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fried fish Sides

Choose your fish from our daily selection, listed on the blackboard. Well deep- Choose one or more of our side plates to go with your fish entre. For a
fry it for you in sunflower seed oil, coated in our light and crispy speltura batter. vegetarian option we recommend mixing and matching our sides and small
Pick your sides separatelywe recommend the crispy potatoes! Our fish is plates for a complete meal!
airlifted to New York several times a week, directly from the Reykjavk docks.

Cod 13 Mango Salad 10 Crispy Potatoes 9

Light and lean, mild in flavor. Large, soft flakes. Baby leaf spinach with Hand-cut potato wedges, twice
Ling 12 julienned green mangoes, roasted in olive oil. Tossed with
red bell peppers and freshly chopped parsley and
Similar to its cousin the cod, but firmer and more dense.
scallions. Tossed with a ginger Icelandic sea salt.
Rose Fish 13 vinaigrette and topped with
Firm, not very flaky. Delicately sweet with a hint of earthiness. roasted coconut flakes. Rosemary & Garlic 10
Atlantic Wolffish 13 Citrus Salad 10 Potatoes
Very dense, but finely textured and mildly sweet. Mesclun greens with scallions Hand-cut potato wedges, twice
Spotted Wolffish 13 and a mlange of seasonal roasted in olive oil. Tossed with
citrus fruits. Tossed with a light freshly chopped parsley and
A spotted cousin of the Atlantic Wolffish. Similar texture and flavor.
lemon vinaigrette and topped Icelandic sea salt.
White Hake 12 with a crumble of roasted
Firm and dense. Mild in flavor with just a hint of earthiness. sunflower seeds, ground fennel Fried Broccoli & 10
Haddock 11 and peppercorns. Cauliflower
Very lean and soft. Somewhat sweet and moderately flaky. Mesclun Greens 9 Florets of broccoli and
Plaice 13 Mesclun greens and scallions, cauliflower, deep-fried in our
tossed with a garlic-mustard signature speltura batter.
Very fine and light. Flaky with a subtle but distinctive flavor.
Tusk 12 Oven Roasted Root 10
Very fine and light, but dense and not very flaky. Onion Rings 9 Vegetables
Pollock 12 Fried in our light speltura Medley of sweet potatoes,
Firm and dense. Mild in flavor with just a hint of earthiness. batter, s piced with roasted carrots, rutabaga, and
paprika. parshnips. Oven roasted in
extra virgin olive oil, with fresh
rosemary and whole cloves of
Other Plates Condiments garlic.

Oven Roasted Catch of the Day 29 Skyronnes 3 each / 6 for 3

Your choice of fish, oven-roasted with melted butter, lemon and salt.
Our signature dipping sauces forgo a
Served with crispy potatoes.
typical mayonnaise base in favor of skyra Tartar Truffle &
Oven Roasted Arctic Char 32 thick and creamy soft cheese, reminiscent Tzatziki
Icelandic Arctic char oven roasted, drizzled in browned blueberry-butter. of Greek yogurt. Skyrs health benefits have Mango
Honey &
Served with seasonal vegetables. been known to Icelanders for centuries, Mustard Cilantro &
where it remains a culinary staple. We Lime
Garlic Roasted Langoustines 35 mix this Nordic unique dairy product with Chili &
Roasted Basil & Garlic
Imported Icelandic langoustines roasted in garlic-butter. Served with organic extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs
sourdough bread, mesclun greens and tzatziki Skyronnes. and spices to craft Skyronnes.
Available upon request: Malt Vinegar - Ketchup - Hot Sauce
Desserts Small Plates
Chocolate Bites 5 Cauliflower Dip with Crispbread 11
Dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, sea salt, nuts and dried fruits. Cauliflower pureed with melted butter and spices. Served with our own
Coconut & Apricot homemade crispbreada Nordic staple.
Dates & Almonds

Smoked Arctic Char with Cucumber Salad 16

Skyr with Blueberries & Cream 8 Arctic char, raised in an Icelandic mountain stream. Cold smoked and
The original Icelandic dessert. Skyr served with fresh blueberries and servedwith cucumber salad, lemon & dill Skyronnes and crispbread.

Skyr with Coulis 8 Icelandic Fish Salad with Crispbread 13

Creamy skyr served with your choice of freshly made coulis. Mayonnaise-based white fish salad, served with arugula and crispbread.
Raspberry Coulis & Cinnamon Roasted Walnuts
Mango Coulis & Roasted Coconut Flakes
Nordic Shrimp Salad with Crispbread 14
Shrimp salad made according to an old family recipe, passed down from
Chocolate Cake 10 the owners great-grandmother. Served with our homemade crispbread.
Light and buttery, flourless chocolate cake. Served with a small dollop of
creamy skyr.
Speltura Fried Fish & Seasonal Vegetables 16
A selection of seasonal vegetables fried in our light spelt batter. Served
Srpslengjur with Angelica 4 with a Skyronnes dip of your choice.
The rich syrupy flavor of these buttery, crispy cookies is complemented
by the delicate taste of handpicked, wild-grown Icelandic Angelica.
Speltura Fried Seasonal Vegetables 11
A selection of seasonal vegetables fried in our light spelt batter. Served-
with a Skyronnes dip.

Icelandic Fish Balls 13

An Icelandic staple. Fishcakes made with ground fish, spelt flour, egg,
onion and white pepper. Deep-fried and served with tartar Skyronnes.

Stockfish with Butter 12

Prior to industrialization grain was in short supply in Iceland and dried
fish was eaten in place of bread. Our stockfish is made in Iceland from
Atlantic wolffish and served with organic Trickling Springs butter.

Onion Rings with Skyronnes 11

Fried in our light speltura batter, spiced with roasted paprika. Served
with Chili & Roasted Peppers Skyronnes.

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