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1. I want to be a member of the Supreme Student Government of this year academe to help our fellow
community to improve the growing development of our campus and sharing my knowledge to the
students and faculties on maintaining the good image of our Student Government especially our

2. As a Senior High School student, academic life and life as a SSG officer has connected, first you
will always use a time management then be always a optimistic thinker. As a Grade 12 student my
class starts at 12 noon, when i will be a part of the EAC Supreme Student of Senior High. I will set
my schedule as a SSG officer in the morning, academic life in the afternoon and when i have some
vacant time on my classes, ill still be active anytime. Sometimes when you are in struggle the first
thing that you think is the best way to solve the main problem and having a another plan for banking
the obstacle.

3. When i was in elementary and junior high student, my organization in and outside has a main
mission and vision that helped the future youth and nature especially for the better chapter of world.
This is organization is the way, why im a better student now, because Ive been a part of the
Supreme Student Government in our school since Grade 7-10,My first stepping stone in SSG is to
be a representative of grade 7 (2012-2013) and grade 8 (2013-2014), Then as a Governor of
Grade 9 (2014-2015) and Lastly fruit of determination and effort, at Grade 10 as a Major Officer
(2015-2016). I have also an organization outside the Campus, which is ---------------- related to the
Government of General Trias City of Cavite as one of the member of the Youth. We always have
workshop and seminar for leadership to enhance our skills in terms of charisma to have authority to
lead people.

The platform Ive used is Oplan Linis when i started to be part of each organization in our school
and community, the main goal of that to help the nature and school to have a clean environment
and good ambiance. Then I believe in one thing The road of success comes through hardwork,
determination and sacrifice it means you can do anything for something that you want for others
and especially the person that you want to help and sharing the knowledge with wisdom thoughts.

4. For school, co-student and for my community. The main goal is to have a better communication in
terms of cleanliness, I know in our school has rules which is CLAYGO, but I want to improve in a
way to have a OPLAN LINIS once a month by helping of all part of EAC school which is students,
teachers, parents and outside of the school authorities to maintain the good ambiance then less
expenses when if implemented this class of platform.