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VOCABULARY | Traveling/Travel plans - Part 2

REMEMBER: Several responses might be acceptable - choose the best one:

1. I lost our tickets! Ill go over to the ticket ___________ and see if they can issue
some new ones.
a) place b) office c) location

2. Matts been working as a ___________ guide in Spain for the past three years.
He loves his job.
a) trip b) touring c) tour

3. They ___________ my ticket to first class. I was so happy!

a) upgraded b) upended c) appealed

4. We already did some ___________ yesterday, and were going to check out
some more sights today.
a) sight-seeing b) sight-spotting c) sight-viewing

5. Im not ___________ ( = not really interested in) museums. Lets check out some
of the bars.
a) big in b) big on c) big at

6. Last year Jim and Lisa went on a ___________ of France.

a) wine trip b) wine voyage c) wine tour

7. Hurry up! Its already 2:00 PM. We have to ___________ at the airport in one
a) check out b) check in c) check up

8. Great I forgot my passport at home. Ill have to ___________.

a) go for it b) go back for it c) get back for it

9. We had a ___________ flight. No turbulence whatsoever.

a) total b) rough c) smooth

10. Im here on ___________, not on business. I wont be doing any work.

a) a trip b) travel c) vacation

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VOCABULARY | Traveling/Travel plans - Part 2

1) b 2) c 3) a 4) a 5) b 6) c 7) b 8) b 9) c 10) c