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Artifact #4 Special Education

Karen Gonzalez

EDU 210-001

Professor Hooks


This paper is about Debbie Young who is special education teacher and an

assistant principal in a school district in the South. Debbie Young is currently seasoned

high school principal. She is approached by the parents of a severely disable tenth grade

student name Jonathan. Jonathan has multiple disabilities requiring care by a specially

trained nurse. Debbie Young refuses Jonathans parents request due to extraordinary

expenses and believes that school is not the most appropriate placement for Jonathan. In

this paper I had to find if Debbie Youngs decision is defensible It also discusses what is

the possible rulings in the case.


Debbi Young the assistant principal of a high school in the South, the parents of

Jonathan a tenth grader who is severely disable want to enroll him in a high school.

Jonathan has multiple disabilities requiring constant care by a specially trained nurse.

Debbie Young refused Jonathans parents request because of the expense to have Jonathan

in a classroom and a view that the school is not the most appropriate place for Jonathan.

Debbie Youngs decision is not defensible because Jonathan has the right to go to school.

Severely disabled students have been guaranteed a free, appropriate public education like

all children since the passage of federal legislation in 1975.

The rulings in this case would be that Jonathan has the right to go to a public

school. Under the federal law know as The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act,

schools have an obligation to provide individualized help for disabled children and young

adults aged 3-21 so that they will experience success in regular classrooms. This help

might include aides, special equipment, and modified lessons and class work as well as

the services of psychologists or other professionals. If instruction in a regular classroom,

even with this help, does not benefit a disabled student, he or she may still be placed in a

more restricted setting. This could be a combination of regular classes and a special

education class, a special class alone, a special school, home instruction, or even a

hospital or some other institution. Jonathan can benefit greatly by learning language,

appropriate behavior, and other social skills from his classmates.