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Q-How can society help to prevent criminals from reoffend the same crime?

In general perspective, modern political debate is concerned with how to enhance

standard of living, how to spur economic growth, and to promote prosperity. In order to
improve standard of living, it takes strong commitment from the politicians to come
together and create safer society. Recently, there has been slight increase in the number
of prisoners over the course of four years according to the data collected by British
government. Drug trafficking is one of the most committed crimes globally. This is
primarily due to the restriction of drugs imported to countries has gotten more strict. As a
consequence, the drug demand becomes difficult, the price of the drugs go up. This
problem has raise huge concerns. This essay focuses upon several reasons why

In the modern complex society, the demographic transition from rural to city is relevant in
throughout many parts of the world. Drugs and gang-life can increase simply because
criminal growing up in such communities are inevitable for them. There needs to be more
concern for all of us.

1) For one thing, community service can be considered as one example to help criminals
from reoffending. They could become involved in cleaning graffiti or cleaning streets.
Such programs are unpaid work. This program could ensure that criminals can contribute
to the society.

2) In addition, education is a great tool to help criminals not commit the same crime.
Having already committed crime, criminals do encounter emotional difficulty in the
prison. This could be because they are excluded from the society. They do not have sense
of belonging. It is important to provide them with education facility, in which is away
from the prison. The educational facility focuses upon intensive course for criminals to
write down vividly why they commited such crimes. Moreover, the mentors can be
positive role model, father figure, to guide them to the right direction. As Walsh claimed
important facts in his research, 40 freedom writer had powerful impact from simple
process of writing their story. Instead of feeling hopeless for the future being locked up
in prison, criminals acquiring knowledge could provide them with the positive light to
have the sense of belonging again in the society.

3) The counseling is another priority to consider when treating criminals.

Mental illness: mental illness, psychopathic disorder, mental impairment and severe mental

What does government need to do?

Emotional recovery for the criminals is not matter of months. Instead it takes years to
recover. Government initiative should be following