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Subject: Introduction to World Religion and Belief System

II. Content: How would religion began?
III. Content Standards: The learner demonstrates understanding of historical and geographical context of different religions.

Performance Standards: The learner conducts a group activity that demonstrates the influence of a religion in a particular culture.

IV. Learning Outcome: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to make a brochure containing different historical and geographical contexts of the
different religions in the world in order to show appreciation of the distinct characteristics of each religion and understand its cultural differences with that of
the others.
V. Time Frame: 7 Hours
VI. Learning Competencies:
1. Cite regions or places where specific religion evolved;
2. Analyze the culture of the region that gave rise to specific religions;
3. Explain how geography influences religion and religion affects culture;
4. Conduct a group activity that demonstrates the influences of a religion in a certain culture.


The teacher will show pictures of The class will be grouped into five. The output made by Each student will make
different churches and religious Then the teacher will provide a the groups will be his/her brochure that
symbolism from different countries printed material in which each group posted in the illustrates the influence
that includes: representative will draw for their classroom. of various world
1. Saint Peters Basilica topic in brainstorming. The Each group will religions in a particular
2. Quran presentation of outputs using benchmark the work culture.
3. Buddhist temple graphic organizer will follow of other group
4. Taoist temple afterwards. through gallery walk. The outputs will be
5. Hindis Cow Guide Questions: They will make a displayed in the school
1. Trace the history of your power point library or in a special
The learner will name the given assigned religion. summarizing their exhibit in the school.
pictures and give their idea about 2. Does the geographical learnings from the
it. location influence the other groups,
- Game (four pics one word religion? How? Explain. including theirs.
style) 3. Does the culture of a region (Rubric based)
give rise to a new religion? The teacher will give
How? Explain. additional inputs
through a mini
lecture on the topic
to clarify

1. Identify the religions existing in the following countries:

a. India: __________
b. Rome: __________
c. Japan: __________
d. Myanmar: __________
e. Thailand: __________

2. Matching Type: Match column A with column B

Column A Column B
1. Polygamy a. Christianity
2. Christmas b. Hinduism
3. No footwear worn inside the temple, house, and holy places c. Taoism
4. Stupas and Viharas d. Islam
5. Activities prohibited as work are seen as interfering with e. Judaism
respectful observation of the Sabbath.

3. Essay Writing
How do culture and religion mold the individual?


Designers: Arseli C. Albino

Ranel D. Briones
Alfie F. Arancis