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Brandy Riddle

UBD Stage 3

Task: Students will research and apply knowledge on how to find the latitude and location
of major rivers and mountain ranges (topographical features) in the United States and teach
students information facts about rivers and mountain ranges.

W = Where is it going?
Students will learn about latitude and longitude in order to be able to locate places on a
map. Students will create a presentation and determine the latitude and longitude of
three topographical features in the United States. Students will learn how to apply the
concept of latitude and longitude in the real world and understand that those coordinates
can let us know the location of any place on Earth. Students will also develop an
understanding of three topographical features in the United States.

H = Hook the students

Students will be hooked to the lesson through the use of a teacher created Nearpod
lesson. Within the Nearpod lesson, the lesson will include various interactive features
and videos that will further engage students into the concept.

E= Explore and equip

The teacher will be used in the form of a facilitator throughout the project timeline.
Teacher will also model several of the presentation software options that students can
choose. Each student will have their own Chromebook to work from to complete
research and develop the presentation collaboratively.

R= Rethink and revise

Students will be provided with multiple opportunities to rethink, reflect, and revise.
Each day the students will complete a ticket out the door. These TOTD will allow the
students to rethink/reflect on his or her work for the day. For example, they can discuss
their strengths and weakness or talk about what they want to strive for the next
instructional day. Within their groups, students can practice their presentations and make
any necessary changes to their work.
E = Exhibit and evaluate
Students will complete journal response and answer the following questions after
presentations are complete: How can I locate lines of lines of latitude and longitude on
a map? and Why are lines of longitude and latitude used to find locations? Students
will also use the project rubric to self-reflect on their own learning and completion of
the project. Students will also be able to comment any messages they have about the
project to the teacher.

T = Tailor to students
Students will be able to use Chromebooks for the projects which provide narration and
magnification for students as needed.

Students are provided with multiple sources of media to learn content through the
Nearpod lesson including interactive activities, video, and teacher lecture.

Students are also able to choose the presentation software of their choice. This allows
students to make decisions based on what programs are more comfortable for them to
use during their project/research.

O = Organize
Teacher will select media that suits the needs of students during the unit and their

Students will be given an outline of expectations for each day of the unit/lesson plan.
This will allow both the facilitator and students to stay on track to complete the
presentation and activity by the due date.


-Nearpod (Teacher Created),

- Internet or Wi-Fi
-Day 1-3 Ticket out the Door
-Social Studies Interactive Notebook