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1. Who narrated to Yudhishthira the Upakhyana of 'Indravijaya'? Shalya.

2. What was the name of Jarasandha's son who supported Yudhishthira in the war
against Kauravas? Sahadeva.

3. Dhrishtaketu was the king of which country? Chedi.

4. In which place did Sanjaya meet Pandavas as the messenger of Dhritarashtra?

Upaplavya. Emmsur

5. Who was the son of Dhritarashtra, born to his Vaishya(merchant class) woman
joined Pandavas' side in the great war? Yuyutsu rrix
6. What was the name of the ruler of Pragjyotishapura, who sided Duryodhana in
the final battle? Bhagadatta. paS
7. What was the name of great warrior who was protecting the left wheel of Arjuna's
chariot? Yudhamanyu rkqlr
8. What was the name of great warrior who was guarding the right wheel of Arjuna's
chariot? Uttamoujas. Eqex
9. What was the name of Yudhishthira's son by Draupadi? Prativindhya
10. Who advised Yudhishthira to perform Rajasuya sacrifice? Narada.

11. In Badarapachana Tirtha, a woman was cooking five Badara fruits to offer Indra.
When the fuel got exhausted, she used her own legs in the fire as fuel. Pleased by
this Indra took her as his wife. What was her name? Shrutavati. iui
12. While testing the generosity of Shibi, Indra assumed the form of which bird?

13. Who were Jaya, Jayanta, Vijaya, Jayatsena and Jayadbala? these were the secret
names of five Pandavas respectively.

14. What were the names of five Indras who were born as five Pandavas taking the
help of Yama, Vayu, Indra and Ashwini twins? Vishwabhuk(upM),
Bhootadhaama(pikq), Shibi(zo), Shanti (zli)and Tejasvi

15. What was the name of Bhagiratha's daughter who was given in marraige to
Kautsa Rishi? Hamsi Wx
16. How many days did Bhishma fight in the great war commanding the entire amry of
Kauravas? Ten days.

17. How many days did Drona fight in the war commanding the entire amry of Kauravas?
five days.

18. What was the name of Ekalavya's father? Hiranyadhanu WUhrkl

19. What is the name of this famous pilgrim place in which moon got back his lost lustre by
taking a dip? Prabhasa mpx
20. What was the name of this son of Krishna who was the incarnation of Sanatkumara?
Pradyumna mql
21. When this god was partaking the Purodasha (offering) in Daksha's Yajna, Shiva broke his
teeth. Who was that god? Pusha mw
22. What was the original name of Bhishma? Devavrata.

23. When Bhimasena was bound and thrown into Ganga by Duryodhana, he went down to
Nagaloka. There one of his distant relative identified and embraced Bhima. What was the
name of that relative? Aryaka ArM
24. What was the name of the fire in the stomach of Bhima with the help of which he could
digest even poisons? Vrika uM
25. What was the other well-known name of Yuyudhana (rrkl)? Satyaki

26. Dhritarashtra's daughter Dusshala was given in marraiage to one king of Sindhu country.
What was his name? Jayadratha erSj
27. What was the name of Jayadratha's father who had cursed that whoever would knock
down the head of his son, his head would also immediately spilt into pieces? Vriddhakshatra
28. What was the name of Yudhishthira's charioteer? Indrasena ClSxl
29. One sage created from the bamboo/cane three bows- one for Shiva called Pinaka, one for
Vishnu called Sharnga and another named Gandeeva for Arjuna. What was the name of that
sage? Kanva. Mhu
30. Once a damsel circumambulated Shiva. In whichever direction she went there one face of
Shiva got manifested and thus he became four-faced. Who was that damsel? Tilottama
31. What was the name of this son of Brihaspati who learnt Sanjeevini Vidya from
Shukracharya becoming his disciple? Kacha Mc
32. Matanga after performing austerities for many years for getting Brahminhood failed in
that, he asked Indra for boon that he might become famous in all three worlds. Then Indra
blessed him with a godhood. Which god did he become? Chandodeva. NlSSu
33. Who established Varanasi city between Ganga and Gomati under the instruction of Indra?
Divodasa SuSx
34. In ancient times, when king Pratardana wanted to kill another king who was hiding in the
Ashrama of Bhrigu, Bhrigu told only Brahmins reside in his Ashrama and there by just by his
words converted that king into a Brahmin. Who was that king? Veetahavya uiWur
35. Sage Chyavana tested this king along with his wife with the intention of finding fault in
him and to destroy him but later was pleased by his forbearance blessed him that after three
generation a Brahmin will be born in his family and will become a Rishi. What was the name
of that king? Kushika MzM

