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JCI Philippines Efficiency Award (JCIPEA) Program (2017)

Office of the National Secretary General

Mark Joseph N. David

2017 National Secretary General
The theme in 2017 for JCI Philippines is Strength in Unity and with this, we have updated the JCI Philippines
Efficiency Awards (JCIPEA) as per the programs and targets of our Organization in 2017.

There are three (3) important aspects in our theme as shown below:


In the words of the current JCI Strategic Review Committee, From the beginning, JCI members have been
driven toward the vision of a better worldthis century presents new challenges. In the world today young
people should recognize the time is now. Young people must rise up and embrace individual social
responsibility. Poverty, hunger, economic crisis, deteriorating environment, youth unemployment,
corruption, inequality - these are today's challenges. These are the issues that society presents.

We recall the words of our forefathers as inscribed in the JCI Preamble: Determined to shield future
generations from unhappiness brought about by misunderstanding among men and anxious to promote
the well-being and progress of all peoples.

We call upon all JCI Philippine members to unite in this purpose - to focus on creating positive change in
our communities, nothing less of sustainable impact.


In an organization united by our core beliefs, creating sustainable impact rests in the ability of the human
person to exercise decisive influence in the just solution of the problems of humanity.
JCI Philippine members are united in sharing the platform of creating positive change to young people
driven by it. This access empowers each one of us to be socially responsible in creating sustainable impact
beyond the limits of each of our strength, each of our time and each of our talent because when it comes
down to it, we have each other united by our aspiration to act.


Then and now, JCI is conscious of the fact that ADEQUATE civic training of young men will empower us
to be socially involve and relevant.

Then and now, our actions are the source of our development and empowerment.
Then and now, our actions must bear fruit and can be appreciated by our communities.
Then and now, our actions make us one.
Then and now, we are united by what we do united in our actions.

By aligning all activities with the strategic concept, an organization reaches its strategic position. An
organization defines their strategic position based on how they desire to be perceived in society and the
world. A strategic position statement defines a specific need and how the organization is uniquely
positioned to address this need.

JCI will be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.

Connect is link. Connect is network.
Link to share tools. Network for stronger support.
Connect people, communities and society.
Connection leads to sharing ideas, best practices and results.
Connect to unite the global grassroots movements.

1. Administrative Functions
a. Presidents Resume w/ ID Picture
b. Local Membership List (online thru www.jci.org.ph)
c. Local Membership dues for Early Bird
d. Adoption of the JCI Theme Be Better and NOM tagline Strength in Unity
e. Plan of Action and Budget
f. Updating of registration in jci.cc
g. Local Training Director (LTD) Appointment
h. LO Training Plan of Action

2. Publicity and Promotions

a. TV Promotions / Guesting
b. Radio: Shows / Interviews
c. Online: Website / Social Media
d. Print: Newsletters / Magazines / Newspaper
e. Billboard / JCI Marker
f. JCIP Anniversary Celebration
g. Promotion of JCI Week

3. Awards and Recognition

a. Area Conference Awards Entries and Judges
b. National Convention Awards Entries and Judges
c. ASPAC/World Congress Awards Entries and Judges

Impact is change. Impact is action. Change for the future.
Action for society. Impact for the better.
Impact created by engaged active citizens at all levels of society.
Impact is the result of collective action.

1. JCIP National Programs
a. Youth Leadership Excellence Award (YLEA) Batang Active Citizen
b. JCI Week
c. Beyond Prison Walls
d. Think Green
e. Peace Month
f. Avante Training Summit
g. Got Heart
h. Pinay Power
i. Bags to School
j. Botica sa Paso
k. Nothing but Nets
l. Philippine Junior Jaycees: Project
m. Oplan Kaagapay
n. Solar Light
o. Campus Tour

2. ACF Projects to drive UNSDG

a. No Poverty & End Hunger Programs
b. Good Health & Well Being
c. Quality Education
d. Gender Equality
e. Clean Water & Sanitation
f. Affordable & Clean Energy
g. Decent Work & Economic Growth
h. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
i. Reduced Inequalities
j. Sustainable Cities & Communities
k. Responsible Consumption & Production
l. Climate Action
m. Life Below Water
n. Life on Land
o. Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
p. Partnerships for the Goals

3. Other Community Impact Programs/Projects

a. Area Project A.C.T. or ACF Community Program Hosting
b. Regional Project A.C.T. or ACF Community Program Hosting
c. Other ACF Community Programs

Motivate is empowerment. Motivate is passion.
Empowerment for young people. Passion for stronger
Communities. Motivate to transform the world.
Motivation propelled toward the creation of positive change.
Motivate active citizens to step up to the challenge.

