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St Germans Church
25 June 2017 - (Ordinary Time 12 - Trinity 2)

Todays gospel is Through the

about encouraging us
to have faith and
Mon 26:
hold firm to the
presence and 6pm Mass (St G.)
promises of God. We Tues 27:
hear Jesus say over 10am Mass (St S.)
and over: Do not (S. Cyril)
fear . We pray today Wed 28:
for those who are 10am Mass (St G.)
overcome with fear (S. Irenaeus)
for the present and Thur 29:
for what will come. 5:45pm Mass (St S.)
(SS. Peter and Paul)
Fri 30:
6pm Mass (St S.)
Parish Notes: Sat 1:
11am Mass (St S.)
Tea and Coffee in the hall after Mass - please join us. (Memorial of BVM)
PCC Meeting - There will be a meeting of the Parochial Church Council in the hall Sun 2:
on Tuesday 4 July starting with Mass at 6:15pm. St Saviour:
Mass Times: Please note that weve added an extra weekday service to Monday Sung Mass 9:30;
evenings - it starts at 6pm. Benediction 6pm;
Website - will are currently updating our parish website and Eucharist booklets over St German:
the next few weeks. Check out our progress so far. Ideas and opinions are welcome. 11 am Sung Mass;
Next Sunday 2 July - There will be Benediction at 6pm in St Saviours which will
be a time of prayer for healing and solace for all those who suffered recently in the
Keep in touch:
Grenfell Tower fire and other tragedies.
Benediction with Music in St Germans will be on Sunday 16 July at 6pm.
Thank You - to Hilary and Peter Lovitt for their hard work on the Memorial Garden Parish Priest:
and the flower beds. Remember this is an all year job and if anyone could offer an Fr Phelim OHare,
hour or so every month, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks also to Ron Cox - 02920 210732,
the eagle is gleaming and has now been renamed Rons Bird! Thank you also to phelimohare@gmail
those who helped with our Spring Clean: lamps washed and are now gleaming, .com
cobwebs removed from high places all thanks to Gary and his scaffolding. Thanks to
the Friends of St Germans for the new altar kneelers A further thank you to Marisa Churchwardens:
and her team who put on the wonderful buffet for Father Phelims Welcome Service. Peter Lovitt
02920 763754
Richard Hill:
Jeremiah 20:10-13; Jeremiah 28:5-9; In your great love,
Ps 68; Ps 89:8-18; answer me, O God.
Romans 5:12-15; Romans 6:3-11;
Matthew10:26-33 Matthew10:40-42


HYMNS: PSALM: might be destroyed, and we

might no longer be enslaved to
Hymns Old and New (Blue In your great love, answer sin. For whoever has died is freed
Hymnal) 82,195, 556 554 me, O God. from sin. But if we have died
But as for me, my prayer is to with Christ, we believe that we
COLLECT: you, OLord. At an acceptable will also live with him. We know
time, OGod, in the abundance that Christ, being raised from the
Lord, you have taught us that all of your steadfast love, answer dead, will never die again; death
our doings without love are me. With your faithful help no longer has dominion over
nothing worth: send your Holy rescue me from sinking in the him. The death he died, he died
Spirit and pour into our hearts mire; let me be delivered from to sin, once for all; but the life he
that most excellent gift of love, my enemies and from the deep lives, he lives to God. So you also
the true bond of peace and of all waters. Response must consider yourselves dead to
virtues, without which whoever
sin and alive to God in Christ
lives is counted dead before you. Do not let the flood sweep over Jesus.
Grant this for your only Son me, or the deep swallow me up,
Jesus Christs sake, who is alive or the Pit close its mouth
and reigns with you, in the unity MATTHEW 10:26-33 :
overme. Answer me, OLord,
of the Holy Spirit, one God, now for your steadfast love is good; So have no fear of them; for
and for ever. according to your abundant nothing is covered up that will
mercy, turn to me. Response not be uncovered, and nothing
JER 20:10-13 secret that will not become
Do not hide your face from your known. What I say to you in the
For I hear many whispering:
servant, for I am in distress dark, tell in the light; and what
Terror is all around! Denounce
make haste to answer me. Draw you hear whispered, proclaim
him! Let us denounce him! All
near to me, redeem me, set me from the housetops. Do not fear
my close friends are watching for
free because of my enemies. those who kill the body but
me to stumble. Perhaps he can
Response cannot kill the soul; rather fear
be enticed, and we can prevail
him who can destroy both soul
against him, and take our
and body in hell. Are not two
revenge on him. But the Lord is
ROMANS 6:1-11: sparrows sold for a penny? Yet
with me like a dread warrior;
not one of them will fall to the
therefore my persecutors will Should we continue in sin in ground unperceived by your
stumble, and they will not order that grace may abound? By Father. And even the hairs of
prevail. They will be greatly no means! How can we who died your head are all counted. So do
shamed, for they will not to sin go on living in it? Do you not be afraid; you are of more
succeed. Their eternal dishonour not know that all of us who have value than many sparrows.
will never be forgotten. OLord been baptized into Christ Jesus Everyone therefore who
of hosts, you test the righteous, were baptized into his death? acknowledges me before others, I
you see the heart and the mind; Therefore we have been buried also will acknowledge before my
let me see your retribution with him by baptism into death, Father in heaven; but whoever
uponthem, for to you I have so that, just as Christ was raised denies me before others, I also
committed mycause. from the dead by the glory of the will deny before my Father in
Sing to the Lord; praise the Lord! Father, so we too might walk in heaven.
For he has delivered the life of newness of life.
theneedy from the hands of For if we have been united with
evildoers. him in a death like his, we will
certainly be united with him in a
resurrection like his. We know
that our old self was crucified
with him so that the body of sin