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SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign


3 SAP Business ByDesign

4 Meet Your Company Goals

4 Executive Management Support

6 Optimize Your Financials

6 Cash Flow Management
9 Financial and Management Accounting

12 Focus On Your Customers

12 Marketing
14 Sales
18 Service

21 Manage Your Workforce

21 Human Resources
24 Employee Self-Service

26 Integrate Your Supply Chain

26 Product Development
28 Supply Chain Setup Management
30 Supply Chain Planning and Control
32 Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics

35 Drive Project Success

35 Project Management

37 Empower Smarter Purchasing

37 Sourcing
40 Purchasing

43 Facilitate Full Compliance

43 Compliance Management

46 Manage With Insight

46 Built-In Business Analytics
48 Communication and Information Exchange

50 Simplify IT
50 Built-In Services and Support
SAP Business ByDesign

The SAP Business ByDesign solution ness needs change. In addition, it is ByDesign can help you unlock the po-
is the most complete on-demand busi- personalized to improve productivity tential of your company. With the pow-
ness solution for midsize companies. It with a role-based user experience, built- er of SAP software at your fingertips,
addresses the needs of your entire or- in learning and support environment, you can execute on your business plans
ganization, is adaptable, and allows you analytics, and collaboration. Use this and strategies with ease and realize
to react quickly whenever your busi- document to learn how SAP Business the full potential of your business.

A Single Business Solution with Integrated Support for All Business Areas


Empower management with Executive Management Support Consider the Scope

more control over the busi- Using a work center specifically de- Organizational Management
ness and the ability to make signed for management, you can quick- Job definition
ly access information for better busi- Optimize staffing by defining jobs
better decisions. With the ness planning and organizational man- according to organizational struc-
SAP Business ByDesign agement activities. SAP Business ture. When you assign an employee
ByDesign makes escalations immedi- to an organizational unit, you also
solution, managers get an ately visible, and built-in analytics help assign a job. This job assignment is
overall view of business per- your managers easily detect variances used by several different functions
from plans, spot trends, and uncover within your company; for example,
formance and can access opportunities. You can also use the by the human resources function to
the organizational informa- software to: arrange compensation, by the
Adapt your companys organization- projects function to staff projects,
tion they need to steer the al structure and adjust your work- and by the sales function to perform
company. Management force and its deployment according service-related tasks.
to changes in your business
dashboards provide real- Organizational structure
Build and change reports and views
time, customized analytics tailored to your information needs
Model your business by defining
without assistance from technical
and allow you to accurately specialists
your companys organizational struc-
ture from a functional point of view,
track the most important as- Identify and monitor key perform-
creating organizational units that re-
ance indicators (KPIs) that best re-
pects of your business. flect the performance of your busi-
flect real-world structures in your
enterprise, such as cost centers and
companies. A single organizational
unit may serve multiple functions
and roles at the same time. You can
assign functions, such as sales and
purchasing, to each organizational
unit to reflect their business pur-
pose. Then you can assign employ-
ees and service agents to the or-
ganizational units.

Workload distribution targets as soon as they occur. KPI Business Planning
Streamline and simplify the distribu- monitoring also provides historical Business area planning
tion of work in your company. You information and detailed reports that Optimize the performance of your
can distribute work automatically us- help you analyze the root causes of sales teams. The solution provides
ing a global work-assignment func- any missed targets. powerful tools that you can use to
tion in the solution. The software set sales targets by employee, prod-
Management Support
routes tasks according to a users uct category, and product and then
Management work center
authorized access. If more than one monitor the performance of your
user or organizational unit shares sales teams against these targets.
Support your top executives and op-
the responsibility for a work catego- Sales managers can plan their sales
erational management and meet
ry, you can manage the distribution targets at different levels, monitor
their specific needs by offering tar-
of work within your organization by sales continuously throughout the
geted functionality through a corpo-
creating rules that enable the soft- sales cycle, and adjust their sales
rate performance work center. This
ware to evaluate work items and di- plans accordingly. With this func-
work center supports strategic deci-
rect them to specific organizational tionality, monitoring of sales targets,
sion making and enables collabora-
units or users. forecasts, and revenues is built into
tion within the management team,
the daily work of sales managers
Business Analysis using the same source of trusted in-
and employees, driving the perform-
Built-in predefined report execution formation, which can be prepared by
ance of your sales teams.
Easily execute predefined reports their assistants, specialists, or other
that are optimized to analyze a large trusted advisors. Line managers
volume of data and to provide fast have their own work center that acts
response times. Reports are built in- as a central workplace for manageri-
to the context of your daily tasks, al tasks in personnel, budgeting, and
and you can also select them from a project management.
central repository that is available in
Departmental management
each work center.
Enable line managers to make de-
Analytics report maintenance partmental decisions that align with
Create and change reports accord- strategic business objectives. The
ing to your business needs. You can solution offers a central workspace
access analytical reports through for departmental tasks in staffing,
the work centers to which you are personnel management, budgeting,
assigned. These reports are opti- and project management, for exam-
mized to analyze a large volume of ple, approving expense reports, re-
data and provide fast response viewing work schedules, and making
times. You can create new business project assignments.
reports or modify existing reports
Area management
using the SAP Business Explorer
Make sure your managers have ac-
cess to the information and func-
KPI monitoring tions they need according to their
Track and manage the key perform- areas of responsibility, such as
ance indicators (KPIs) associated budgets and organizational struc-
with your areas of responsibility. The ture. Enable line managers to make
solution measures KPIs, which are decisions about their business area
available from a KPI catalog, against that align with strategic objectives
predefined target values and uses for other business areas, such as fi-
notifications to inform you of missed nance, sales and services, procure-
ment, and supply chain manage-


Get a single, up-to-date Cash Flow Management Consider the Scope

view of your financial condi- Nearly every business process involves Payables and Receivables Processing
tion by integrating core busi- the flow of cash within your company Payment and clearing
and between your company and its ex- Keeping control over outstanding
ness processes and finan- ternal business partners and custom- payments and receivables can be a
cials. The SAP Business ers. The SAP Business ByDesign solu- difficult task and one that is often
tion integrates and takes into consider- understood only by accounting pro-
ByDesign solution lets you ation the financial aspect of each step fessionals. The focus of the solution
keep track of payables and of your business processes, enabling is to reduce complexity and increase
you to gain control over your cash in- transparency by automating the
receivables, payment and flow and outflow. You can also use the processing of payments and due-
liquidity, inventory and fixed software to: payment clearing. This speeds up
Centrally manage and control your processing and increases your cash
assets, taxes and expenses, payables and receivables, automate flow. You can support your compa-
and compliance and report- payment and clearing processes, nys policies by defining your own
and valuate payables and receiva- payment-block reasons, deduction
ing. Streamline period-end bles in multiple foreign currencies types, and grouping or clearing
closing and make better-in- Quickly create tax returns using cen- strategies for payments.
trally managed corporate data and
formed financial decisions Collection and dunning
report declarations and pay taxes
Make sure that your outstanding re-
every day of the year. if required
ceivables are up-to-date by sending
Set up expense and reimbursement
dunning letters or reminders to cus-
policies, monitor employee expens-
tomers with overdue payment items,
es, and reimburse approved expens-
requesting payment of the outstand-
ing amount. Flexible dunning func-
tionality in the solution helps you op-
timize your cash flow with a stream-
lined dunning process. You can de-
cide to initiate the dunning process,
or you may opt to let the software
trigger the process by using the au-
tomatic scheduling function.

Valuation of payables and Withholding tax processing expense report, an Adobe PDF form
receivables Compliance with taxation regula- displays the dates, purpose, loca-
Take advantage of automatic ac- tions and laws includes the ability to tions, expenses, and reimbursement
count determination for foreign-cur- process withholding tax when need- rates in detail and totals for each
rency remeasurement by using a ed, even at the state level. Your tax day of the trip.
built-in framework for setting up this ledger records all relevant transac-
Payment and Liquidity Management
function for payables and receiva- tions based on predefined rules, en-
Bank account management
bles. The solution also supports abling you to issue withholding tax
Manage your bank accounts central-
converting the value of outstanding declarations, such as U.S. W-2s for
ly by setting up the accounts held at
items (owed to you and by you) held employees and 1099s for contrac-
your company bank in addition to
in foreign currency to the company tors, in an accurate and timely man-
your petty cash accounts, all of
currency at a key date. You can ner.
which may be run in any currency
schedule these jobs to run periodi-
Tax return filing needed. The information required for
cally and in the background, thereby
Standardize the way in which you electronic banking, such as routing
minimizing the need for manual inter-
file tax returns by using templates codes, is reviewed and updated by
for standard business documents, the user at a later stage in the appli-
Tax Management such as tax declaration forms. The cation.
Tax calculation on goods and solution provides relevant country-
Multipayment method support
services specific forms for tax returns, such
It is vital to your business that pay-
Failure to file and pay taxes correctly as the forms for U.S. sales and use
ment transactions for receivables
and on time can result in penalties tax returns and withholding tax re-
and payables are executed accord-
and fines. The solution helps you turns, as well as country-specific
ing to your companys policies,
process tax declarations for tax on forms for value-added tax (VAT) re-
meet your customers requirements,
goods and services and determine turns on sales and purchases and
and comply with legal regulations.
accounts for corresponding post- sales lists for various European Un-
The solution helps you to optimize
ings. It contains country-specific ion countries.
cash flow within your company by
functions for calculation, filing, and
Expense and Reimbursement providing you with precise control
payment of tax returns and for com-
Management over all incoming and outgoing pay-
municating with tax authorities. Your
Expense reimbursement ments. The solution offers not only
tax accountant can execute a tax re-
User-friendly and easy-to-learn proc- all globally accepted standard pay-
turn, which is based on the taxable
esses are key for increasing end- ment methods but also the function-
amount in invoices, and, if required,
user satisfaction. This is especially ality to monitor the progress of your
can create manual tax entries to be
true for expense reporting, which is transactions. By monitoring payment
included in the return. You can use
performed infrequently and often by activity for all supported payment
the monitoring function to check and
casual users. The solution provides methods, you can reduce transac-
follow up on the process steps.
a simplified interface that appeals to tion costs and time spent on non-
U.S. sales and use tax processing all types of users. In addition, it sup- value-added activities.
Benefit from up-to-date calculations ports compliance with relevant
Credit-card payment processing
for U.S. sales and use tax for sales country- and company-specific regu-
Increase payment channels by ena-
and purchase orders (and related in- lations and streamlines approvals
bling your customers to pay by cred-
voices) as part of an automated with built-in workflow.
it card when purchasing products
workflow. You no longer have to
Communication and services from your company. To
manually configure and update fre-
Verify your expenses and reim- gain this functionality, use a credit-
quently changing U.S. sales and use
bursements clearly and easily using card processing solution from either
tax data when using Vertex Tax
predefined and adaptable reports. Computop or Paymetric, SAP part-
Service from Vertex, an SAP part-
Delivered as standard with the solu- ners. These credit-card processing
tion, these reports enable you to solutions enable your company to
quickly get an overview of the most accept credit-card payments from
important facts of a trip. For each

customers as part of the order-to-
cash processing in SAP Business
ByDesign. The solution supports
credit-card authorizations as well as
settlement of credit-card payments.
Cash and liquidity management
Optimizing a companys cash flow is
the core duty of a cash manager,
who is also responsible for manag-
ing statements for house-bank ac-
counts. The solution helps your cash
manager in these activities with
functions that support uploading,
processing, and monitoring house-
bank statements. Additional func-
tionality enables cash managers to
analyze financial transactions and
identify future trends by creating pe-
riodic liquidity forecasts.
Foreign currency handling and
Perform foreign currency remea-
surement for your open receivables
and payables items by using a built-
in framework. The solution also sup-
ports converting balances held in
foreign currencies, such as bank ac-
counts or petty cash locations, at a
key date. You can schedule the re-
measurement jobs to run periodical-
ly and in the background, thereby
minimizing the need for manual inter-
vention while supporting legal com-
Electronic banking
When optimizing your cash flow, in-
formation related to your organiza-
tions underlying cash positions has
to be up-to-date and accurate. You
can achieve this goal with electronic
banking functionality in the solution.
You can process your bank state-
ments with the least possible man-
ual intervention because the solution
is able to work with country-specific
file formats of standard bank state-

