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Event Name Type of Causes Course Consequences


1980 Election This was a Americans Jimmy Carter was They elected
political wanted a firm, running for Ronald Reagan
event patriotic leader reelection, and in 1980 who had
because it who had a plan Americans overall a controversial
caused a to fix the were very unhappy plan for fixing the
change in economic with his leadership. U.S. economy,
the problems Ronald Reagan later dubbed
government. carrying over emerged as his Reaganomics.
from the 1970s. challenger, a former
actor with great
public skills and a

Fall of the This event People had There were Germany

Berlin Wall was a social been trapped in protests in the reunified in 1990,
event East Berlin for streets, and many and soviet
because the years, separated illegal crossings into influence had
people of from friends and West Berlin in 1989. come to a
East Berlin family in West Thousands then standstill in
caused it. Berlin. rushed the wall, Europe. The
tearing it down. USSR then
dissolved itself in
The Reagan This event People wanted Reagan decided he Reagan helped
Doctrine was political. to have a way to would assist the throughout many
deal with anti-communist revolutions, even
communism in revolutions if they were not
other countries throughout the democratic.
and wanted world.
Reagan wanted.

Population This is a Air conditioning People starting Reagan started

growth in the social event. became more moving from the appealing to
Sun Belt commonplace, Rust Belt to the conservatives
and also taxes Sun Belt because now located in
were lower and it seemed more the Sun Belt.
more jobs were attractive.
located here.
Reagan's This was an There were Reagan cut down Companies
deregulation economic many on the regulations were now
event. regulations companies had to making more of
placed on go through so it was a profit without
companies. easier for them to increasing prices
make a profit. making the
economy better.

Reagonamocis This event The economy Reagan made some This had made a
was had gone great changes to the better situation
economic. through a dip in economy like for most but
the 70s and making a large some like the
need to be income tax cut. poor and farmers
revitalized. did not get to
reap the

Mikhail This is a Gorbachev He implemented This mad

Gorbachev political passed new both Perestroika and Reagan resume
takes control of event laws changing Glasnost. These relations with the
the Soviet citizens rights programs gave country.
Union and citizens more rights
reform economically and
Opening of This is a Many people 125,000 Cubans Florida is now
Mariel social event wanted to leave fled Cuba for heavily
Cuba, Castro Florida. populated with
opened the Cubans and both
Mariel and let countries
people go the decided to shut
the U.S. if they down access
had their own from Mariel.