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Brandon Persaud

53 Hullmar Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M3N 2E2

May 24th, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Job Code 3A007-Policy03, Junior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Children

and Youth Services in the Division of Feathers of Hope Project

Please accept my application for the above-noted position that was posted on the Ontario Public Service
website. I am very interested in this position because it will allow me to fully utilize my research and
analytical skills and enable me to gain more in-depth knowledge and understanding of First Nations people. I
have developed qualitative and quantitative skills pertaining to sales, data analysis, communications, event
planning and operational support and I am confident with these skills and my educational knowledge I can
efficiently perform the tasks required for this position. I am available to work at any of the locations as set
out for this position.

I have developed the following knowledge and skills that meet the requirements that you are looking for in my
current and previous employment as well as from the courses in my degree program in public administration
that I am currently pursuing at York University:

I have gained in-depth knowledge of government policies and policy decision making processes through
public administration courses in my degree program. I have written a paper on indigenous mascots and
research for this paper brought awareness of some aboriginal issues and struggles. I have worked in
many groups to complete timely reports and have done presentations a number of times.

Through my employment with various companies I have developed excellent listening skills because as a
sales representative I have had to be patient and listen to individuals, understand their needs and help
them to make purchasing and other decisions. I have had to always be knowledgeable about products and
policies. I worked close with my colleagues to bring satisfaction to customers and co-workers and to avoid
and resolve conflicts. Some of these skills were further developed as a data collection clerk and call centre
sales associate.

Through my studies I have gained knowledge in preparing briefing notes for cabinet submissions. This
involves analysing issues and determining the best policy option for resolving the issue.

I have written many essays in which I had to do extensive research and analysis. Working at the Institute
of Social Research as a data collection clerk have provided me with skills and knowledge of collecting data
and to follow ethical principles in obtaining data and maintain confidentiality. I have developed strong
organizational skills and I know how to prioritize my work to ensure timely completion, especially when
there are conflicting priorities. I do further research to help me understand processes and workflow
priorities if necessary such as understanding the importance of an issue, the goals and priorities of my
managers. I have resolved issues with difficult customers and co-workers by first getting them to be
calm, then provide explanation of the situation and at times negotiate or provide other suggestions.

In my current position as a manager on duty at Rogers Wireless, I serve as a liaison between the District
Manager and corporate, ensuring profitability standards for investment activities. I plan, organize and
oversee operational logistics for my department, co-ordinate internal and external training and recruitment
activities. My skill set in both retail management and operational logistics enabled me to achieve
departmental goals and I have recently received recognition for contributions to record-setting sales

I am proficient in word processing as I have prepared papers, spreadsheets, reports, brochures and so on
since high-school. I have prepared personal study schedules and schedules for my sports team for which I
am the captain. I have extensive knowledge on Internet use especially researching journals, books, and
articles to enable me to complete research papers.

I have attached my resume for your review and would like the opportunity to speak with you at your
convenience about my skills and responsibilities and how I can contribute to the Ministry of Children and Youth
Services in the Division of Feathers of Hope Project. I can be contacted at 416-888-2293 or
Brandon_n_p@hotmail.com. Thank you for considering my application for this position.

Yours sincerely,

Brandon Persaud

Enclosure: Resume
Brandon Persaud
53 Hullmar Drive Toronto, Ontario M3N2E2
Phone: 416-888-2293 E-Mail: Brandon_n_p@hotmail.com

Summary of Qualifications and Skills

A reliable and conscientious individual who is motivated to contribute to the achievement of
government goals through the use of research and analytical techniques, excellent organizational and
communications skills and in-depth knowledge of government policies and policy decision-making
obtained from a degree in Public Administration. Demonstrates excellent skills in stakeholders and client
relationship management. Proficient in using MS Office for reports and spreadsheets, and the use of
email and internet.

Work Experience
Manager on Duty: March 2016-Present, Rogers Wireless
Achieves and exceed sales targets and quotas by leading, motivating and retaining a team to drive
sales of products and services.
Increases productivity by providing a high level of customer service by determining individual
customer needs and recommending the best solutions as well as stay knowledgeable about
product, services, promotions, and policies. Provides excellent and friendly customer service
ensuring that customers are comfortable and taken care of as quickly as possible.
Ensures that the cash register is balanced at the end of the day by analyzing data on sales vs cash
when any discrepancies arise.
Liaison between managers and staff ensuring proper communication of policies and expectations
and that these are adhered to consistently. I will handle any deviation of policies and expectations
with sound reasoning and courteousness.

Sales Associate: October 2015-March 2016, Guess

Provided excellent sales services by ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.
Assessed customers needs and provide assistance and information on product features.
Consult with co-workers and managers to remain knowledgeable on products offered so as to
inform and discuss available options with customers to enable them to make the best decision.

Sports Events Team: September 2015-February 2016, York University

Assisted in training and development of new employees.
Ordered stock and applied it to new events that required them.
Helped with promotional events by setting up required fixtures on sporting grounds.

Main Gate Information Officer: October 2015, Events and Ceremonials Team, York University
Guarded entrance gates and controled traffic to and from buildings and ground.
Checks credentials or approved roster before admitting anyone
Issued passes at own discretion or on instructions from supervisors

Data Collection Clerk: March-September 2015, Institute for Social Research, York University
Contacted households that have been selected and persuaded them to conduct survey chosen.
Answered inquiries by clarifying desired information; researched, located, and provided information.
Resolved problems by clarifying issues; researched and explored answers and alternative solutions;
implemented solutions.
Maintained confidentiality at all times of individuals data received on survey. Exercised good
judgment to ensure that questions asked or responses given are within the principles of ethical
In-Person Interviewer (Seasonal): July-August 2015, PanAm Olympics

Intercepted spectators as they arrived for events during the Pan Am Olympics and engaged them in
conversation to administer a short survey regarding a persons method of travel to the venue.
Collected data by completing in-person interviews on a tablet device.
Completed the targeted number of interviews/surveys required to inform this specific research study.
Gathered information, performed person/vehicle counts, and verified respondent information.
Graduate Robing Assistant: June 2015, Events and Ceremonials Team, York University.
Prepared and organized robes for graduates according to their degree, ensuring that graduates are
comfortable and received the appropriate robe size.
Ordered and packed accessories needed for graduates that are receiving awards.
Assisted graduates on their procedures to their graduation ceremony thus eliminating any frustration
and enabling a smooth process for them to follow.

Customer Service (Seasonal): August-December 2014, Printing Services, York University.

Responded to enquiries from students regarding their books and printing requests in a friendly and
courteous manner
Ensured that deadlines were met in a timely manner regarding printed materials and deliveries by
setting up a schedule for jobs, completion and delivery
Worked with various computer software programs to create course kits and books for classes.

Hunter Pro Windows & Doors Sales Associate/Call Centre November 2013 July 2014
Provided advice and information to customers on products making them more comfortable in their
Helped customers make selections by building customer confidence, offered suggestions and
opinions to help them in their purchase.
Kept clientele informed by notifying them of preferred customer sales and future merchandise of
potential interest.

Westview Centennial Secondary School - September 2010 June 2014
OSSD Diploma Achieved

York University - September 2014 Current

Majoring in Public Administration & Law in York Universitys Public Administration & Law Program. Relevant courses
include: Business Administration, Business Writing, Techniques of Persuasion Writing, Professional Skills and

Prepared many reports and essays by researching and analyzing data. Edited and proofread papers for submission
for courses. Gained knowledge in preparing briefing notes for cabinet submission and government policies and
policy-decision making.

Reference Available Upon Request