Financial and Management Consider the Scope cockpit to help you to organize,
Accounting monitor, and process the entire
General Ledger Management closing cycle, thereby making sure
SAP Business ByDesign gives you a Financial statement creation that the correct sequence is
single, up-to-date view of your finan- When creating financial statements, followed and that data is accurate.
cials. By running financial reports when- you want to meet legal requirements
Accruals processing
ever needed, creating what-if analyses, with the least possible effort as this
Meeting legal requirements by ap-
and drilling down instantly to details, is not a value-add activity. The solu-
plying appropriate accrual methods
you gain insight into your costs and rev- tion enables you to reduce the time
can be labor-intensive work.
enues. In addition, you can view finan- to close books and create financial
Streamline the process and reduce
cial data using different sets of account- statements by streamlining the proc-
the need for manual intervention by
ing rules. You can also use the soft- ess, making use of functionality
defining rules that enable the solu-
ware to: such as the closing cockpit. You
tion to handle the automatic assign-
Centrally manage general ledger ac- can save time when performing the
ment of accrual methods to your
counts and benefit from an acceler- reporting part of the process be-
sales documents. You can monitor
ated period-end closing to get re- cause the solution provides a com-
the sales documents and, if needed,
ports to all stakeholders faster prehensive set of GAAP-compliant
change the assignments on a case-
Simplify the management of your reports that you can adapt to your
by-case basis.
fixed assets along their complete companys requirements.
lifecycle by automating routine tasks Multicurrency handling
Period-end closing
from acquisition through retirement Take advantage of automatic trans-
Reducing the time to close books is
Track and valuate every material lation of financial documents posted
a commonly accepted target in all
movement in real time so that you in foreign currency by using precon-
enterprise resource planning (ERP)
have an accurate snapshot of the fi- figured currency conversion set-
solutions. The faster financial figures
nancial value of your assets tings. As a result, your documents
are determined, the sooner your
are saved simultaneously in two cur-
company can react to changing con-
rencies: your company currency and
ditions, creating a significant com-
the transaction currency. If you need
petitive advantage. In addition to
to record your figures in another
functions like process automation,
currency, such as the company
the solution provides a closing
groups currency, you can opt to set
up an additional set of books, which
allows you to record each document

with the exchange rate valid on the Fixed-Asset Management for errors caused by incorrect, in-
document date. If you want to Depreciation calculation complete, or delayed orders by au-
present your figures in an additional Management of your fixed assets is tomatically matching goods receipts
currency for reporting purposes on- rarely considered to be a value-add- with invoice receipts and clearing
ly, they can be converted instantly ed activity or a core business proc- the differences. The software re-
into any other currency for which ess; therefore, you should minimize cords and valuates every material
you have maintained a correspond- the amount of time spent on this ac- movement, using the perpetual cost
ing exchange rate. tivity. The solution frees up valuable method, either standard or moving
time by automating depreciation cal- average, assigned to the material in
Multi-GAAP reporting
culation and posting. Once defined the master-data record.
Midsize companies are frequently
in the solution, month-end closing is
subsidiaries of larger companies lo- Valuation of warehouse inventory
processed automatically in the back-
cated in a different country. This Identifying hidden costs in invento-
ground. Your company can meet
forces them to not only meet local ries is an efficiency driver in all man-
several GAAP requirements in paral-
GAAP requirements but also to ufacturing companies. For each ma-
lel without additional manual inter-
present their financial statements terial, the solution enables you to
vention thanks to the set-of-
and managerial information based set the most appropriate perpetual
books concept.
on the GAAP of the parent compa- cost method for warehouse invento-
ny. The solution helps you over- Acquisition and retirement ry. Perpetual cost methods support-
come this challenge for all account- Efficient asset lifecycle management ed by the solution are standard and
ing-relevant business processes by is important to stakeholders both moving average.
recording financial data in parallel in within and outside your organization.
Valuation of work in process
as many GAAPs as required. This On one hand, you must comply with
Its important for your company to
means you can keep time to close local legal requirements; on the oth-
identify hidden costs in all types of
books to a minimum while complying er, you must respond quickly and
inventory, including those for work
with multiple reporting regulations. accurately to managements request
in process. The solution enables you
for data to support their decision-
Consolidated reporting to reconcile the valued inventories
making processes. In addition, the
Rely on real-time financial informa- of work in process with the quantity-
solution enables you to determine
tion recorded automatically during based work-in-process inventories in
the most appropriate point in time
various business transactions for manufacturing at any time, on the
for asset acquisition and retirement.
flexible general-ledger reporting. The basis of line items. Material con-
solution provides a large set of re- Fixed-asset reporting sumption, production activities, and
ports covering not only legal require- Flexible reporting helps your manag- overhead costs that are recorded
ments but also the most common er of fixed assets quickly gain an with reference to a production lot
managerial requirements. When you overview of all assets owned by are posted directly as work in proc-
work in a multicompany environ- your organization. The manager can ess.
ment, the solution helps you prepare use standard reports to view up-to-
Management Accounting
a legal consolidation by providing re- date information and then drill down
Cost-center management
ports that classify revenues generat- to the underlying business transac-
ed internally (with affiliated business tion in order to analyze a specific as-
Increase your span of control by
partners) and externally (with nonaf- set or groups of assets.
structuring and reporting your costs
filiated business partners). In addi-
Inventory Valuation at the cost-center level. You can re-
tion, you can modify existing reports
Valuation of purchases and flect your actual cost-center struc-
easily and create new reports with-
material movements ture in the software and record your
out deep expert knowledge.
Valuating material movements, for expenses accurately by assigning
example, goods receipts from sup- them to the specific cost center in
pliers or material consumption for
production, can be a complicated
process. The solution can help re-
duce the complexity and potential

which they were incurred. This in- With transparency into projects,
creases the transparency of your your managers can make fact-based
cost structure and enables you to decisions and take swift action to
take the most appropriate control- make adjustments and head off
ling measures. losses.
Sales and profit analysis Production costing
Significantly enhance the effective- Maintain full control of costs in-
ness of analyzing, controlling, and curred during the production proc-
driving your business activities by ess. You can analyze manufacturing
using built-in functionality for sales costs at an aggregated level by ma-
and profit analysis. Once this has terial and product group, for exam-
been set up, it is executed automati- ple. Production managers can gain a
cally in the background for each rel- better understanding of costs at any
evant transaction. As a result, you point in time by analyzing costs per
can view the profitability of your tar- production lot, as production costs
get market by dimensions such as result in automatic updates of the
customer, region, product, and work-in-process (WIP) balances in fi-
sales organization. nancials.
Project cost and revenue Profit-center management
management accounting
Track a projects planned versus ac- Identify those areas of your compa-
tual costs as well as actual project ny that are the most profitable and
revenues, down to the project-task those where margins do not meet
level. The solution considers esti- your companys goals. The manage-
mated project costs, which are rial controlling functionality of the
based on planned work and expens- solution enables you to structure
es; actual costs, which result from your organization into profit centers
time and expense reporting, supplier and determine the granularity of the
invoicing, and material consumption; data that is reported. This increases
and, if applicable, actual revenues the transparency of your profit cen-
from customer invoices created with ter structures and enables manage-
a project reference. You can decide ment reporting at the appropriate
how to handle overhead costs levels.
whether to allocate such costs to
projects or project tasks and which
absorption or apportionment meth-
ods to use.
Project cost estimation
Precisely estimate the costs of a
project by using data on the valua-
tion of planned work and expenses
and, optionally, taking overhead
costs into account. When cost esti-
mates are accurate, project manag-
ers can reliably keep projects on
track and within budget, continuous-
ly reassessing actual project costs
against estimated project costs.


Get comprehensive, flexible Marketing Consider the Scope

support for customer rela- Better manage your marketing and pre- Market Development
tionship management proc- sales activities including market devel- Market information management
opment, lead generation, and lead quali- Collecting and storing market infor-
esses that span marketing, fication. Using the SAP Business mation is crucial if you want to keep
sales, and service activities. ByDesign solution, you can segment track of the marketplace, the econo-
your customer base to contact target my, or the activities of companies in
The SAP Business groups more effectively. The solution your industry. When this information
ByDesign solution helps you keeps track of relevant prospect and is consolidated into one central
customer information, so your market- source, your marketing, sales, and
exploit the right opportuni- ing and sales teams have the informa- service employees can easily ac-
ties and maximize customer tion they need. You can also use the cess the documents they need,
software to: such as company profiles, sales
satisfaction and revenue. Manage information about the mar- strategy papers, market research
Centralized operational data ket and your industry, including com- notes, and industry news.
petitor information, in an effective
that is integrated with other Competitor information
business areas lets you Streamline your pipeline activities
Keep an eye on your competitors
with integrated marketing and sales
speed sales cycles, bring in processes that enable a smooth
and improve the development of
marketing campaigns and sales en-
revenue faster, and control handover of leads
gagements. You can centrally store
Make sure that every communica-
costs. tion with your customers is targeted
and maintain information about your
competitors and their products. In
to take into account each custom-
sales situations, for example, you
ers history, requirements, and value
can use this data to compare your
to your company
competitors products and services
with your own.

Campaign Management
Target group management
A key tactic in successful marketing
is the ability to query your customer
database and create different target
groups, thus enabling you to ad-
dress your customers more effec-
tively during your marketing cam-
paigns. Selection criteria give you
the flexibility to create specific tar-
get groups for your marketing activi-
ties, for example, all customers
within a specific zip code range. You
can reduce campaign costs by
searching for and determining
whether a specific target group of
existing customers and prospects
should be included in a marketing
Campaign execution
Run more effective marketing cam-
paigns by addressing the right target
groups with the right materials. The
solution helps streamline campaigns
by generating a spreadsheet con-
taining all members of the defined
target group. Employees can use
this file for additional activities, such
as personalized mass mailings and
distributed direct mailings using a
variety of channels, such as e-mail,
letter, or fax. Using activities creat-
ed automatically for each account
during the execution of a campaign,
you can efficiently track responses
and add them to the account histo-
Lead generation
Generating and effectively managing
leads is a cornerstone of successful
marketing and directly influences
your organizations top line. You can
create, manage, qualify, and track
potential interest of leads and trig-
ger and monitor related interactions
over a specific timeframe. You hand
over qualified leads to the sales de-
partment, which initiates the devel-
opment of a lead into a sales oppor-

Sales Consider the Scope Product and Service Portfolio
Gain comprehensive access to custom- Account and Activity Management Offering of products
er-related information about opportuni- Account management Providing your sales employees with
ties, quotes, orders, and invoices. The During the sales process, its vital to comprehensive, instantly available
SAP Business ByDesign solution ena- have quick access to relevant infor- information about your products is a
bles your employees to verify product mation about your prospects and requirement for successful selling.
availability, perform accurate forecast- customers. The solution provides a You can access and maintain sales-
ing, predict future sales, and identify central repository for storing and ac- relevant product information that
cross-selling and up-selling opportuni- cessing all information about ac- can be reused in all subsequent
ties. The solution helps your sales staff counts as well as sales and service sales documents. For example, you
focus on the most promising leads and partners, such as communication in- can create opportunities, sales
accelerate the sales process. You can formation, contact history, and sales quotes, and sales orders using this
also use the software to: figures. You can reuse the informa- information. In addition, you can ob-
Generate a sales opportunity, cre- tion in various sales and service ac- tain comprehensive information
ate a quote, calculate pricing, enter tivities, thus reducing the time spent about availability, possible delivery
payment and shipping information, on routine administrative tasks, such times, and prices for your products
and create a sales order and invoice as data entry. during the sales process.
in a single integrated process
Activity management Offering of services
Maintain an online portfolio of your
Sharing information about interac- To be successful, your sales em-
products and services and define
tions with prospects and customers ployees need complete, readily
price lists with flexible pricing poli-
is key in a sales cycle. You can available information about your
structure and maintain detailed infor- companys portfolio of services.
Obtain a comprehensive, 360-de-
mation about your interactions with When you maintain service informa-
gree view of your customers and
contacts, such as an e-mail, phone tion in a centralized location, it can
make effective decisions by using
call, or face-to-face meeting. Not be used in all sales-relevant docu-
the provided reports and metrics
only can you build up a complete ments, such as opportunities, sales
history of your interactions with a quotes, and sales orders. You can
prospect or customer, you can provide services as an additional of-
make this information readily availa- fering to support your regular prod-
ble to others in your company, re- uct offerings. Also, you can offer
ducing the possibility of duplicate or
conflicting customer contacts.

