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Honourable Minister

Ministry of Power, Works and Housing

Federal Republic of Nigeria
Mabushi, Abuja

June 28th 2017

Dear Honourable Minister,

Proposal to Design, Construct Low and Medium Housing Units

Reference to your Governments public/private partnership arrangement for the construction of low
and medium affordable housing units; we wish to enlist for participation and hereby present a
summary of our proposal for your perusal and consideration.

Project Descriptions:

Medeiron SRL and Partners proposes to develop 15,000 units of low and medium housing
bungalows using pre-fabricated building technology. This shall be a phase one development of a
potentially up to 35,000 units to be developed over a 3 year period. The housing units shall be in
both detached and semi-detached dwellings.

The finished houses made of floor, walls and roofing systems shall be aesthetically constructed and
engineered to withstand any natural disaster and will also be resistant to fire, termites and rot. The
buildings are easy & fast to complete, require low maintenance, and are more affordable than
conventional buildings. Medeiron SRL and Partners shall also provide on-site infrastructure to
complement environmental expectations of the targeted home owners.

Project Technology:

Medeiron SRL and Partners shall leverage on the relationship with its technical partners to
deliver on the project. This shall involve the engagement of our partners world-wide acclaimed
engineering building system to build houses using components manufactured to ISO9001 standards.

Its important to note that our building component system can be utilized for almost any design or
type of building, both residential and commercial. It has been very successful deplored for building
projects in locations where quality of finish, quick-impact/delivery and ease of construction are
major issues.

Our engineering building systems are ideal for low and medium cost housing projects, school,
hospitals, government buildings and resorts in any part of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America
where conventional building systems are expensive and slow to complete. Medeiron SRL and
Partners shall provide/supply and ship pre-design/pre-fab building material and accessories
ensuring that buildings are built quickly and high quality standards are achieved.

Project Time Frame:

The first phase of the project is estimated to be completed within twenty four (24) months from the
date of execution of funding and other definitive contact by the parties. It is envisaged that the
project phases shall overlap and the second phase of 20,000 units shall commence in 15 Months
into the first phase.

Off-Taker and Employment/Contractor Agreement:

Medeiron SRL and Partners shall execute the above agreements with the Ministry as off-taker of
the housing units and employer for execution of the project. These agreements shall secure all
standard protections for both the off-taker and employer (The Ministry of Power, Works and
Housing) and Medeiron SRL and Partners in terms of:

Project timing, quality and delivery

Mobilization funds and progress certification/payments
Value for money (VFM) monitoring
Other requirements (to be specified) necessary for speedy and quality delivery of the project.

Project Technical Details/Cost:

The master plan and technical details (architectural design, floor plans, schematic drawings, etc)
and detailed cost of the project shall be done and presented for approval after Medeiron SRL and
Partners receives the in-principle project approval of the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.

Project Implementation Benefits:

Other than the provision of housing to the Nigerian security agencies, Medeiron SRL and
Partners aims to secure a technology transfer of the pre-fab building system to Nigeria. Medeiron
SRL and Partners shall, within 24 months establish a factory to support the building system. The
building construction process shall heavily engage Nigerian skilled and non-skilled workers thereby
expanding the Nigeria workforce.

Medeiron SRL and Partners intends to partner with the Ministry to deliver modern and affordable
houses to the security agencies. We therefore look forward to a favourable consideration of our
proposal. We put our technology and financial partners on standby and humbly await a letter of
intent and interest from your Ministry of Power, Works and Housing to commence further

Your faithfully
Alessandro Delladio
Managing Director