1. JCI Official Courses
a. JCI Impact
b. JCI Achieve
c. JCI Admin
d. Social Responsibility
e. Omoiyari
f. Networking
g. Presenter
h. Effective Communication
i. Effective Leadership
j. Effective Meeting

2. Non-Official Courses
a. Active Citizen Framework / Impact Strategy
b. Chapter Management
c. Project Management
d. Parliamentary Procedures
e. Opportunity to Impact (New Members Orientation)
f. Opportunity to Impact (Successful Recruit)
g. Other Training & Seminar

3. National Training Programs

a. Chapter Trainers Activation (Local/National)
b. Trainers Exchange
c. Area Training Forum
d. National Training Forum
e. Avante Area Run
f. National Training Month
g. Trainers Academy

Invest is support. Invest is responsibility.
Support for advancing our goals. Responsibility for financial
Stability. Invest in the ideas and efforts of active citizens.
Investment that sustains progress.
Invest in the dream to unite for a better world.

1.Fund Raising Projects
a. Fund Raising Programs

2. Business and Trade

a. Business & Trade Directory Annual Updates
b. Blu JCIP Merchandise
c. JCIP Wall of Honor
d. JCI Advantage Card

3. Other Business Projects

a. Area Business Projects
b. Regional Business Projects
c. Business Seminars

Collaborate is unite. Collaborate is partnerships.
Unite for common goals. Partner for community development.
Collaborate for mutual impact. Collaboration focused on sharing
Resources, expertise, knowledge, experience and power.
Collaborate to engage like-minded partners and organizations
Across all sectors of society.

1. Meetings and Academies
a. LO General Membership Meetings
b. Regional Council Meetings
c. Area Council Meetings
d. Hosting of RCM / ACM
e. Attendance in 2017 Presidents Academy in Cebu National Convention 2016
f. Hosting of Presidents Academy
g. Attendance of Presidents Midyear Academy
h. Hosting of Presidents Midyear Academy

2. Local and International Conferences

a. 2017 Area Council Conference: Attendance
b. 2016 National Convention: Attendance
c. 2017 Asia Pacific Conference (ASAPC): Attendance
d. 2016 World Congress: Attendance
e. 2017 JCI Global Partnership Summit (UN Summit)

3. JCI Philippines Collaboration Programs/Projects

a. Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM)
b. Ten Outstanding Councilors of the Philippines (TOCP)
c. Alay Lakad
d. Philippines Junior Jaycees: Chartering/Revival
e. JCI Senator Investiture
f. Twinning: Joint Undertaking (BOD or GMM)
g. Twinning Project
h. Public Speaking Competition (Areaon, Natcon, ASPAC, Worldcon)
i. Debate Championship (Areacon, Natcon, ASPAC, Worldcon)
j. Hosting of Regional / Area Collaboration Project

1.Membership Growth Achievement
a. Chapter Extension
b. Membership Growth
c. Due Payment

Minimum requirements as stated in the JCIPEA will help support and equipped our Local Organization to
unite all sectors of society to achieve sustainable impact.

50 and 100 JCIPEA Points (Raw Score) Will quality the Local Organization to participate in the
JCIP Area Conference and National Convention Awards Programs respectively.

100% total JCIPEA Rating (or an average of 20% per key result Area) will qualify the LO to receive
a Gavel during the annual National Convention.

100% Efficiency Rating for each category will qualify the LO for the following Seal of Efficiency
that will be awarded during the annual Convention Temiong Awards:

100% Efficiency Rating in all 15 Categories: PLATINUM Seal of Efficiency

100% Efficiency Rating in 12-14 Categories: GOLD Seal of Efficiency
100% Efficiency Rating in 8-11 Categories: SILVER Seal of Efficiency
100% Efficiency Rating in 1-7 Categories: BRONZE Seal of Efficiency

Note: The LO will only need to achieve at least 50% of the points from regular items (in black)
for each category to achieve 100% Efficiency. Bonus items (in blue) are available per category to
earn more points.