and sell services independently of or discounts based on your product team members. In addition, you can
physical products. You can obtain hierarchy. The software also has capture and manage a wide variety
comprehensive information, special functions such as mass of data related to each opportunity,
including prices, for your services maintenance of price and discount such as chance of success and ex-
during the sales process. lists. pected value of the potential sale.
Offering of project-based services Price specification management Sales quotation management
Store and maintain a portfolio of up- Calculating the correct sales price Quoting prices and promising availa-
to-date, easily accessible informa- of products and services is made bility for products and services is an
tion about your companys project- easy through the use of special important process in most sales de-
based services that your sales em- price components in addition to partments and uses valuable resour-
ployees can use at any point during price and discount lists. The soft- ces. The solution enables your com-
the sales cycle. Your sales staff has ware enables easy access and main- pany, for example, to offer products
a complete overview, including pric- tenance of values for additional to leads or customers quickly, easi-
ing, of project-based services, and price components, such as freight ly, and accurately. By entering an
because the information is main- and surcharges. This data is used to account, product, and quantity, your
tained centrally, they can use the in- calculate customer-specific pricing sales agents immediately get details
formation to create sales-related for opportunities, sales quotes, about pricing and discounts as well
documents, such as quotes and sales orders, service orders, cus- as delivery and availability. When
sales orders. tomer invoices, and customer re- the lead or customer makes a buy-
turns. It also includes the calculation ing decision, a sales agent can gen-
Offering of specified products
of the profit margin within a sales or erate an order based on the quote
Manufacturing products tailored to
service order. with just one click.
the needs of an individual customer
is common in many industries. You New-Business Development Communication
can store all sales-relevant data for Lead approval and qualification Gain an advantage over competitors
your specified products in a single Ensuring that only qualified leads by being recognized through your
database for easy access, mainte- reach your opportunity pipeline corporate design and by providing
nance, and further use in all sales saves time when follow-up activities easy-to-read business documents,
documents. In addition, you can de- are initiated. Your sales agents can such as sales quotes and orders, for
fine templates to simplify the specifi- accept or reject a lead, for example, interactions with your customers.
cation of products in a sales order. when it is handed over from the The solution provides templates for
Customer-specific requirements are marketing department. If a lead is standard business documents that
transferred automatically to produc- approved, the sales department can you can adapt easily according to
tion when a sales order is released. create a follow-up opportunity or a your companys specific require-
sales quote. ments.
Price list and discount
management Opportunity management Selling of Products and Services
Streamline the calculation for the Managing sales opportunities effec- Sales order management
correct price of products and serv- tively can significantly increase the Processing customer orders must
ices by using price and discount success rate for closing deals. The be quick and easy, especially when
lists. You can store prices and dis- solution supports you in proactively your company processes many or-
counts in a single database for easy managing your pipeline. You can ders each day. A sales agent simply
access and maintenance. The solu- have multiple sales processes with enters an account, product, and
tion then uses this data to deter- tasks and activities relevant to the quantity, and the software deter-
mine pricing for opportunities, sales specific opportunity. Each process mines all relevant details about pric-
quotes, sales and service orders, has phases and within each phase ing, discounts, availability, and deliv-
customer invoices, and customer re- are activities and appointments that ery. Because the sales order is fully
turns. In addition, you can maintain a are assigned to the appropriate
variety of price and discount lists,
such as customer-specific price lists

integrated with follow-on activities in one. Customer returns are fully inte- received from your customers. In-
supply chain management, customer grated with follow-on activities in voicing for sales and service is fully
invoicing, and financials, you can supply chain management, financial integrated with financials, for exam-
easily monitor the progress of each management, and customer invoic- ple, an open item is automatically
order. ing, for example, the automatic created when issuing an invoice to a
issuance of a credit memo. customer.
E-Commerce support
Selling products and services Sales and profit analysis Invoice importing
through an online store gives you Significantly enhance the effective- Streamline the creation of invoices
the opportunity to reach a greater ness of analyzing, controlling, and by transferring predecessor docu-
number of potential customers. You driving your business activities by ments from an external application
can offer and sell products and serv- using built-in functionality for sales into the solution. You can create
ices to leads and customers using and profit analysis. Once this has predecessor documents, such as
the Internet, turning it into a profita- been set up, it is executed automati- sales orders or service orders, in an
ble sales and interaction channel for cally in the background for each rel- external application and import them
both business partners and consum- evant transaction. As a result, you later into the solution to take full ad-
ers. The solution provides all the rel- can view the profitability of your tar- vantage of the integration to finan-
evant interfaces to connect your ex- get market by dimensions such as cials.
isting Web shop to the system and customer, region, product, and
Project invoicing
integrate it within your solution. sales organization.
Take advantage of the integration of
E-Commerce Communication project management and financials
Increase your sales channels by en- Gain an advantage over competitors when creating invoice requests for
abling your customers and business by being recognized through your services delivered as part of a
partners to use the Internet to pur- corporate design and by providing project. Invoice requests can be cre-
chase products and services from easy-to-read business documents ated automatically based on sales-
your company. Turn the Internet into when interacting with your custom- order and project-expense data,
a profitable sales and interaction ers on sales and returns. The solu- which can include time sheets, ex-
channel for both customers and tion provides templates for standard pense reports, supplier invoices and
partners. To gain this functionality, business documents that you can credit memos, goods and services
use the partner solution hybris Com- adapt easily according to your com- receipts, and goods issues and re-
merce, which provides an on-de- panys special requirements. You turns. When an invoice request is
mand, easy-to-adopt online store can also transmit and receive sales created, you can decide to invoice
that integrates with SAP Business orders electronically. single items immediately, at a later
ByDesign. time, or not at all if you are going
Customer Invoicing
to write them off completely.
Customer returns handling Sales and service invoicing
Customers return products for a va- Enhance your cash flow by improv- Miscellaneous invoicing
riety of reasons, such as a late deliv- ing your customer billing process for Invoicing special sales transactions
ery, an incorrect item, or poor quali- goods and services purchased from requires maximum flexibility of your
ty. The solution enables you to save your company. You have the flexibili- enterprise resource planning solu-
costs and increase customer satis- ty to create invoicing documents in- tion. SAP software enables you to
faction by handling customer returns dividually, collectively, or as part of create manual invoices, recurring in-
quickly and effectively. Based on the automatic invoice runs, which allows voices, or manual credit memos for
customer return, you can issue a you to periodically process invoice products or services without refer-
credit memo for a refund or create a requests due for invoicing. You can ence to a preceding document, such
follow-up sales order to exchange also create credit memos for returns as a sales or service order. You can
the returned product with a new also create down payment requests
and correction invoices. This func-
tion is fully integrated with financials,
but there is no effect on inventory

Tax calculation and adjust their sales plans accord-
To meet legal requirements you ingly. Managers can set and meas-
must correctly calculate tax, such as ure sales revenue targets for a
value-added tax (VAT) and U.S. specific time by sales person, prod-
sales tax, when you sell goods and uct, product category, and account.
services. Once you define the rele-
vant tax types and rates for your
company, the solution carries out
the tax determination and calculates
the tax for the respective transac-
tion, such as sales and service in-
voicing, project invoicing, and ex-
pense reimbursements.
U.S. sales and use tax processing
Benefit from up-to-date calculations
for U.S. sales and use tax for sales
and purchase orders (and related in-
voices) as part of an automated
workflow. You no longer have to
manually configure and update fre-
quently changing U.S. sales and use
tax data when using Vertex Tax
Service from Vertex, an SAP part-
Gain an advantage over competitors
by being recognized through your
corporate design and by providing
easy-to-read business documents,
such as customer invoices and cred-
it memos, for interactions with your
customers. The solution provides
templates for standard business
documents that you can adapt easily
according to your companys specif-
ic requirements. You can also trans-
mit invoices electronically.
Sales Planning
Sales target management
Give your sales team the data they
require to plan realistic sales targets
and the tools they need to realign
targets when necessary. The solu-
tion helps your sales managers and
their teams plan their sales targets
at various levels, monitor sales con-
tinuously throughout the sales cycle,

Service Consider the Scope with your customer. Service level-
agreements usually include operat-
Offer service that differentiates your or- Entitlement Management ing hours, originating processes,
ganization from the competition and in- Product registration maximum duration, and other param-
creases customer satisfaction. The Product registration enables you to eters to determine the service lev-
SAP Business ByDesign solution gives track individual products, such as els.
your employees a comprehensive view products with serial numbers, to de-
Warranty entitlement management
of customers, enabling them to deliver termine entitlement to support or for
Manage your companys obligation
excellent service and meet customers marketing purposes, for example.
to a customer, such as repair or re-
expectations. This paves the way to fol- These products can be registered at
placement, if a supplied product is
low-on sales and encourages your cus- the purchase location or when the
found to be defective or below a
tomers to promote your company to customer calls with a support issue.
guaranteed standard within the de-
others. You can also use the software Once entered in the solution, this in-
fined warranty time period. You can
to: formation, such as product ID, war-
define the pricing implications of the
Quickly answer customer queries ranty entitlement, product location,
service delivery and automatically
and respond with instant access to and configuration details, is available
determine whether or not a warranty
information and expertise originating for future interactions with the cus-
applies to the customers specific is-
from multiple internal and external tomer. Once a product is registered,
sue. In addition, you can use the sol-
sources the solution collects information in a
ution to determine country-specific
Help ensure that customer commit- fact sheet that gives you complete
legal warranty requirements and to
ments are adhered to and service and detailed information.
offer different warranties for prod-
delivery tasks are completed on
Service-level management ucts with different lifecycles.
Reacting in a timely fashion to serv-
Register and track your customers Product and Service Portfolio
ice requests is key to maintaining a
entitlement to product warranties Management
good relationship with your custom-
and facilitate customer service ac- Offering of services
ers. The solution supports you in the
cording to legal requirements and Offering services to support cus-
management of your service-level
customer expectations tomers during the products lifecycle
agreements. It automatically deter-
is vital to many companies and can
mines required reaction times to
be a core business. For easy access
service requests and service orders
and maintenance, you can store a
based on the agreement you have
complete portfolio of up-to-date,

sales-relevant data about the serv- Price specification management Communication
ices you offer. You can reuse this Calculating the correct sales price Gain an advantage over competitors
services data in your service docu- of products and services is made by being recognized through your
ments, such as service order and easy through the use of special corporate design and by providing
service confirmation, thereby elimi- price components in addition to easy-to-read business documents,
nating redundant data entry. The sol- price and discount lists. The soft- such as service request forms,
ution gives you a complete overview ware enables easy access and main- when interacting with your custom-
of each service by gathering togeth- tenance of values for additional ers. The solution provides templates
er the information you maintain into price components, such as freight for standard business documents
an individual fact sheet. and surcharges. This data is used to that you can adapt easily according
calculate customer-specific pricing to your companys special require-
Spare-parts handling
for opportunities, sales quotes, ments.
Providing spare parts to your cus-
sales orders, service orders, cus-
tomers is a logistics challenge. The Field Service and Repair
tomer invoices, and customer re-
solution helps you manage and de- Service order management
turns. It also includes the calculation
liver tangible materials, in addition to Processing service orders must be
of the profit margin within a sales or
services, through service orders. quick and easy, especially when
service order.
For example, if a boiler needs repair your company processes many or-
and a new valve is required, the sol- Customer Care ders each day. You can plan for the
ution can handle the logistics proc- Knowledge-base management delivery of services and manage all
ess of delivering this valve. It inte- Getting to the root of a problem resources such as spare parts and
grates with other functions such as quickly saves time and money. You labor. In addition, you can make sure
product availability checks, pricing, can manage a repository of informa- that the customer is entitled to the
delivery, and invoicing of materials. tion and expertise relevant for serv- service and support requested, in-
In addition, the solution supports di- ice and support from multiple sour- cluding warranty service. The solu-
rect delivery of spare parts to your ces, such as engineering documen- tion records the costs and revenues
customers as well as indirect deliv- tation, service and support docu- of service delivery so that you can
ery through a service engineer. mentation, and the experience of track profit margins. It establishes
personnel in performing their duties. repair histories and facilitates knowl-
Price list and discount
Your employees can access this edge capture for generating and vali-
knowledge base to assist them in dating best practices in service de-
Streamline the calculation for the
successfully completing service re- livery.
correct price of products and serv-
quests and service orders.
ices by using price and discount Service confirmation
lists. You can store prices and dis- Service request management Reporting actual figures for time and
counts in a single database for easy Manage service requests in a stand- material used during a repair proc-
access and maintenance. The solu- ardized way to help ensure com- ess leads to correct invoicing. The
tion then uses this data to deter- plete documentation of a custom- solution enables a service engineer
mine pricing for opportunities, sales ers problems. You can create and to confirm the actual services per-
quotes, sales and service orders, manage various types of customer formed for a customer, based on a
customer invoices, and customer re- inquiries, such as product-handling sales or service order. The confirma-
turns. In addition, you can maintain a questions or product problems. The tion includes details such as labor
variety of price and discount lists, solution supports a process for re- hours, spare parts consumed, and
such as customer-specific price lists solving customer issues and gives expenses. The details captured
or discounts based on your product you the ability to track progress us- about the completion of work be-
hierarchy. The software also has ing follow-up documents such as come part of the repair history. The
special functions such as mass service orders or activities. In addi- confirmation process can initiate
maintenance of price and discount tion, you can use this functionality to customer invoicing.
lists. support an internal help desk, such
as in the IT department, to handle
requests from end users.

