hands before eating and after using the toilet. They have learned to
Clay pot water filters
drink safe water using ceramic filters to prevent diseases such as
toothbrush & toothpaste
parasitosis and diarrhea.
soap Teachers promote hygiene habits, consumption of safe water, ade-
quate grey water disposal, school cleanliness, hand washing and
in order to ensure good safe
participation of the student population.
water and hygiene practice.