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9-10 HIGH LOW 4-5
7-8 6

Content _____ out of Interesting content Some interesting Conventional ideas or Cursory; gives the
10 points and presentation; content; points not clichs; little impression of writing
ideas well sustained or not fully supporting detail just to complete the
conceived and developed. included. assignment.
developed with

5 4 3 2

Structure, Logic _____ out of Logical Logical progression of Gaps in logic or no Disorganized;
and Transitions 5 points progression of ideas but often lacks transitions. appears to have been
ideas with well- transitions. written as thoughts
executed occurred to the writer.

13-15 11-12 9-10 7-8

Grammatical _____ out of Appropriate level of Confined to simpler Errors frequently Message is largely
Accuracy 15 points complexity in sentences or structures affect incomprehensible
syntax with very with very few errors comprehensibility, or due to inaccurate
few errors, if any. OR shows variety and very basic types of grammar, which
complexity in syntax errors (subject-verb alters or obscures it,
with errors that do not agreement; noun- OR reader must know
affect adjective agreement, English to
comprehensibility. etc.) comprehend much of
the message.

13-15 11-12 9-10 7-8

Vocabulary/ Word _____ out of Uses sufficient, Usually uses Often uses Uses only
Choice 15 points appropriate, and appropriate inappropriate, or elementary
varied vocabulary; vocabulary with some non-specific vocabulary; creates
English influence not variety; some errors in vocabulary; lack of nonexistent words
apparent; rich variety usage that do not variety in word from English OR
of Spanish idioms; affect the message; choice; avoids use uses words in
no literal translation occasional of Spanish idioms; English; translates
from English. appropriate use of English-inluenced English idioms
Spanish idioms. word choice. verbatim.

5 4 2-3 0
Punctuation, _____ out of Correct spelling Occasional Frequent English spelling and
Spelling, and 5 points (including accents) mechanical errors. mechanical errors. punctuation: no
Presentation and punctuation; accents;
neatly typed with mechanical errors
correct format as in most sentences.
specified (MLA).

Total _____ out of

50 points