Mobile service order management
Being connected to your service en-
gineers and being able to update da-
ta in real time help you efficiently
manage your service processes.
The solution enables your engineers
to access service orders and serv-
ice confirmations from a mobile de-
vice. You can push service orders to
service engineers when they are not
in the office. The engineer can con-
firm the order on-site, immediately
after performing the service.
Gain an advantage over competitors
by being recognized through your
corporate design and by providing
easy-to-read business documents,
such as service order confirmations,
when interacting with your custom-
ers. The solution provides templates
for standard business documents
that you can adapt according to your
companys special requirements.


Help ensure efficient and ef- Human Resources Consider the Scope
fective HR operations and Integrate your HR processes with other Personnel Administration
maximize the potential of core business processes, so that HR Personnel file management
data is available to all your employees Increase visibility into an employees
your employees. With the when they need it. The SAP Business complete history of personnel
SAP Business ByDesign ByDesign solution has built-in work- events, such as hiring, transfer, res-
flows and self-services for managers ignation or termination, and rehire,
solution, employees get per- and employees that free up time that with an online file that simplifies the
sonalized business portals HR administrators spend on routine management of your personnel files
tasks. You can also use the software while keeping employee data se-
tailored to their job func- to: cure. Centralized payroll and other
tions, and self-service fea- Streamline and automate the new- employee-related information, such
employee onboarding process from as tax data, enables your employees
tures to streamline execu- hiring the right person to determin- to quickly access and maintain per-
tion of daily tasks. You can ing job responsibilities and assigning sonnel data and helps eliminate er-
data-access rights rors caused by duplicate data entry.
adapt HR services to chang- Comply with HR-related guidelines
HR task management
ing business needs by add- and standards established by your
Manage all tasks related to person-
company as well as those of the
ing, enhancing, and auto- regulatory authorities in the coun-
nel administration more efficiently
while following standards and guide-
mating processes, including tries where you operate
lines established by your company
Outsource payroll activities to a
workloads, personnel, and third-party payroll service provider
as well as regulatory authorities in
the countries where you operate.
payroll. while having the control, integration,
You can hire new employees, termi-
and visibility of an in-house payroll
nate relationships with employees,
change employees personal data,
and maintain employment changes
such as transfers. Using information
from your companys organizational

master data, the software automati- Time account management Compensation structure
cally proposes changes to employ- Maintain and monitor time accounts management
ees' authorization profiles and com- related to working time or leave bal- You can map your entire compensa-
pany workflows resulting from these ances with respect to company poli- tion process and make sure that pay
types of work and life events, there- cies and legal requirements. You structures are applied consistently
by reducing manual tasks and can, for example, manage leave enti- across the company. You can create
streamlining administrative process- tlements or support ad hoc report- and enforce company-wide compen-
es. ing. To reduce manual workload, you sation structures for different em-
can set up rules to periodically up- ployee groups, such as hourly, ex-
Time and Labor Management
date time account balances and to empt, and nonexempt, giving you
Time recording
automatically post different types of better control of personnel costs.
It is crucial for companies to accu-
employee times, such as work You can also define default values
rately allocate employees work time
hours that qualify for shift premiums. for each compensation grade to
as input for time administration, pay-
You can also adjust time accounts make sure that each employees
roll, and management accounting.
manually to deal with exceptions. In salary is aligned with your compa-
Employees can easily record their
addition, you can define company- nys compensation policy.
work times using self-services; alter-
specific time accounts and create
natively, work times can be record- Payroll
variants of accrual and period-end
ed centrally by the HR department. Provider collaboration
processing rules.
Time records can include confirmed Efficiently collaborate with best-
productive time, special attendan- Time valuation practice payroll providers for the
ces, absences, breaks, availability Working times must be collected transfer of payroll-related data from
for duty, and bonus time. Leveraging and then valuated according to vari- your company to an outsourced
this built-in integration, for example, ous characteristics, such as shift, service provider. You benefit from
to confirm times on projects, you overtime, and premium time. The outsourcing with lower administra-
can significantly reduce the time re- solution leverages automation to re- tive costs, greater efficiency, and re-
quired to create invoices. duce the effort required to perform duced liability risk. Preconfiguration
these basic HR tasks. It calculates in the solution takes into account
Work schedule administration
employees working time, process- common business standards and
Simplify and streamline the adminis-
es time-account deductions, and country-specific requirements, such
tration of your employees work
transfers the valuation results to as different compensation compo-
schedules. You can define reusable
other processes, such as payroll nents and payroll pay types, simpli-
work schedules suitable for several
processing. fying the handover of payroll-related
employees, or individual work
data to a local or multinational pay-
schedules suitable for specific em- Compensation
roll provider. You retain control by
ployees on an as-needed basis. You Compensation adjustment
being able to preview the outcome
can plan reusable work schedules Employee compensation sometimes
of a payroll run and make changes,
for various time periods and on the requires manual adjustments related
thus preventing costly payroll mis-
basis of daily models, period mod- to special earnings or deductions.
takes before they occur.
els, or schedule models that include The solution enables you to manage
target working hours based on employee compensation more effi- Payroll processing
hours per calendar day, with a start ciently. For example, with just a few You can perform and monitor all
and end time, and, optionally, break clicks, your HR manager can easily steps in the payroll process, includ-
times. make adjustments such as chang- ing maintaining payroll-relevant set-
ing an employees salary grade or a tings, reconciling and validating data,
compensation component, tempora- and guiding the export of payroll da-
rily increasing monthly compensa- ta to an external service provider.
tion, or making a one-time payment, While payroll integration automates
such as a bonus. compensation of working times, HR
personnel can intervene manually
for example, to add overtime or a

shift premium for an employee. Prior by the human resources function to
to transferring payroll data to your arrange compensation, by the
payroll provider, the solution per- projects function to staff projects,
forms data quality checks and and by the sales function to perform
presents any anomalies to HR per- service-related tasks.
sonnel for review. Your payroll pro-
Access and responsibility
vider can transfer processing results
back to the solution for follow-on fi-
Automate and simplify routine activi-
nancial and management accounting
ties for managing employees ac-
cess to the solution. A proposal for
People Master-Data Management an employees access privileges is
Employee record management generated automatically and
Enter and maintain information about forwarded to the appropriate manag-
employees, including their contact ers and key users for revision and
data as well as organizational unit approval. Assignments to jobs and
and job assignment. Employees can organizational units are used to gen-
maintain their own contact data, erate full security profiles. You can
such as phone number and office lo- make incremental restrictions man-
cation, using employee self-serv- ually, for example, to enforce segre-
ices. In addition, you can give em- gation of duties. When an employee
ployees access to online time is transferred to a different area of
sheets so they can confirm time the organization or has a new man-
worked on projects. ager, the right to see and change
access rights and work center as-
Service-agent data management
signments is transferred automati-
Simplify the maintenance of informa-
cally to the new line manager.
tion about service agents who per-
form services on behalf of your
company, such as independent con-
tractors and temporary workers.
You can give service agents access
to online time sheets so they can
confirm time worked on projects.
This functionality is particularly val-
uable if your organization routinely
relies on external resources to sup-
port projects. In addition, responsi-
ble parties can view detailed infor-
mation about which service agents
perform work for which suppliers.
Job definition
Optimize staffing by defining jobs
according to organizational struc-
ture. When you assign an employee
to an organizational unit, you also
assign a job. This job assignment is
used by several different functions
within your company; for example,

Employee Self-Service Consider the Scope a percentage of the overall expense
report or by individual receipt. Built-
Enable your employees to more easily Employee Self-Services in compliance supports adherence
complete HR tasks such as address General employee self-services with country- and company-specific
changes, time recording, purchase re- Empower every employee with self- regulations.
quests, and expense reports. Automat- services functions to handle basic
ic workflow in the SAP Business tasks such as recording working
Streamline the procurement of ma-
ByDesign solution supports the authori- time, submitting purchase requests,
terials and services while supporting
zation process, so that the responsible managing compensation details, and
adherence with company-specific
manager immediately receives notifica- requesting IT support. By interacting
purchasing standards and automat-
tion and can approve the employee's directly with the software, employ-
ing approval cycles. Enable your em-
request. You can use the software to: ees can greatly reduce communica-
ployees to use self-services to pur-
Create purchase requisitions in tion and administration efforts for
chase materials or services and
alignment with your companys pur- purchasers, HR managers, and IT
monitor the fulfillment status of such
chasing policies and guidelines, and support staff. When you make self-
purchases. Resulting purchase or-
monitor their execution services available to external service
ders can be submitted directly to
Submit requests for support elec- providers, they can, for example, re-
vendors or automatically to a cen-
tronically regarding IT and other cord the time they spend on assign-
tralized purchasing group, depend-
workplace-related issues, and man- ments and projects for specific pur-
ing on criteria you have defined. A
age the follow-on activities chase orders.
complete audit trail is available be-
Enable managers to perform self-
Expense management cause purchasing documents are
service requests or personal data
Empower every employee to record assigned automatically to the rele-
changes on behalf of their direct re-
expenses and manage reimburse- vant cost center or project.
ments, reducing the time managers
and administrative staff spend on
Simplify the reporting and monitor-
such routine tasks. For example,
ing of IT support issues by enabling
your employees can use self-serv-
employees to use self-services for
ices to submit expenses for travel
submitting service and support re-
and purchases, which can be allo-
quests and tracking the status of
cated automatically to one or more
their requests. IT support staff can
cost centers or projects. In addition,
save time researching issues be-
you can flexibly assign expenses as
cause the solution captures data
that might be relevant to resolve the

issue. You can streamline the com-
munication process both within your
organization as well as with service
providers and provide a structured
and repeatable process for resolving
Management Self-Services
Employee self-services on behalf of
Enable your line managers to per-
form tasks on behalf of their direct
reports. When an employee asks a
manager to act on that employees
behalf, the manager can choose the
appropriate self-service to fulfill the
employees request to, for example,
create a leave request, submit an
expense report, edit a time sheet, or
assign a substitute for a task. Self-
service steps help the manager
quickly complete unfamiliar or sel-
dom-performed functions.


Build an efficient supply Product Development Consider the Scope

chain so you can respond Accelerate time to market of your new Product Definition
quickly to changing markets. products, facilitating consistency be- Product specification
tween customer requirements, product For a business that manufactures or
The SAP Business designs, and delivered products. The configures products based on cus-
ByDesign solution enables SAP Business ByDesign solution ena- tomer requirements, it is vital to
bles you to reuse product designs gen- have accurate records of each con-
you to optimize material erated in computer-aided technologies figurable product. The solution ena-
flow by managing demand (CAx) systems, which your engineers bles your sales team to record cus-
can adapt before handing them over to tomer requirements for a given
and supply. Design, set up, production. Specified product require- sales order quickly and accurately,
and execute flexible ware- ments can be the basis for all steps in a which is particularly relevant for
lean make-to-order scenario. You can drop-shipment and lean make-to-or-
house and manufacturing also use the software to: der processes. To speed up the de-
processes to fit your prod- Create and maintain hierarchical sign process, your design team can
product designs and versions of also define the most commonly re-
ucts and business model product designs, from scratch or via quested product configurations in
and gain maximum insight an open interface to your engineer- advance by identifying features and
ing system combinations of features for each
into your business. Increase Eliminate redundant activities by product and by creating notes for
collaboration with your cus- generating production bills of materi- production.
als automatically from product de-
tomers and suppliers. Product properties management
Product properties enable your engi-
Handle products variants more effi-
neers and product managers to pre-
ciently in engineering, manufactur-
cisely define product attributes,
ing, and sales by defining product
such as color, size, or finish, and set
properties and models once at the
a range of allowed values for each
beginning of their lifecycle
attribute. The solution helps you
streamline the production process

by enabling your engineers to assign your production engineers to adapt
product properties to a product engineering designs and to transfer
model, which, in turn, can be used the engineering information to pro-
as the basis for a product duction in the form of a production
specification. bill of material.
Product configuration Engineering design integration
Product models enable you to man- Engineers typically use computer-
age groups of complex configurable aided technologies (CAx), tools, and
products quickly and easily. Your systems to aid in the design, analy-
product managers and engineers sis, and manufacture of products.
can use product models to describe To enable the transfer of engineer-
the various configurations that are ing design information, the solution
possible for a product. Product can be integrated with such CAx
models can serve as templates for tools and systems. This makes CAx
creating product specifications. The engineering information available to
resulting model helps your sales em- your product engineers without any
ployees respond to customers in- delay. Product engineers can review
quiries quickly and create more ac- and adapt this information and hand
curate product specifications. In it over to manufacturing execution.
manufacturing, the same model in-
creases efficiency as all potential
product variants are known up front
and can be considered effectively in
the planning process.
To handle the creation of a product
specification during the sales proc-
ess, companies often rely on third-
party configuration tools to capture
customer requirements. The solu-
tion enables you to integrate such
tools so that customer requirements
can be transferred from the tools to
a product specification in the solu-
tion where it is available immediately
to follow-on processes.
Product Engineering
Product design
For companies with a strong engi-
neering focus, the efficient transfer
of engineering data to the supply
chain is essential for cost manage-
ment and quality control. Functionali-
ty in the solution makes engineering
designs visible to the entire organi-
zation. This transparency enables