36. Who established Hastinapura? King Hasti, son of Suhotra.

37. There is always a name mentioned side by side with the name of a Gandharva called
HuHu (WW). What is that name? HaHa (WW)

38. What was the name of that king when an army attacked him he made a sound like that of
conch by his hand itself. A huge army appeared from that sound and destroyed the entire
enemy's army? Suvarchas (He was also called as MUlkq).

39. What was the name of Bhima's charioteer? Ashoka.

40. Which insect bit Karna when he was serving his Guru Parashurama? Alarka (AsM).

41. By which arrow Arjuna beheaded Karna? Anjalika (AgesM).

42. In which river Kunti drifted a basket containing her baby born out of Sun god? Ashva

43. Kunti (Pritha) was adopted by Kuntibhoja and made her his daughter. Actually whose
daughter was she, who gave her to Kuntibhoja? Shurasena zUxl, father of Vasudeva.

44. Which minister belonging to Gandhara advised Dhritarashtra to kill Pandavas? Kanika

45. Jarasandha gave his two daughters in marriage to Kamsa. What were their names? Asti
and Prapti (Axi, mmi)

46. Vasushena (uxwh) was the first name of this great warrior. Who was that?

47. What was the name of Ravana's mother? Pushpotkata mwmiMO

48. For how many days did the battle take place between Parashuram and Bhishma in which
Bhishma won? 23 days.

49. In which main section (Parva) of Mahabharata does the famous Vishnusahasranama
appear? Anushaasana Parva. Alzxl mu

50. On which day did Bhishma ascend to heaven? Magha Shulka Ashtami qb
zYs Aq

51. How many days in total did Bhishma lay himself on the bed of arrows? 58 days.

52. Which age (Yuga) was also called by the name Prajapatya(memir) Yuga?
53. In which main Parva does the chapter named 'Durgatitarana' (SaiiUh) fall?
Shantiparva (Rajadharmaanushaasana sub Parva, 110th chapter)

54. What was the name of Nala's father? Virasena. uUxl

55. Nala was defeated in the game of dice by his own brother. What was his name? Pushkara

56.By which name Nala lived as a servant under the king Rituparna? Bahuka Gimh

57. What was the name of that damsel at the court of Indra who cursed Arjuna when he
refused her proposal? Urvashi Fuz

58. What was the name of that damsel who narrated to Narada the defects of women?
Panchachuda mgccQ

59. When Dhritarashtra begged permission from the subjects of Kurujaangala to enter into
forest, the people apponited a wise a Brahmin on their behalf to address the king to show
their love and affection. What was the name of that Brahmin? Samba xqo

60. On which day Dhritarashtra left for forest? Kartika Purnima MiMmhq

61. On the occasion of obsequies ceremony of all those who died in the great battle at
Kurukshetra, for how many days did Dhritarashtra donate collected wealth? 10 days.

62. Through which gate of the city of Hastinapur did Dhritarashtra leave for forest?
Vardhamana. ukql

63. From whom did Dhritarashtra take initiation for Vanaprastha Ashrama? Vyasa.

64. By the order of Vyasa a Rajarshi instructed Dhritarashtra in the ways of living in forest.
What was the name of that Rajarshi? Shatayupa zirm