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(2017SP2-BME-214834-01X) Sales Management

M3: Written Assignment - Case Study

A.T. Kearney and the New Defining Entity

EDS (Electric Data Systems) has the vision to become a Defining Entity and the next

generation of professional services capabilities worldwide. In order to gain new opportunities

including market share, to become more innovative, and to improve product offerings, a merger

with A.T. Kearney, a respected global management consulting firm, was undergone. EDS and
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A.T. Kearney complimented each other because of the broad range of services and capabilities

they were able to offer clients. This acquisition allowed for both companies to share existing re-

sources and data.

The first year of the merger was successful but in almost all of the cases, Brian Harri-

sons assessment was (2015) A.T. Kearney had reacted to opportunities, rather than having

taken the initiative and proactivity sought them out (p. 534) and therefore the companies great-

est potential from the merger had not been realized (p.533).

Customers, Company and Competition must be considered when deciding on a new com-

pany strategy. Strengths have been identified, as has aspirations, and what resources are available

have been considered. In order to move the merger to the next level, several options are available

for consideration. 1. Cross-marketing opportunities 2. Create a combined menu of services to

create a one-stop shop 3. Use both companies strengths to create a new category that would

transform the industry with new strategies (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2015, p534). Brian Harrison

and I agree that option 3 is the future for the company because both organizations have consider-

able strengths which will be used to create new products and take advantage of the new relation-

ship by merging consulting and information systems.

The two firms would now offer greater consulting solutions backed with technical power

and physical support (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2015 p541). The 2 companies will remain separate

but have constant communication and work together to achieve goals to project an image of

unity. The new service offerings must be clearly defined and blended with each company retain-

ing its own culture and skill sets. Together they allow the company to better meet the needs of

the clients in term of customer service, communication, and transaction. Employees from both

sides must be included in decision-making and defining company mission and vision. I would
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recommend identifying why each brands top customers are the top customers, and which ser-

vices do they use, with a focus on why they are the top customers. This will help ensure that we

understand the highest spending customers needs in order to not jeopardize this relationship with

services changes.

Because there will now be a new product to be sold, the salespeople need a new approach

and be very clear on the new product. I recommend selling to preferred clients first and also

cross-sell. A team selling approach would help with the blending of the companies. In order for

this to work, there must be a joint belief in the goal (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2015, p236). Ac-

cording to Spiro, Stanton, & Rich (2015 ), sales force segmentation will allow for the compen-

sation, communications, supervision, and recognition incentive programs can all be tailored to

the specific needs of the group (p. 245). Grouping the sales team by like-minded motivations

will help to strengthen the teams which will encourage long-term relationships for the large com-

panies that are being serviced.

The leaders of A.T. Kearney and EDS will lead the sales teams with both transactional

and transformational leadership. The new sales teams will be requiring feedback on the day-to-

day short-term activities until a new normal has been established. The teams will also need trans-

formational leadership to help mold behaviors while providing support to articulate the vision of

the future (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2015, p343). Face to face time including telecommunications

will be utilized to help the sales teams with their reports, printed aids, and any other supervisory

support (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2015, p343).

In order for this merger to move to the next level and create a new category that would

transform the industry, the companies need to have an overall unity. Each company needs to be
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very clear about their own mission statement and how they overlap and work together to accom-

plish the mission. By keeping individual identities at the same time will allow for quick customer


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