Supply Chain Setup Management Consider the Scope This enables you to control the
movement of products and materials
Gain flexibility in modeling your supply Supply Chain Design between sites and transfer zones,
chain and creating the required master Location setup for example, to facilitate intracompa-
data. The SAP Business ByDesign sol- Gain transparency into your supply ny stock transfers.
ution gives you a clear view of your dis- chain by setting up your company
Execution Design
tribution network to customers, as well sites and storage locations in the
Warehouse and production layout
as an internal view of a site, such as the solution. You can model the differ-
Reflect the business reality of your
layout of a warehouse or production ent locations of your company, such
companys supply chain operations
site. You can also use the software to: as the layout of a warehouse or pro-
by modeling your warehouse and
Model your internal supply chains duction facility, ship-from location,
production layout exactly how you
and manage the material flow within or ship-to location.
need it. You can flexibly model the
your warehouse and between your
Planning area definition warehouse and production structure
warehouse and manufacturing loca-
For planning and logistics purposes, for each of your company sites. For
tions as an integrated process
all products and materials have to example, you can change the layout
Define your production and ware-
be assigned to a planning area. Tak- from a simple to a more comprehen-
house processes and operations
ing advantage of visibility into the sive one, such as with or without bin
with single or multiple steps accord-
sites, your supply chain planner can management.
ing to your business requirements
define and initialize one planning
Achieve business process transpar- Production Model Management
area for each of your sites.
ency between planning and execu- Bill of material management
tion by using scalable production Supply chain network setup Specify the input products you need
models that combine both the bill of Define your supply chain network to to manufacture intermediate and fin-
material and bill of operation meet your companys unique re- ished products by creating a bill of
quirements. Your supply chain man- material (BoM), a structured list of
ager can model your distribution quantities, units of measure, and de-
processes and then set up transport scriptions for all input products. A
zones. You can use transport lanes BoM can be used only with produc-
to connect the different zones and tion models. A BoM can be a collec-
ship-from sites within the network. tion of BoM variants that share a set
of input products. You can specify
production BoM variants, the input
products that go into the production

BoM variants, and how the input
products are linked to production
BoM variants. An intrinsic part of a
BoM is an engineering change or-
der, which controls changes made
to a product during its lifecycle.
Bill of operation management
Define how a product should be pro-
duced, down to the operations and
activities that go into manufacturing
a product or an assembly. You can
assign activities, steps, resources,
and execution instructions to one or
more operations that comprise a bill
of operation. In addition, you can
support alternative or parallel manu-
facturing by organizing operations in
the appropriate sequence as need-

Supply Chain Planning and Consider the Scope current planned quantity. Additional-
Control ly, you can determine if planned re-
Demand Planning ceipts already cover the forecasts,
Manage your supply and demand plan- Demand planning and forecasting or if the forecasts need to be
ning, and control the material flow. On Improve the reliability of your de- adjusted by sales orders.
the basis of an exception-driven ap- mand plans and forecasts the
Ship-from determination
proach, plan and consolidate your pro- more transparent and accurate they
Improve flexibility in order fulfillment
curement requirements, create feasible are, the more effectively your com-
by defining the sourcing rules used
production plans, and determine and pany can plan against future demand
to determine from which site or sup-
confirm realistic delivery dates. The in your supply chain. You can gener-
plier a customer-ordered item can
SAP Business ByDesign solution ena- ate forecasts by taking into account
be delivered. You can work with
bles you to easily define and maintain historical demand and applying dif-
sourcing rules that consist of multi-
individual customer requirements and ferent forecasting methods that are
ple criteria, such as transport-lane
product variants. You can also use the appropriate for the situation. Addi-
priorities. Sourcing rules can also
software to: tionally, the solution supports both
consider drop-ship purchasing con-
Check product availability and con- manual and automatic calculation
firm delivery dates by checking cus- and the release of rolling forecasts
tomer requirements against stock to supply planning where they form Product availability check
on hand and product supply the basis for current and future pro- Enable your employees to determine
Combine automated operations with duction and procurement. instantly whether a customer order
manual planning, and manage your can be confirmed or needs another
Demand Management and Order
resource capacity to meet produc- planning iteration. The product avail-
tion demand ability check takes current stock as
Demand management
Specify your processes for drop well as expected receipts into con-
Enable your demand planners to
shipment and stock transfers in or- sideration when determining wheth-
consider different demand types
der to save storage and transport er a customer order can be con-
including sales orders, service or-
costs by delivering directly from firmed. You can adjust this function-
ders, demand forecasts, and de-
your supplier ality to meet your needs. Automated
pendant demand while doing mate-
checks and alerts increase your em-
rial planning. Their decisions control
ployees efficiency and productivity
the impact that demand has on your
during the order-to-cash process.

Exception Monitoring and Control Supply Control Stock transfer
Exception selection and control Handover to purchasing Enable your inventory managers to
Timely identification of problems or Manually or automatically release move products between two loca-
deviations in your supply chain plan- your purchase proposals for exter- tions within your company. Carrying
ning enables you to resolve them ef- nally procured products. You can out such intracompany stock trans-
fectively and minimize disruptions. control the purchasing process by fers can help you fill customer or-
The solution automatically generates defining the time horizon for releas- ders and avoid back orders by mov-
exceptions when threshold values ing proposals in advance. Additional- ing material between sites to re-
are exceeded or discrepancies are ly, you can set up validity checks to solve production bottlenecks or to
found in material and capacity plan- be conducted when proposals are cope with stock shortages, for ex-
ning, availability checking, or the ex- released to purchasing. ample.
ecution of purchasing or production
Handover to production Communication
operations. Your supply planners
Manually or automatically release Information exchange is vital to
can manage such exceptions proac-
your production proposals for manu- keeping your supply chain opera-
tively because they are notified of
facturing products. You can control tions running smoothly. The solution
critical problems that cannot be re-
the production process by defining enables you to easily exchange lo-
solved automatically or that are time
the time horizon for releasing pro- gistics controlrelevant information.
posals in advance. Additionally, you You can standardize this information
Supply Planning can set up validity checks to be con- exchange by using templates for
Material and capacity planning ducted when proposals are released standard business documents and
Achieve better control of your sup- to production, taking into considera- forms such as drop-ship order. You
ply chain when you use effective tion related production master data. can also set up rules on how to print
material and capacity planning based this information. In addition, you can
Logistics Control
on predefined planning procedures, set up third-party business-to-busi-
Handover to outbound logistics
lot-sizing methods, and safety-stock ness communication by XML or
Release your delivery requests of
levels. To limit the results of the electronic data interchange (EDI).
products due for outbound logistics
planning run, you can define time
execution either manually or auto-
fences. Using these settings, your
matically. You can meet customer or
planners can create purchase and
internal demand by these deliveries,
production proposals and group
which can be based on sales, serv-
products into planning groups that
ice, and stock-transfer orders. Addi-
can be used in material planning
tionally, you can control the delivery
runs. Using capacity planning, your
process by defining the time horizon
planners can determine the amount
for releasing the requests in ad-
of load placed on each planning-rele-
vance and by setting up validity
vant resource, identify bottleneck
checks for outbound deliveries dur-
resources, and carry out load level-
ing the handover process to logis-
ing on them. Furthermore, planners
tics execution.
can reschedule downwards and up-
wards pegged supplies by consider- Drop shipment handling
ing changes caused by load leveling. Increase flexibility and reduce costs
by outsourcing the outbound deliv-
ery process to your suppliers. The
solution enables you to ship prod-
ucts to your customers directly from
your suppliers. This shipment option
can be selected when you receive a
sales order.

Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Consider the Scope Shipping
Logistics Ship products from your warehouse
Inbound and Outbound Logistics to customers and perform stock
Produce products that meet your cus- Receiving transfers efficiently. You can easily
tomers requirements and high expecta- Receive products into your ware- process outbound deliveries and
tions of quality while maximizing your house and perform stock transfers manage picking and loading activi-
manufacturing and logistics efficiency. efficiently. You can easily process ties. You can define how many tasks
The SAP Business ByDesign solution inbound deliveries and manage sub- you want in your shipping process
enables you to manage production, de- sequent unloading and put-away ac- or define a shipping process without
liveries and returns, physical inventory, tivities. You can define how many tasks, with the selection of at least
and stock transfers. It synchronizes tasks you want in your receiving one logistics model. In addition, you
supply execution data, such as work in process or define a receiving proc- can choose to run your shipping
process and inventory postings, with fi- ess without tasks, with the selection processes with or without tasks in
nancials. You can also use the software of at least one logistics model. In parallel.
to: addition, you can choose to run your
Enhance tracking and tracing proce- receiving processes with or without
Enable your field service engineers
dures by using identified stock, such tasks in parallel.
to pick up spare parts from a ware-
as batches or lots, as well as label-
Returns handling house to increase efficiency in the
ing, and logistics units
Receive customer returns or unused service delivery process. The solu-
Integrate quality assurance tasks,
spare parts and return products to tion allows flexibility in issuing spare
such as final inspections, with pro-
suppliers. You can easily process parts required for a service order
duction to determine whether a
returns deliveries and manage sub- and manages subsequent picking
product meets predefined quality re-
sequent tasks such as returns put and loading activities. You can de-
away, returns unloading, or returns fine if you want your pick-up proc-
Automate processes for inbound lo-
picking and loading. You can define esses to be with or without tasks,
gistics, outbound logistics, and pro-
how many tasks you want in your re- with the selection of at least one lo-
duction and decide where to use
turns handling process or define a gistics model. Additionally, you can
bar-code or RF readers, mobile devi-
returns handling process without decide to run the processes with or
ces, or electronic instructions
tasks, with the selection of at least without tasks in parallel.
one logistics model. In addition, you
can choose to run your returns han-
dling processes with or without
tasks in parallel.

Communication Inventory Management Production control and
Information exchange is vital for the Inventory posting confirmation
smooth running of supply chain op- Enable your inventory manager to Give your production workers the
erations. The solution enables you define all the requirements for inven- appropriate control over the physical
to easily exchange information rele- tory postings when goods are production process. You can man-
vant to inbound and outbound logis- moved into or out of your ware- age these steps more efficiently by
tics. You can standardize this infor- house. The solution enables you to configuring the solution to close fin-
mation by using templates for busi- deal with issues arising from inven- ished production lots immediately.
ness documents, such as pick and tory updates in processes such as Alternatively, you can run the clo-
put-away lists, load and unload lists, shipping, receiving, and unplanned sure of production lots according to
and delivery notes. You can define inventory movement. a schedule, while retaining the op-
rules for printing these documents. tion to close production lots manual-
Physical inventory
Additionally, you can set up third- ly. Additionally, you can define the
Carry out a physical inventory count
party business-to-business commu- horizon within which the production
at least once every fiscal year to de-
nication to receive and send ad- lots should be closed. You can
termine if book inventory reflects
vanced shipping notifications choose the appropriate configura-
physical inventory. Not only is this
(ASNs) electronically by XML or tion depending on the degree of
good business practice; in most
electronic data interchange (EDI). control you want and the volume of
countries, it is a legal requirement.
production lots you deal with.
Internal Logistics The solution enables your ware-
Internal replenishment house employees to define the pa- Quality Assurance
Move products efficiently, process rameters for inventory-counting Quality control
internal replenishment requests processes, such as periodic invento- Make sure that products manufac-
easily, and manage all replenishment ry counting and cycle counting. tured by your company meet both
activities. You can decide whether quality standards and customer ex-
to generate replenishment tasks au- pectations by establishing and carry-
Production preparation and
tomatically or manually and can ing out quality control processes.
model your replenishment process- The solution enables you to decide
Give your production supervisors
es by selecting a logistics model. on techniques and activities used to
the flexibility they need to prepare
Additionally, you can print move lists fulfill quality requirements. You can
and plan for production, including
and set up rules on how to print this determine the processes and prod-
creating and releasing production or-
information. ucts for which inspections and cor-
ders. The solution enables you to
rective and preventive actions have
Removal manage these steps more efficiently
to be taken and also how these in-
Move products and components ef- by configuring the solution to create
spections and actions take place.
ficiently between a warehouse and and release production orders im-
production areas, picking zones, mediately upon receiving a produc- Quality planning
staging areas, and storage locations tion request. Alternatively, you can Carry out quality planning by defin-
and manage all removal activities. create and release orders according ing the quality requirements that a
You can decide whether to generate to a schedule or decide to create product must fulfill. The solution en-
removal tasks automatically or man- and release them manually. You can ables your quality managers to main-
ually and can model your removal define the horizon within which pro- tain master data such as inspection
processes by selecting a logistics duction orders should be created. plans and quality-code catalogs as
model. Additionally, you can print The configuration you choose de- well as the basic quality-standards
move lists and set up rules on how pends on the degree of control you data required to plan and execute
to print this information. want and the volume of production quality inspections. This data in-
orders you deal with. cludes the requirements to which a
given product must conform and the
rules for recording the results of an

