Left Academics and Writing of Indian History

Author(s): S. Ratnagar, Satish Saberwal, Harbans Mukhia, R. Champakalakshmi, Romila Thapar,
Muzaffar Alam, Suvira Jaiswal, K. N. Panikkar, K. Meenakshi, B. D. Chattopadhyaya, Yogesh
Sharma, R. N. Varma, Dilbaghsingh, Mridula Mukherjee, Aditya Mukherjee, N. Bhattacharya
and Bipan Chandra
Reviewed work(s):
Source: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 13, No. 17 (Apr. 29, 1978), p. 713
Published by: Economic and Political Weekly
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We. which enjoys the may be pointed out that the JNU unfounded. dent at the end of 1978 when Namibia which are totally incorrect. BIPAN attack on the Centre for Historical confusion. nothing to do with keeping out stu. the president of South claims to being a centre of Marxist some complaints by the Students Union West Africa Peoples' Organisation research have ever been made. New Delhi do. DILBAGH- April 8. ed last month) to take over as Presi- fication by resorting to statements dents from backward regions. deciding scholarships. African leaders too favour the leaders selection committees for such appoint. includ. As is well the assassination of the 'moderate' Neither has any member of the CHS known in the JNU it was the CHS leader of the Herrero tribe . the CHS could easily regime. In 1974 there were Sam Nujoma. South African soldiers should be allow- graph. The Defence Minister's statement regretting portunities to students does not arise. It is he should say so openly and not make cants had been deliberately excluded. ed to remain in Namibia when elec- of ignoring "the competence of can. well known that . Sub. ed by the Academic Council came to dent. deplore this attempt at vili. which conclusion was support of the majority Ovanbo tribe does not have affiliated colleges. facts are to the contrary. K entitled "Devaluation of Marxism by competence is part of nurturing excel. Committee of the CHS was gheraoed by the Students Union in 1973 had Southern Africa search into the social and economic history of India. Again ing in Namibia. In Nambia. on the contrary. regarding admission procedures and (SWAPO). is to be officiallly declared indepen- ber of the CHS has ever been accus. rejected by the SWAPO leader. While 713 . It is interesting that South nor do members of the CHS sit on Academic Council.the West favoured allegations against the CHS which are The discrepancy arose over the system the leader of the minority Herrero patently false. have taken a neutral position. SATISH SABERWAL. an aspect of Indian nothing to do with the granting or IT was recently reported over the BBC history which is generally neglected denial of admission to any particular (World Service) that the Indian foreign in most departments of Indian history. sequently a Review Committee appoint. One of the major cellor. part of the friction bet- become taboo simply because someone gency are now trying to vilify those ween the SWAPO and the anti-SWAPO might on some occasion have urged its that showed some courage. the Faculty of of computing qualifying marks and had tribe in Namibia (who was assassinat- the CHS. student. Morarji Desai. is backed by the Soviet Faculty appointments can be made. analogously. Curiously. in the next 'para. Sithole. The guidelines The occasion when the Admissions for the Centre were to encourage re.a 'leader' been hounded out from the Centre. Excellence". tions are held later this year. in Rho- of appointments nor of the Faculty in sity authorities against this inter. Faculty and Student Members of the Union. 1978. K N PANIKKAR. MEENAKSHI. Banerjee's unsubstantiated conten. If Banerjee has an axe to grind these complaints were directed at the Not surprisingly. which was among. In this MUKHERJEE. and police in the hands of 'the whites develop the CHS into a "Centre of It is not surprising that those who for as long as 10 years. YOGESH SHARMA. where unanimously endorsed by all the in Namibia. It was alleged that some appli. we have often suffered at the hands of Centre for Historical Studies versity and accuses the Centre of not critics who did not know their own Jawaharlal Nehru University doing what it was never intended to minds. the first to challenge who has been consistently denounced There have been no complaints in the political interference in admission in by the SWAPO as a puppet of the Centre about favouritism on the part July 1975 and it was the Faculty of South African racist regime. Indira Gandhi and her policies. THIS is with reference to the article didates for scholarships". demand for the postponement of the tries for a settlement in Namibia to xist and non-Marxist opinion. cation such as the Economic and Politi. in October 1976 almost every member criticisms of the 'internal settlement' Banerjee accuses us of taking the of the CHS signed the protest against in Rhodesia is that it leaves the army cue from Indira Gandhi in trying to the 42nd Constitutional Amendment. Banerjee is riot alone. these proposals were with certain members of the Centre CHS. and CHANDRA. MRIDULA MUKHERJEE. and it is unclear whether Baner. 1978 foster Marxist research. R CHAMPAKALAKSHMI. black forces is whether and how many pursuit. Since this happened within and Chirau group hag arrived at an been enough opportunities for such the first few weeks of the declaration 'internal settletnent' with the white complaints to have been made. Attention to SUVIRA JAISWAL. jee is for or against such qualities as SINGH. a parallel' situation is develop- ing the recent enquiry by the Chan. No mem. desia where the Muzorewa. B D CHATTOPADHYAYA. and there have ference. ROMILA THAPAR. It thus appears that just as. No dat-eof admissions. The CHS was not set up to April 24. N BHATTACHARYA. R N VARMA. It the conclusion that the allegations were ly since SWAPO. HAR- Indian History BANS aMUKHIA. Surely excellence cannot remained silent throughout the Emer. ADITYA manta Banerjee makes a slanderous competence and excellence. Left Academicians" in your issue of lence. MUZAFFAR ALAM. we are. accused It is indeed regrettable that a publi. This is not surprising particular- ed of administrative irregularities. of the Herrero tribe a fact that is ments in colleges in Delhi or elsewhere. studies of the Jawaharlal Nehru Uni. In this article Su. S RATNAGAR. then visiting New Delhi. tian is that the CHS was supporting corroborated in the South African Hence the question of denying op. of the academic heads in the making the CHS who argued with the Univer. The Admissions Committee minister had handed over a set of The Centre functions within a liberal was gheraoed as part of the general proposals suggested by Western coun- framework accommodating both Mar. LETTERSTO EDITOR cal Weekly should lend its pages to Left Academics and Writing of this kind of venomous gossip. of the Emergency.