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The annual summary of admiralty notices to mariners, also popularly known by its publication number NP 247 (1) and

(2), is a publication issued by admiralty (UKHO) on yearly basis. The notices advice mariners on important matters
related to ships navigation, hydro graphic information, aids to navigation, and changes in shipping channels.

The current edition of Notices to Mariners, superseding and cancelling the previous one, is divided into two sections.
This annual summary is of prime importance to mariners in keeping navigational chart folio up to date for corrections
pertaining to temporary and preliminary notices for ships navigation and sailing directions. The annual summary serves
as a database with details of history of corrections for all the charts and sailing directions published by the British
Admiralty or UKHO.

The Annual Summary of Admiralty notices to mariners is divided into two parts:

1. NP 247(1)

2. NP 247(2)

What are the contents of NP 247(1)?

In this publication the contents are in two sections namely

Section 1 Annual Notices to Mariners

Section 2 Temporary and Preliminary Notices

Starting with an index which consists of a note displaying that the current annual summary replaces the previous one,
which should be cancelled and destroyed, the first section deals with annual notices for the current year for e.g. an
edition of 2013 of Annual summary would deal with notices applicable till the end of year 2012 comprehensively.

A detailed index of notices is provided regarding navigational importance with respect to the British Isles, along with vital
information about tide tables, suppliers of admiralty charts and publications, safety of British ships in event of war crisis,
voluntary reporting schemes, firing practice areas, mine laying operations, protection of historic, dangerous and military
wreck sites etc.

The publication also includes an exhaustive list of traffic separation schemes and information related to ship routeing
system shown on admiralty charts. It contains port state notifications issued under the EU Directives and some parts of
ship navigation related regulations issued by the United States. The annex provided with the notice contains extracts
from the US navigation safety rules.
The second important section of the navigation publication contains a numerical index of temporary and preliminary
notices which are in force since the end of the previous year. The index is preceded by further detailed description of
each notice mentioned in it, thus enabling mariners to check any chart or any T & P correction applicable to the chart
right from its edition date. This information is significant for mariners to keep a track of any previous notice that has
been missed out, cancelled or not in force any further. Mariners can thus always refer to the Annual Summary and keep
their navigational chart folios up to date.

Important Notes: Often during Oil Major Inspections observations, navigational charts are found marked with
Temporary and Preliminary notices which are no more in force or have been cancelled or some notices are found
missing. Thus while preparing for such inspections, the ships navigating officer can always refer to Annual Summary of
Notice to appraise the status of corrections before planning passage in order to keep navigational charts up to date.

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