Sample management Identified stock management tasks to different folders, and con-
Enable your quality managers to de- Incorporate tracking and tracing into firm tasks when they are completed.
fine sampling details for both ac- your supply chain by managing your Tasks can have embedded informa-
ceptance sampling and adaptive products in batches and lots through tion, such as work and safety in-
sampling. The solution supports ac- identified stock (optional or manda- structions and product drawings,
ceptance sampling by including sam- tory), which is inventory that is sep- that guide workers through their dai-
pling schemes that use a template arated and uniquely identified by the ly tasks.
to help you define a collection of same characteristics. You can cre-
Mobile device management
sampling plans that comply with in- ate identified stock or modify the
Automate your logistics processes
ternational sampling standards such details of existing identified stock,
further by providing robust and flexi-
as ISO 2859. In addition, the solu- such as production and expiry dates
ble mobile applications for transac-
tion provides other types of accept- and the customer or supplier ID. In
tion processing. The solution ena-
ance sampling, which are available addition, you can add attachments,
bles your workers to use mobile de-
by default: fixed (or percentage) such as a graphic image or textual
vices, such as personal digital assis-
sample size and 100% inspection. notes, specific to the identified
tants (PDAs) and scanners, to exe-
With adaptive sampling you can ad- stock.
cute and confirm tasks during logis-
just inspection frequency and sam-
Label and serial number tics operations.
ple size based on previous inspec-
tion results; you can also adjust in- Automatic identification
Enable your warehouse workers to
spection frequency independently Help your workers reduce errors,
identify, track, and trace products.
based on random probability. such as those caused by manual da-
The solution supports several differ-
ta entry, and increase their efficien-
Communication ent types of content labels, which
cy by automating logistics process-
Information exchange is vital for the contain information such as product
es. The solution enables you to
smooth running of quality opera- or identified stock ID. An unspeci-
manage logistics information using
tions. You can easily exchange infor- fied content label is attached to a lo-
bar codes and radio-frequency iden-
mation relevant for quality assur- gistics unit, such as a package or
tification (RFID). Additionally, it sup-
ance by using different types of print carton, that contains different prod-
ports common bar-code and RFID
forms. The solution enables you to ucts without indicating the products.
standardize this information by pro- A uniform content label is attached
viding predefined forms for inspec- to a logistics unit that contains only
tion instructions, inspection results, one type of product. A serialized
and sample drawing instructions, product label is used for a single
among others. You can also set up unique product.
rules on how to print this informa-
Task Management and Automation
Task execution and folder
Tracking, Tracing, and Identification management
Handling and logistics units Increase efficiency in your supply
management chain and enable workers to manage
Increase transparency within your production, warehousing, or quality
supply chain and facilitate the move- tasks more effectively. As tasks are
ment and storage of products within generated, the solution can group
a warehouse by using handling and them in folders according to rules
logistics units. The solution helps you define; for example, all tasks for
you define logistics units, such as a production area or group of users.
container or pallet. Logistics units In addition to tasks, you can assign
represent goods and give your com- users or mobile devices to these
pany an alternative method to view folders. You can review detailed in-
and monitor inventory. Additionally, formation for each task, reassign
you can see where logistics units
are used per material.


Improve project efficiency Project Management Consider the Scope

and transparency with inte- Improve the accuracy of project-related Project Planning and Execution
grated project management data that is used in accounting, control- Project planning and scheduling
ling, purchasing, and human resources. You can plan, execute, and continu-
in the SAP Business The SAP Business ByDesign solution ously monitor projects of all types
ByDesign solution. Project enables you to manage your projects of and sizes, including cost collectors.
any size, from simple to complex, and You can create an overall project
managers can plan and keep other departments in your compa- structure, set up a detailed project
track projects through ny informed. In addition, project teams plan and schedule, search for and
can collaborate on project documents assign appropriate project staff, and
graphical tools such as and share project-related information. procure the goods and services
Gantt charts and network di- You can also use the software to: needed to carry out the project. You
View project data using graphical can choose from several interactive
agrams. Project teams work presentation tools, including Gantt graphical views, depending on the
together more easily charts, work breakdown structures, activities you need to perform. For
and network diagrams example, you can use network dia-
through shared information Purchase third-party support, such grams to plan process-oriented
and workflow-driven task as consulting services, as well as re- projects, while Gantt charts help
cord working times and approve you visualize a projects schedule
management. And up-to- time records and task dependencies.
the-minute project data is Monitor project progress and devia-
Change management
tions by making continuous reas-
shared with the rest of your sessments and escalate important
Changes in project scope after the
project kick-off are a common threat
company for easy tracking issues as needed
to a projects overall success. The
of costs, purchases, and solution supports change manage-
ment activities and provides a sys-
employee and contractor tematic way to process change re-
hours. quests during a project. A project
manager can trigger a new project-
plan baseline upon a change re-
quest. This new baseline becomes

active, while previous baselines re- vendors or to other legal entities in Accounting for Projects
main accessible for later your company group. Project Project cost and revenue
comparison. In addition, you can managers can easily monitor the ful- management
specify that an approval for this new fillment status of all project-related Track a projects planned versus ac-
baseline is required. For documenta- purchases. tual costs as well as actual project
tion and trend analysis, you can take revenues, down to the project-task
Time recording
project snapshots, either automati- level. The solution considers esti-
Accurately allocating actual working
cally based on defined schedules or mated project costs, which are
times to a project is the basis of
manually as needed. based on planned work and expens-
project monitoring as well as project
es; actual costs, which result from
Project resource management invoicing, payroll, and cost and reve-
time and expense reporting, supplier
Staffing projects is a cornerstone of nue management. Both internal and
invoicing, and material consumption;
the project setup. With online ac- external project team members can
and, if applicable, actual revenues
cess to HR data, resource manag- record and confirm their time on as-
from customer invoices created with
ers can search for both internal em- signed project tasks or work pack-
a project reference. You can decide
ployees and external resources with ages. Time data from all team mem-
how to handle overhead costs
the appropriate skills and assign bers is consolidated and presented
whether to allocate such costs to
them to the project. Once team to the project manager, who can
projects or project tasks and which
members have been assigned to the compare actual versus planned time,
absorption or apportionment meth-
project, the project manager can al- monitor trends, and determine if
ods to use.
locate members to the appropriate there are potential problems.
work packages. Project team mem- Project cost estimation
Expense recording
bers can access all project tasks for Precisely estimate the costs of a
Project team members should
which they are responsible. Addi- project by using data on the valua-
spend their time meeting project ob-
tionally they can view and edit all tion of planned work and expenses
jectives, not on routine administra-
work packages to which they have and, optionally, taking overhead
tive tasks. The solution enables
been assigned. Using automatically costs into account. When cost esti-
team members to easily submit trav-
generated personalized time sheets mates are accurate, project manag-
el and other expenses, which can be
based on each employees task list, ers can reliably keep projects on
allocated automatically to an overall
project managers and employees track and within budget, continuous-
project as well as individual project
can track the time required to com- ly reassessing actual project costs
tasks. Without the need for addition-
plete each task. against estimated project costs.
al handling, expense data can be
With transparency into projects,
Project procurement used in subsequent processes in-
your managers can make fact-based
Source services for your project di- cluding reimbursement, invoicing,
decisions and take swift action to
rectly from the online project man- and project cost and revenue man-
make adjustments and head off
agement environment. To further agement. You can flexibly assign ex-
simplify project procurement, you penses as a percentage of the over-
can enable team members to use all expense report or by individual
employee self-services to purchase receipt. In addition, built-in compli-
materials or services. In addition, ance functionality supports adher-
you can purchase materials and ence with country- and company-
services using the solutions regular specific regulations and allows you
purchasing functionality and post the to define approval cycles involving
purchase order to a project. A com- auditing clerks and managers.
plete audit trail is available because
purchasing documents are assigned
automatically to the relevant project
tasks. In addition, resulting purchase
orders can be submitted directly to


Strengthen your relation- Sourcing Consider the Scope

ships with suppliers and im- Build and maintain a comprehensive Supplier-Base Management
prove your procurement portfolio of supplier and product infor- Supplier lifecycle management
mation, which serves as a central base Manage the entire lifecycle of your
processes to reduce costs for all your supplier-related information. suppliers and benefit from an up-to-
and turn suppliers into a The SAP Business ByDesign solution date supplier base. You can store all
enables you to automate many of your supplier information in one place, in-
competitive advantage. The sourcing activities, so employees can cluding unstructured information
SAP Business ByDesign concentrate on finding the best suppli- such as notes and stock market in-
ers and the best prices. You can also formation. Having this information
solution helps you identify use the software to: readily available helps you make bet-
and manage the best suppli- Find, negotiate, and document the ter-informed decisions about current
best sources of supply and manage and potential suppliers in future ne-
ers for materials and serv- the complete contract lifecycle gotiations. In addition, its easy to
ices. Gain insight into order Track and monitor the performance add or remove suppliers even by
of your suppliers and leverage the product category minimizing the
management, supplier in- solutions reporting functionality to complications typically associated
voicing, and purchase re- identify the top performers with supplier phase-out. Standard
Gain pricing advantages through reports help you monitor supplier
quests. Enable individual quantity discounts by bundling sev- performance and analyze prices, in-
employees to perform self- eral purchase request automatically voices, and purchase orders, ena-
into a single order bling to you optimize your supplier
service procurement and base.
streamline operations. Service agent lifecycle
Manage the entire lifecycle of your
service agents, such as independent
contractors and temporary, lease,
contract, and on-call workers, and
benefit from an up-to-date service
agent database. You can store all
service agent information in one

place, including unstructured RFQ document management Purchasing Product Portfolio
information such as notes and at- Benefit from competitive prices by Management
tachments. Having this information using requests for quotation (RFQ). Material information management
readily available helps you make bet- RFQ documents enable your buyers Provide your employees with a cen-
ter-informed decisions, for example, to specify your companys require- tral repository of comprehensive, in-
when placing service orders or staff- ments with regard to pricing, dis- stantly available information about
ing projects. counts, delivery time, and product products that your organization
quality. This can save time and effort sells, buys, or deals with. Employ-
Sourcing and Contracting
during the process of evaluating ees in marketing, sales, purchasing,
Source of supply determination
quotations, helping you identify the and project management can use
Automate and optimize processes
right suppliers and the right prod- this product information to support
for determining the most suitable
ucts more quickly. Multiple demands product-related transactions, for ex-
supplier, considering prices, dis-
can be bundled via sourcing re- ample, creating sales orders for ex-
counts, and delivery times. With
quests into one RFQ. In addition, isting customers, product informa-
support for manual and automated
buyers can use RFQs to renegotiate tion sheets for prospects, online
source determination, you can
expiring contracts. product catalogs for purchasers,
streamline purchasing processes.
and detailed specifications for serv-
The solution can determine the Purchasing contract management
ice personnel.
source of supply automatically and Automate your operational purchas-
send a purchase order to a supplier. ing processes by using purchasing Service information management
Based on predefined criteria, sever- contracts to define sources of sup- Set the basis for accurate process
al purchase request items can be ply. You can benefit from competi- execution and communications in
bundled into one document to gain tive prices by aggregating demand purchasing, marketing, sales, after-
pricing advantages through quantity towards one supplier and establish- sales service, and project manage-
discounts. If you need to handle a ing mutually agreed-upon terms and ment with a central repository of in-
purchase request manually, the sol- conditions in a purchasing contract. formation that defines the services
ution can propose favorable suppli- You can manage the complete con- your organization offers or con-
ers. If none of the proposed sources tract lifecycle, from negotiating and sumes. All employees use the same
can be used, you can send out an creating a contract to maintaining service information whether they are
RFQ. and monitoring contract details. To getting ready for a customer visit,
streamline the purchasing process, preparing a contract, or developing
Sourcing request management
you can convert quotes into con- collateral for a marketing campaign.
It can be challenging to find suppli-
tracts, and your purchasing group Your employees can respond more
ers that can deliver products and
can attach quality inspection docu- quickly to requests for information
services that meet your needs and
ments to contracts. and be confident that the informa-
your spending limits. Defining your
tion they provide is accurate, con-
sourcing requirements and issuing Communication
sistent, and up-to-date.
requests for quotation (RFQs) sim- Save time and administrative effort
plifies the process and helps you by using predefined standard tem- Catalog management
identify the best sources. To plates for business documents, Automate the purchasing process
streamline the process and reduce such as requests for quotation and and reduce the workload of your
duplicate data entry, your purchas- purchasing contracts. You and your purchasers by using online supplier
ers can trigger RFQs while manag- customers benefit from document catalogs that can help standardize
ing purchase requests or purchasing templates that are based on best- your employees purchasing efforts.
contracts that will soon expire. By business practices for sourcing and By using supplier catalogs, purchas-
grouping similar products or product contracting. If necessary, you can ers can define sources of supply for
categories into one RFQ, you could easily modify the documents to products with negotiated prices
also realize greater savings when re- meet a customers special require- from preferred suppliers. You can al-
questing quotations. ments. so incorporate catalogs from third
parties, either by loading them into

your software or by linking to exter-
nally hosted catalogs, thus providing
up-to-date product information with-
out duplicating externally available
information. Once third-party cata-
logs are loaded or linked, you can
make them available within your em-
ployee self-service process for pur-
List price management
Streamline your purchasing opera-
tions while taking advantage of the
best competitive prices for the
items and materials you require. The
solution can automatically source
and then create purchase orders us-
ing list prices from your suppliers.
These list prices can be easily en-
tered and maintained in the solution.

