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MX-15 True HD

Multi-Sensor. Multi-Spectral. Multi-Format.

Flight Proven with WESCAMs renowned high-stability

performance, todays MX-15 incorporates True HD technology,
featuring a miniaturized 1080p HD camera & Enhanced Local Area
Processing (ELAP) two industry-leading technologies working together to
deliver the industrys finest EO, IR day and night-time imagery.


True HD camera - Superior 1080p imaging resolution Multi-Format
outperforms competitive 720p systems Simultaneous digital & analog outputs
2 mega-pixel EO zoom and spotter cameras
Integrated MCU
True HD Digital Imaging - Meets the needs of new & legacy Installed weight reduced by up to 50lbs
platforms through multiple Digital & Analog output formats Eliminates 1 LRU
No image degradation due to compression Reduced install and support costs 1080p True HD
Enhanced Local Area Processing (ELAP)
Real-time image enhancement for EO Day, EO Night & IR
Charge-Multiplied Night Spotter and Laser Illuminator Imaging Turret
24/7 EO Imaging
Increases stand-off range 2-3x superior resolution over IR technology
Improves feature detection & recognition
High performance haze penetration
2x superior resolution over Image Intensifier technology
More Detail
Provides up to 4x electronic zoom Multiple laser payloads
Long Range Target Illumination, Pointing and Range-Finding
Solid-State IMU-Inside technology
All sensors share highest level of stabilization MX-GEO Gen.3 software suite Less Weight
No calibration required for LRU swapout Achieves highest target location accuracy
Auto align to aircraft AVGT marries Video and GEO-Tracking to provide robust
target tracking
Greater Advantage
Comparison of MX-15 True HD Output Formats
The full 1920x1080 pixel sensor is
Standard NTSC 720p 1080p
utilized for the 1080p image.
4:3 Frame 640 x 480
The central portion of the image
16:9 Frame 1280 x 720
sensor is utilized to generate the
720p image, an even smaller
16:9 Frame 1920 x 1080
subset is used to generate PAL or
NTSC outputs. 1080p has 2x the
resolution of 720p and 6x the
resolution of standard definition

MX Family of Imaging Turrets

MX-15 True HD


Sensor #1 - IR Thermal Imager with Lens: Sensor #4 - Charge Multiplied with Dual MX-15 True HD Turret
Type: 640 x 512 InSb, 3rd gen. Channel Spotter: 96 lbs (all sensors) 15.5(D) x 18.95(H)
Fields of View: 26.7, 5.4, 1.1, 0.36 Camera Type: Charged Multiplied CCD (Mono) 225W (Avg), 900W (Max)
1080p & 720p Fields of View: 0.22 to 0.44 1080p Hand Controller Unit (HCU)
0.15 to 0.44 720p 2.2 lbs, 4.25(W) x 8.97(L) x 3(D)
Sensor #2 - Color Camera with Zoom Lens: 3.5W (Avg.); 5W (Max.)
Type: 2 Megapixel Color HD Sensor #5 - Eye Safe Laser Rangefinder (LRF)1: Cables
Fields of View: 0.69 to >27.6 - 1080p Laser Type: Erbium glass Consult factory for available variants
0.46 to 27.6 - 720p Wavelength: 1.54m Environmental
Pulse Rate: 12 pulses/min. MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, RTCA/DO-160
Sensor #3a - Color Camera with Single Range: 20km
Channel Spotter: Range Resolution: 5m TURRET SPECIFICATIONS
Camera Type: 2 Megapixel Color HD Line-of-sight Stabilization
Fields of View: 0.15 to 0.61 1080p Sensor #6 - Laser Illuminator2: Typically <5 radians. Consult factory for
0.10 to 0.41 720p Laser Type: Diode - (ANSI Class 4) performance under specific vibration
Wavelength: 860nm condition
Sensor #3b - Color Camera with Dual Modes: Continuous, Pulsed Stabilization and Steering
Channel Spotter:(Used in conjunction Beam Power: 350mW or 700mW (2) Axis Inner (pitch/yaw)
with sensor 4) Beam Divergence: 1.5 x 1 mrad or 6 x 4.5 mrad (2) Axis Outer (azimuth/elevation)
Camera Type: 2 Megapixel Color HD (consult factory for narrower Vibration Isolation
Fields of View: 0.14 to 0.55 1080p divergence options) (6) Axis Passive (x/y/z/pitch/roll/yaw)
0.09 to 0.37 720p AZ/EL Slew Rate: 0-60/sec
LOS Pan Range: Continuous 360
LOS Tilt Range: +90 to -120

NOTE: All FOVs are for Digital Outputs. Consult factory for FOVs for Analog Outputs. 5 Simultaneous EO/IR Analog and 5 Digital
Video channels 1080p configurable for
720p,1080i, 525i & 625i digital options
Hand Controller Interface

MCU Interfaces:
Moving Map Interface
RS.422 Serial Remote Control
Radar Interface
MIL STD 1553B Interface
GPS Time Sync Interface
GPS Data Interface
INS Data Interface
NightSun II Slave Interface
Microwave Interface

Performance Enhancement:
Operator Control Unit and Joystick
Autotracker (AVT) Embedded
Moving Map system
GPS Embedded

Microwave Equipment:
MX-POD, Digital Transmitter
WISARDTM Handheld and AzTrack

Consult factory for specific environmental W E S C AM has a policy of www.wescam.com
and target conditions continuous product
improvement. Specification Inquiries:
are therefore subject to
change without notice.
T: 1 800 668 4355
63133B / November 2008