Purchasing Consider the Scope shopping cart at any time, and
confirm the receipt of a product or
Streamline your companys purchasing Self-Service Procurement service. To maintain control over the
activities by automatically creating pur- Catalog search supply source, you can set up elec-
chase orders, verifying invoices, and Reduce the workload of your pur- tronic catalogs for approved suppli-
identifying duplicates and variances in chasers by using catalogs to sup- ers.
invoices. The SAP Business ByDesign port buyers and other employees
Purchase Request and Order
solution makes purchasing information during the purchasing process.
instantly available to your buyers, ena- When working with shopping carts,
Purchase request management
bling them to make the best possible purchase orders, or requests for
Bundle purchase requests from mul-
purchasing decisions for your company. quotations, employees can use ad-
tiple departments and benefit from
You can also use the software to: vanced functions to search across
optimized order quantities and bulk
Gain insight into the status of pur- catalogs for the items they need. By
discounts by aggregating demand
chases throughout the company by restricting employee searches to
towards specific suppliers. When
using functionality to monitor and catalogs from approved suppliers
purchasers work with centralized
manage all purchasing activities only, you can better control your
purchase requests, they can make
Streamline and accelerate purchas- purchases.
optimum use of negotiated sources
ing through the use of self-service
Shopping cart management of supply. If a suitable source of
procurement and reduce the volume
Save transaction costs and auto- supply does not exist or there is not
of routine purchasing tasks
mate almost the entire purchasing an approved supplier for a specific
Create invoices with or without ref-
process using Internet-like purchas- item, purchasers can convert pur-
erence to a purchase order and au-
ing. Your employees can submit chase requests into requests for
tomatically create invoices on behalf
electronic requests for goods and quotation (RFQs), making it easier
of your suppliers based on existing
services either for themselves or to find new suppliers and negotiate
goods and services receipts
for other employees. Requests can new contracts.
be routed automatically to the em-
Purchase order management
ployees manager for approval, for
Streamline your purchasing process-
example, when spending limits are
es and reduce sourcing costs by
exceeded. In either case, the soft-
taking advantage of increased auto-
ware can automatically send ap-
mation. For each purchase order,
proved purchase orders to suppli-
buyers are automatically offered a
ers. Your employees can monitor
recommended source of supply
the approval process, track their

from a preselected set. You can de- Stock material procurement Supplier Invoicing
termine when new purchase orders Maximize the efficiency of daily op- Supplier invoice and credit memo
can be created manually by a buyer erational procurement tasks to free handling
or automatically by the software as up time for strategic purchasing ac- Accounts payable clerks handle high
a follow-on document to quotes or tivities. The solution is designed to volumes of documents every day.
purchase requests. To further re- support efficient high-volume proc- The software helps you streamline
duce their work effort, buyers can essing of day-to-day procurement the process of receiving and verify-
order stock material, nonstock ma- tasks. Support your purchasing de- ing supplier invoices and credit
terial, and services in the same pur- partments activities in the procure- memos while minimizing manual in-
chase order. You can adjust func- ment of stock materials by providing tervention. This includes multiple au-
tionality by specifying when a man- online supplier catalogs and simplify- tomated checks against preceding
agers approval is required, and use ing the exchange of information with documents such as purchase orders
the solution to request and manage suppliers during critical steps of the and contracts, which can be located
confirmations from suppliers. procurement process. and matched easily with advanced
search functions. Accounting clerks
Purchase order acknowledgment Nonstock material and service
can accelerate data entry and im-
Suppliers acknowledge your pur- procurement
prove their overall accuracy rates by
chase orders, confirming delivery Drive efficiency of operational pro-
taking advantage of automatic data
date, delivery quantity, and price. curement activities with a high level
proposals of related order informa-
The solution leverages these confir- of automation. Your purchasers can
tion. On-time processing of supplier
mations to help you ensure on-time manage and monitor the procure-
invoices by buyers and accountants
delivery of the ordered quantities at ment of services and the purchase
enables your company to take full
the correct price and to prevent and receipt of materials that are not
advantage of cash discounts.
shortage of stock. Process efficien- put into stock. Then they can assign
cy and speed are increased, be- the related costs for these services Invoice exception processing
cause the entire exchange of docu- and items to a cost center or Buyers and financial accountants
ments related to the purchase order project. To simplify and standardize waste a lot of time dealing with in-
can be handled electronically, using the search for sources of nonstock correct or unexpected supplier in-
interactive forms or XML docu- material or services, you can make voice values, such as prices, quanti-
ments, for example. supplier catalogs available online to ties, or taxes. Your employees now
purchasers and to all employees via have the tools they need to resolve
Goods and services receipt
employee self-services. invoice exceptions efficiently. All in-
Enable your employees to confirm
volved parties, such as purchasers,
the receipt of nonstock materials or Communication
suppliers, and accounts payables
the completion of services. Employ- Benefit from standardized business
clerks, are integrated into the collab-
ees can also confirm the return of documents, such as purchase or-
orative exception-handling process.
nonstock materials to the supplier, ders, requests for quotation, and
They can work together and commu-
for example, in the case of defective evaluated receipt settlement (ERS)
nicate during critical steps of the
items. Because the receipt of goods invoices or credit memos, by using
process to resolve outstanding is-
and services is captured in the solu- document templates. These prede-
tion, follow-on processes, such as fined document templates are based
supplier invoice verification, are on best-business practices and cov- Automatic settlement
streamlined. In addition, purchasers er all purchasing-relevant process- Automatic settlements save time
can monitor that ordered goods are es. When necessary, you can modi- and reduce costs by automating the
being delivered on time and inter- fy the templates for purchasing creating and posting of supplier in-
vene, when needed, to resolve any documents to meet your companys voices. You can take advantage of
issues with the delivery. specific requirements. evaluated receipt settlement, so that

you can create supplier invoices au-
tomatically based on existing pur-
chase orders and goods and serv-
ices receipts, thus reducing the ef-
fort of manually entering invoices. In
addition, you can set up recurring in-
voices, which enables the automatic
creation of supplier invoices based
on an agreed payment plan, such as
monthly rental payments.
Standardize your business docu-
ments, such as evaluated receipt
settlement invoices, credit memos,
and clarification requests for excep-
tions, by using document templates
that are based on best-business
practices. You can enhance the
standard templates to meet your or-
ganizations specific requirements.
In addition, you can use interactive
forms to significantly increase the
efficiency and clarity of communica-
tions with suppliers, for example,
during the process of verifying sup-
plier invoices or handling invoice ex-


Keep up-to-date and compli- Compliance Management Consider the Scope

ant with changing laws and SAP Business ByDesign provides re- Corporate Governance
regulations. The SAP Busi- ports and analytics that help you com- Process documentation
ply with regulations that are relevant to Enable your employees to track the
ness ByDesign solution your business and the solution contin- flow of documents within the proc-
comes preconfigured for uously keeps current by automatically esses in which they are involved.
updating itself upon changes of regula- Users can verify the completeness
your companys accounting tions. In addition, it provides a transpar- of process chains using a visualiza-
practices, applicable tax ent audit trail that records changes to tion of the document flow that is
company data from top-level aggregat- available in all relevant areas of the
structures, and relevant la- ed figures to detailed postings. You can solution. In addition, they can select
bor legislation. Frequent and also use the software to: a specific document and view all un-
Set up your financials to use GAAP derlying details.
automatic updates help en- for all supported countries where
Data retention
sure that your financial your company operates
Gain support for external drivers of
Implement a wide range of built-in
books and government re- controls, such as data entry con-
data retention, such as legal reten-
tion requirements, product liability,
porting continue to meet trols, plausibility checks, and auto-
and tax reporting and audits, as well
mated workflows, to prevent unau-
regulatory standards. thorized data access and modifica-
as internal drivers such as hardware
costs, policies, service-level agree-
ments, and company-specific proc-
Track and trace all process steps
esses. The solution supports a data
and all batches or lots that pass
retention policy that weighs legal
through your inventories and across
and privacy concerns against eco-
multiple locations
nomics and need-to-know interests
to determine retention time, data
formats, and the permissible means
of storage, access, and encryption.

Segregation of duties Accounting principles compliance Payroll tax processing
Infringements in the area of segre- Complying with legal regulations for Take advantage of the outsourcing
gation of duties (SOD) can put your accounting is a basic requirement model that enables you to process
business at risk. You can reduce but doing so in a highly automated payroll in a legally compliant manner
that risk when setting up users and and time-saving way is true innova- and in accordance with the require-
roles in the solution, because auto- tion. You can significantly reduce ments of relevant federal, regional,
matic checks are run in the back- the time it takes to close your or state taxing authorities. The solu-
ground on the data you provide, us- books, whether at the end of a tion stores and maintains your em-
ing a large set of rules derived from month, quarter, or year. At the same ployees master data, including tax,
SOD regulations. You gain aware- time, you can be sure that you are social insurance data, and benefits,
ness of potential SOD infringe- following GAAP and other relevant as well as time-sheet data. You can
ments; in addition, the solution gives accounting principles because the transfer payroll data to a specialized
you advice on how to mitigate the software takes into account GAAP third-party service provider who will
risks. requirements in combination with process your payroll in a legally
the innovative set-of-books con- compliant manner.
Financial and Trade Reporting
Central bank reporting Social and Labor Legislation
In order to get an overview of your Tax Management Compliance
foreign business relationships, Tax calculation on goods and Barrier-free software provisioning
French and German authorities re- services Enable your employees, including
quire that companies located in Failure to file and pay taxes correctly those with disabilities, to use and
France and Germany fill out and and on time can result in penalties make the most of your technology
submit a statistical report to the and fines. The solution helps you solutions in their daily work. To
central bank at the end of each process tax declarations for tax on make SAP Business ByDesign ac-
month. You can report your foreign- goods and services and determine cessible for most users, SAP has
trade transactions without additional accounts for corresponding post- developed the software in accord-
effort because the solution collects ings. It contains country-specific ance with the SAP accessibility
the information in the background functions for calculation, filing, and standard. This software and Web-
whenever you execute relevant payment of tax returns and for com- application standard is based on ap-
transactions, such as issuing an in- municating with tax authorities. Your plicable Section 508 requirements,
voice to a foreign customer. tax accountant can execute a tax re- Web Content Accessibility Guide-
turn, which is based on the taxable lines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) Priority 1
Intrastat reporting
amount in invoices, and, if required, check points, and WCAG 2.0 Level
Comply with European Union (EU)
can create manual tax entries to be AA success criteria. SAP strives to
requirements to submit monthly re-
included in the return. You can use fulfill the ever-changing require-
ports to statistical reporting authori-
the monitoring function to check and ments of business professionals and
ties within your country regarding
follow up on the process steps. global accessibility standards.
products shipped to and received
from other EU member states. You Withholding tax processing Data privacy management
can quickly create Intrastat declara- Compliance with taxation regula- The purpose of European Union
tions by using transactional data tions and laws includes the ability to (EU) data protection legislation is to
captured automatically during the process withholding tax when need- protect the rights of individuals. The
processing of business documents ed, even at the state level. Your tax solution helps you comply with EU
such as purchase orders, goods re- ledger records all relevant transac- data protection regulations by pro-
ceipts, and supplier invoices, and tions based on predefined rules, en- viding functionality, such as user
then send the report electronically abling you to issue withholding tax name and password handling and
to the appropriate authority. declarations, such as U.S. W-2s for authorization aspects, in addition to
employees and 1099s for contrac- the security provisions of the net-
tors, in an accurate and timely man- work infrastructure. Personal data of
ner. employees, such as name, address,

and bank account, is explicitly pro-
tected and cannot be accessed di-
rectly, even with standard program-
ming methods. Your company has
to ensure data privacy by complying
with the regulation that requires you
to specify an explicit and legitimate
purpose whenever you collect and
process personal data.
Manufacturing and Logistics
Conformance to manufacturing
Establish the internal controls and
processes your company needs in
order to manage regulatory and le-
gal compliance in todays complex
global environment. The solution en-
ables you to monitor process steps
throughout your facility and to track
batches or lots that pass through
your inventories and across multi-
ple locations. You can control the
steps of your production process,
such as planning and preparation,
monitoring, and production comple-
tion. In addition, you can make sure
that your products meet your cus-
tomers expectations of quality.


Gain more and better insight Built-In Business Analytics Consider the Scope
into the performance of your Take advantage of comprehensive, up- Ready-to-Run Reporting
business and respond ap- to-the-minute, and fully integrated ana- Formatted reporting
lytics that cross all areas of your busi- Save time and enable faster deci-
propriately to changing mar- ness from purchasing to customer re- sion making by using predefined,
ket conditions. The SAP lationship management to financials. preformatted management reports
The SAP Business ByDesign solution that are delivered with the solution,
Business ByDesign solution enables your employees to have direct which leverages Crystal Reports,
enables your employees to access to the data they need, and they the de facto standard for reporting.
can print, download, or forward reports You can view and print the prede-
run reports whenever they via e-mail. You can also use the soft- fined reports using Crystal Reports
need to, create what-if anal- ware to: Viewer software that is provided. If
Comprehend business situations you also have Crystal Reports soft-
yses, and view the granular more thoroughly by drilling down in- ware you can modify the standard
detail. Built-in analytics and to the details of reports and benefit reports or build your own formatted
from the automatic generation of reports.
reporting functionality ena- easy-to-understand graphics
Business planning
bles you to find ways to Customize predefined and formatted
Be able to monitor the performance
report content according to your
save money or reveal addi- companys business requirements
of individual sales employees and
drive the performance of your sales
tional revenue potential. or your personal work needs
staff with powerful tools to set and
Request custom-made reports on
measure targets, forecasts, and ac-
demand from SAP or one or its part-
tual revenues. Sales managers can
ners via the service center
plan their sales targets at different
levels for each employee, by prod-
uct and product categories. They
can also monitor sales continuously
throughout the sales cycle and ad-
just their sales plans accordingly.

Operational performance reporting Information visualization via Discretionary custom report
Gain instant visibility into your or- dashboards ordering
ganizations performance with real- Help busy executives make in- Request custom reports from SAP
time operational performance re- formed decisions quickly during criti- by using an integrated process that
ports. You can access up-to-date cal situations by providing them with enables you to contact an SAP
operational lists of the day-to-day a snapshot view of key metrics Global Service Center location from
activities for which you are responsi- across the business. For your exec- within the solution. SAP Global
ble as well as identify overdue tasks utives who require answers to their Service Center delivers content on-
or critical activities. With the infor- key business questions at a glance, demand through reliable, high-quality
mation provided by performance re- the solution delivers predefined services to address your analytics
ports, both employees and line man- dashboards, built on Xcelsius soft- extensibility request.
agers are empowered to improve ware, which enable users to interact
the operational performance of the with sophisticated visual representa-
business. tions of data.
Analytical reporting Customizable Reporting
Benefit from comprehensive and Report creation and configuration
fully integrated up-to-the-minute ana- Address your unique business-spe-
lytical reporting that crosses all cific reporting needs by creating
areas of your business from cus- custom reports and running your
tomer relationship management to own complex analyses on data avail-
financial management to supply able from SAP NetWeaver Busi-
chain planning. Your employees ness Warehouse. You can create
have direct access to reports, such customized reports and distribute
as the sales pipeline and financial them for use across the organization
journals, from their individual work from a central, dedicated working
centers and can view, change, and environment for reporting. SAP
drill into these reports using familiar Business Explorer, a design and
spreadsheet functions. To facilitate analysis tool built into Microsoft Ex-
communication with other groups or cel, is available to you. Using this
departments, employees can print tool, you can create new reports or
and download reports. change existing reports to suit your
requirements. When analyzing data,
Key performance indicator
you can also leverage formatting
and formula functions from Micro-
Oversee and manage performance
soft Excel.
in your area of responsibility with a
built-in monitor that supports man- Microsoft Excel exporting and
agement by exception. Using key interactivity
performance indicators (KPIs) from Simplify data analysis and reporting
the KPI catalog, the software meas- throughout your organization by ena-
ures every KPI against a target val- bling your employees to stay in the
ue. Colored icons in the KPI monitor familiar Microsoft Excel environment
indicate missed targets as soon as when they are working with solution
they occur. The KPI monitor also data. They can export business data
provides historical information re- from the solution to a local spread-
garding the selected KPI, which can sheet on their desktop or laptop. In
help you analyze the root cause of addition, they can refresh data in the
any missed targets. local spreadsheet with data from the
solution, update it locally, and then
write it from the spreadsheet back
into the solution.

Communication and Information Consider the Scope Process-integrated input and
Exchange output management
Business Process Management Speed up the distribution of informa-
Collaborate, communicate, and ex- Business task management tion by building the automatic output
change information within your compa- Help your employees become more of documents into your business
ny and between your company and its productive by enabling them to re- processes. You can print, e-mail, or
business partners. The SAP Business ceive, manage, and complete busi- fax any business document from the
ByDesign solution enables you to inte- ness tasks easily and in a timely solution effortlessly. You use form
grate desktop applications, instant mes- manner. Tasks have a built-in sched- templates provided in the solution to
saging, and your telephone system with ule, and an escalation mechanism is specify the layout and content of
your business software. In addition, you triggered automatically if tasks are each business document. Different
can leverage external Web services to not completed on time. The task templates are available for specific
complement your own business data. management function handles task- countries, and some form templates
You can also use the software to: based substitution, which allows an are available in several languages.
Make sure that tasks are completed employee to designate another em-
Business-to-business collaboration
on time by using built-in task assign- ployee as a substitute for all tasks.
Improve collaboration with your busi-
ment and monitoring functionality
Automated task distribution ness partners by using electronic
Find the information you need quick-
Streamline the distribution of tasks message-based communication,
ly and easily by searching through
by automating the evaluation of de- such as electronic data interchange
company data and documents using
fined responsibilities and distributing (EDI). The solution supports direct
new enterprise search technology
tasks automatically. Using the rules communication based on industry
Optimize communication with your
defined by you, the solution deter- standards. Alternatively, you can
business partners by sharing elec-
mines the responsible organizational use third-party providers of collabo-
tronic business documents that they
unit and employees. You can base ration services, such as an EDI net-
complete and return for further proc-
the determination rules on criteria work provider.
such as country, region, customer,
or product category.

People Collaboration and Intranet data. Well-defined interfaces enable client and the solution. You can
Services the integration of third-party download relevant account and cus-
Document and Web services communication software, and SAP tomer information to your group-
management partners can help you with service ware client. Once synchronized, all
Give your employees access to and support for such integration. of that information is available to you
news, information, and content as even when you are offline.
Office and Desktop Integration
well as document management func-
Microsoft Office integration Desktop integration via
tionality that reduces information
Enrich your employees working en- collaboration window
storage. Your employees can pub-
vironment and enhance their produc- Expand your communication and col-
lish news to their home page and
tivity by enabling them to continue laboration options with a desktop
upload both unstructured content
working with familiar Microsoft Of- tool a collaboration window that
and business-related structured con-
fice applications such as Microsoft enables you to instantly contact
tent. You can give employees ac-
Word, Microsoft Excel, and Micro- business partners such as custom-
cess to external Web services of-
soft Outlook while interacting with ers, suppliers, and colleagues
fered by partners, such as Web
data from the solution. This means through a variety of communication
searching; maps and directions;
they can access Microsoft Office channels, including telephony and e-
lookup for addresses, suppliers, and
functions without having to leave mail. For interactions such as incom-
products; company and industry
their current work environment. In ing telephone calls, you can view
business information; and business
addition, an active desktop compo- contextual information and use navi-
news. Employees can access these
nent informs users about business gation links to relevant actions. In
Web services easily as links inte-
alerts and tasks generated in the addition, you can receive notifica-
grated within solution screens.
solution while they are working in tions and alerts on your desktop
Enterprise search the Microsoft Office application. even when you are not working di-
Shorten the time it takes to find rectly in the solution.
Interactive form integration
business documents, reports, and
Simplify communication and speed
other business objects and improve
up interactions with your customers
the relevance of the search results.
by using interactive form technology
The enterprise search function,
to send an electronic representation
available in the header area of the
of a document to your customers.
application and through the collabo-
The customer enters appropriate da-
ration window, enables you to
ta and sends the completed docu-
search all categories or limit your
ment back to you. This data can
search to a specific category, such
then be uploaded into the solution.
as sales orders, managers, or re-
Interactive forms can be stored lo-
ports. Results of your search are
cally, providing you with the most re-
displayed in a separate window. For
cent business information available,
detailed information, you can navi-
even when you are offline.
gate directly to the target object.
Groupware integration
Unified communication
Close the gap between your group-
Enable your employees to use a va-
ware applications and your business
riety of communication tools directly
processes. The groupware integra-
from SAP Business ByDesign. For
tion function facilitates the exchange
example, call center agents can ben-
of information between your group-
efit from automatic identification of
ware client, such as Microsoft Out-
customers or vendors for inbound
look, and your SAP Business
calls thanks to the integration of tel-
ByDesign solution. You can use the
ephony systems within the user in-
groupware integration function to
terface and access to application
synchronize e-mails, appointments,
and tasks between your groupware


Simplify IT with built-in IT Built-In Services and Support Consider the Scope
services, automated mainte- Rely on functionality that helps ensure Built-In Support
nance and support, and a the integrity, safety, and security of Issue resolution management
your invaluable company data. Automat- The fastest way to resolve software
quality-assured service ic health checks continuously monitor issues is by enabling users to
model. The SAP Business and manage system performance. The search for solutions on their own.
SAP Business ByDesign solution can Prior to submitting a support re-
ByDesign solution is con- be personalized by fine-tuning and quest, end users are guided to vari-
nected to SAP experts who adapting it at any time using the built-in ous available information sources.
business configuration functionality. With easy-to-use functionality, end
monitor and maintain your You can also use the software to: users can also initiate and monitor
on-demand system. Built-in Centrally manage support inquiries their own requests for support. In
from your employees, solve com- addition, key users can manage the
learning and help provide mon user problems, and route unre- entire issue resolution process as
24/7 access to resources solved support requests to SAP well as collaborate with an SAP sup-
Learn how to perform new tasks port center.
and the SAP Business with the software by accessing built-
System health check
ByDesign community, ena- in, self-paced learning in virtual
Solve problems before they occur
classrooms, as well as online help
bling you to get knowledge Meet your companys unique data
with health checks that continu-
ously provide automated support for
and help whenever you needs by augmenting the solution
your solution. You gain full transpar-
with company-specific data fields
need it. ency into the performance of your
solution, but no action is required
from your side. Health checks are
built into the solution and automati-
cally observe it to resolve critical sit-
uations before they occur. Through
this self-healing functionality, health
checks address potential issues
proactively for SAP and for you.

Built-In Learning and Help business language rather than tech-
Built-in learning nical jargon. It employs a user-cen-
Shorten the learning curve by help- tered approach that allows you to
ing your employees learn how to focus on your business processes,
use the solution as they work with it. your organizational structure, and
Training built into their workplace re- your business needs. And it pro-
places the traditional classroom ap- vides a central location from where
proach. All users access training you can set up your solution.
content tailored to their work tasks
Continuous support for change
in the learning center, where they
Make scoping and fine-tuning
can plan and run their own training,
changes to the solution before and
eliminating the requirement to follow
after you go productive by using
fixed training schedules. You can
functionality and tools provided with
adapt and add training content to
the solution. You can work in a busi-
address company-specific needs. In
ness configuration work center,
addition, you can monitor your em-
where you can use an activity list to
ployees learning progress by run-
process change activities.
ning reports.
Built-in help
Tailor the solution to meet the
Support users as they work with the
needs of your company by activating
solution with built-in help consisting
predefined data fields for selected
of primary help and a help center.
screens, forms, and reports in your
Primary help delivers on-screen ex-
solution. In addition, you can contact
planations and mouseover text
SAP and request the creation and
about a screen or a screen element.
modification of more complex exten-
The help center contains more de-
sion fields for use on screens, in
tailed content that enables users to
forms, and for reports.
understand and work with the solu-
tion. For example, a quick guide
provides access to all information
about a specific topic. You can add
your own content to the help center
to support your users with compa-
ny- or industry-specific information.
Built-In Business Configuration
Business setup
Design your solution to meet com-
pany-specific requirements by using
two main processes: scoping and
fine-tuning. With scoping, you select
the predefined solution functionality
that you want to add to your solu-
tion. With fine-tuning, you adapt the
configuration settings associated
with your selected functionality. The
solution simplifies and speeds up
the configuration process by using

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